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Fox News Tomi Lahren Blasts Geraldo Rivera After He Called Canada’s Trucker Convoy “Thuggish”

Editors Note: If Tomi Lahren wants to stand up for the Canadian truckers, then let her. If you take a good look at hashtags on Instagram like #wethefringe and #freedomconvoy2022 to see the real scoop, which is probably what Tomi is watching, not Geraldo, then you’ll clearly see the peaceful protest happening in real-time. Anyone who says these brave Canadian citizens are terrorists or “thugs” should open their eyes a little wider.

It’s really horrifying that Geraldo Rivera was ever considered a “conservative,” or even “right-leaning.”

Give me a break.

He’s been drinking the left’s kool-aid for so long now, that it’s really no surprise he’s come out against the Freedom Truckers in Canada.

Seems pretty “on-brand” for Geraldo, doesn’t it?

During an episode of “The Story” on Fox News, Geraldo slandered the truckers left and right, and even called them “thuggish.”

Thuggish? Many of these truckers are working-class Canadian family men, fighting for freedom. But Geraldo is such a coward, he has no clue what a hero is.

But fear not — Tomi Lahren was there, and she quickly swooped in and gave Geraldo a quick kick in the rear, reminding him that these brave Canadians are fighting for their freedom just like our Founding Fathers did.

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