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Fox News Tomi Lahren Blasts Geraldo Rivera After He Called Canada’s Trucker Convoy “Thuggish”

Editors Note: If Tomi Lahren wants to stand up for the Canadian truckers, then let her. If you take a good look at hashtags on Instagram like #wethefringe and #freedomconvoy2022 to see the real scoop, which is probably what Tomi is watching, not Geraldo, then you’ll clearly see the peaceful protest happening in real-time. Anyone who says these brave Canadian citizens are terrorists or “thugs” should open their eyes a little wider.

It’s really horrifying that Geraldo Rivera was ever considered a “conservative,” or even “right-leaning.”

Give me a break.

He’s been drinking the left’s kool-aid for so long now, that it’s really no surprise he’s come out against the Freedom Truckers in Canada.

Seems pretty “on-brand” for Geraldo, doesn’t it?

During an episode of “The Story” on Fox News, Geraldo slandered the truckers left and right, and even called them “thuggish.”

Thuggish? Many of these truckers are working-class Canadian family men, fighting for freedom. But Geraldo is such a coward, he has no clue what a hero is.

But fear not — Tomi Lahren was there, and she quickly swooped in and gave Geraldo a quick kick in the rear, reminding him that these brave Canadians are fighting for their freedom just like our Founding Fathers did.

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    • Not being a Republican does not make Geraldo a bad person. If he would be a Demokrat would not make him a bad person. ONLY IF HE WOULD BE A BAD DEMOKRAT, HE WOULD BE ETHER STUPID OR A CRIMINAL. But Mr. Geraldo is none of this. Geraldo is a Capitalist with social influenze
      I’m a hardline conservative

  1. Geraldo should only be allowed to appear on CNN or any other MSM outlet but not Fox or NewsMax or any conservative or real news outlet.

  2. Geraldo has nothing good to say about Canadian CITIZENS fighting for their rights but when it comes to the ILLEGAL immigrants crossing our boarder according to him they are wonderful. We get the same Geraldo bullsh*t, they do jobs Americans won’t, they want a better life yadda yadda yadda. He’s a pathetic has been that no one listens to anymore, he loves the sound of his own voice while the majority of Americans find it nauseating.

  3. It happens now and then that I see a small occurrence that I never forget and changes my mind about someone. Such an episode was when Fox News was discussing then president Clinton with Geraldo present. There were unfavorable comments regarding Clinton and Geraldo spoke out saying “what’s wrong with Clinton… I have lots of friends like Clinton.” That gave me a true insight into Geraldo and it has played out with his cheesy comments thereafter.

  4. Being 82 years old I have seen a lot, endured a lot, and suffered a lot, but I remain based in truth, humanity, and principal. Yesterday in Union county NC, after 8 days without water it was turned back on in my house. The problem was I refused to pay a late fee after the commissioners had increased the “base” water and sewer fee to an astronomical amount. The actual usage each month was $2.50 but the overall fee was $40.00, consequently on PRINCIPAL I refused to pay. I knew they would eventually get their money, which ended up being $200.00, but I also knew if I caved without making it known the essence of the ordeal would be lost.

    The PRINCIPAL of the Truckers is so obvious, clear, clean and right it is hard for me to understand anyone, elected official or otherwise, to criticize their position. If the people who worked exceedingly hard over a number of years, through debates, trials and re-writes did it without principals we would be living in a Marxist, Socialist, Communist, world like Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabic, El Salvador, Mexico and people from around the world wouldn’t be clamoring to enter which is against our LAWS and PRINCIPALS.

    The left is unfortunately without principals who uses odd phrases, twists, and idiotic vitriol to make todays news, Yes, the media is the major left! It is difficult to understand so many who do not foresee the consequences of their position.


  5. Freedom is not free, we have to keep up the fight to keep it.
    Nothing but lies about Covid, Covid vaccines, Covid boosters. Dr. Fraud Fauci along with everyone who profited off this Fraud around the world needs to be executed. America is being run by a Fraud in the White House and Criminal House Democrats along with corrupt FBI, CIA, Soros and his foundations of Traitors to America, Obama’s, Clinton’s, Comey, Clapper, the DOJ and so many others that need to be prosecuted and executed.
    Facebook, Google, Twitter all need to be prosecuted for removing free speech

  6. Geraldo is such an ass. He’s been wrong over and over he should never be listen to. A perfect example of how he doesn’t know anything about what he’s talking about is when he’s said several times on The Five concerning the pandemic. He’s said that with the deaths of so many Americans it far surpasses the Spanish Flu that ravaged America a century ago. The problem with his argument is he has no knowledge of math. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say a million Americans have died due to COVID (keep in mind that he said well before the number reached that high). The population in America is 330 million. What percentage is that? Meanwhile the Spanish Flu killed 200,000 people and the population in America was about 100 million back then. He’s a real dumbass.

  7. Rivera is just another left wing nobody. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s against the truckers, who are real freedom fighters, pushing against globalist, communist scum like Trudeau. Fox News needs to get rid of this creep once and for all.

  8. He doesn’t even have a clue how his food arrives to the grocery store Restuarant or where it comes from or who trucks products food and water.He probably thinks it’s always there.

  9. What do you call BLM——ANTIFA——MARXIST******they surely aren’t peaceful.
    TRUCKER CONVEY IS MOSTLY PEACEFUL where the other thugs are destructive & murders.etc.
    DEMONCRAPS don’t support the TRUCKER CONVEY because they don’t kiss your corrupt asses.FU🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  10. I admit it’s hard to listen to folks who a l w a y s defend the opposite opinion of what I believe. Geraldo does not do that however, if something is so totally not OK, even by a liberal, he doesn’t defend it. I wish all of their opposite opinion folks would do that. Either way! Of course I totally disagree with Geraldo with regard to the Canadians – I can’t believe he said that, and I wonder why he did! And I so disagree with his almost always opinions about ILLEGAL ALIENS. Immigration is immigration, entering another country illegally – with no papers and no invitation, is ILLEGALLY ENTERING ANOTHER COUNTRY!! Surely by fifth grade anyone can understand that obeying the law is ILLEGAL!!!

  11. it is amazing how no one talk or mention the real reason or cry behind this trucker’s convoy. It’s about freedoms, our freedoms. They want to control! That can’t happen if we the people are free. We the people are not asleep. The control crowds have a voice and media means, they have police powers. Yet this control crowd are crying out “defUND the police”, discharge soldiers who are not vaccinated. They put up walls around their homes. They get to say any thing they want say but they don’t freedom fighting people to say anything at all.

  12. Who cares WHAT Geraldo thinks. Who made him, Juan, the View, joy reid or the Squad, Press and Print, think we should LISTEN TO…let alone, ever agree with.

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