Kristi Noem Bans Boys From Girls’ Sports

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) on Thursday afternoon signed a bill banning boys from competing in girl’s sports, necessitating K-12 and collegiate athletes to compete against opponents of their own sex.

“We have ensured that fairness in girls’ sports will be protected at both the K-12 and collegiate level,” Noem said, adding.

I am grateful for everyone who worked together to get this bill across the finish line. With this legislation, we will guarantee that our daughters and granddaughters have the same athletic opportunities as previous generations.

Noem signed the bill after the state legislature sent the measure to Noem’s desk. Seven Democrats opposed the bill, and ten Republicans joined them. Breitbart News reported:

This bill comes as Noem controversially blocked a similar bill, House Bill 1217, last year, saying the “style and form” was unworkable, and she told Breitbart News at the time she was worried about giving the government too much power.

But there are significant differences between Noem’s bill and HB 1217.

While HB 1217 relied on a written statement from a child’s parents confirming their biological sex and that they had not taken any performance enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids, Noem’s bill would rely on the child’s birth certificate — an official document. The old bill also did not define what “performance enhancing drugs” were, and that provision has been removed from SB 46.

Noem’s legislative success on Thursday highlights her willingness to fight through the Republican and Democrat establishment to create an equal playing field for those who wish to compete in sport.

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  1. Watch the trans/gay lobby go for changing the official birth certificates as it is racist or some sort racial identity so that it will conform to their now preferred sex.

  2. Yes I am 100% benind this bill to ban boyts and men from girls sports!! About time, I intisapate the gay-trans lobby to fight this but fror many good reasons lets don’t let then have even 1 inch! thaqnks

  3. Last year a lot of people who call themselves conservatives were after her scalp because she wouldn’t sign a bill that came through about men in women’s sports. She said it had flaws, and she needed a better bill. Evidently she got it. Hopefully those with high visibility will offer a public apology for their premature criticism.

  4. I’m SO GLAD she’s doing this,but as others have said the LSMFTWBXYZ Lobby won’t give up without a fight. This has NOTHING to do with anyone’s Rights-No matter WHAT they do to their bodies,they’ll STILL have EXACTLY the same Constitutional Rights as every other boy or girl,as determined by their DNA, in the US. They CANNOT claim anything else in their lives to be a Right.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with Kristi Noem! Boys should not be allowed in girls sports! They are far stronger and their approach is far different from that of girls! One can only hope that boys will be completely and permanently removed from girls sports!

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