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Did Trump Really Win Pennsylvania?

When the objective view of history looks back on the 2020 presidential election, there may be a different judgment than prevails in the public forum today.  And Pennsylvania may be the state that starts to see the 2020 election differently.  While the Pennsylvania Appeals Court did not overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in the Keystone State, it did declare that approximately 2.5 million ballots were cast illegally.

The issue is rather simple.  Pennsylvania law does not allow for mail-in ballots … period.  

It has been previously argued that the decision to allow “no excuse” mail-in ballots by elections officials was improper, illegal and unconstitutional.  At the time, many argued that only the state legislature could change the elections laws – not the elections officials.  According to a recent Pennsylvania Appeals Court decision, they were right.

So, why were all those ballots allowed to be counted?  There are two reasons.

There is, under law, something known as the “reliance doctrine.”  It basically means that people were led to believe what they were doing was legal.  They were relying on what they were told.  It would not be fair to disenfranchise millions of honest voters because they were misinformed.  It is a bit like police directing cars the wrong way on a one-way street to avoid a problem.  It is illegal, but no one will be ticketed.

The second reason is politics and public pressure.  There is no doubt that judges often wear their political hat when presiding over political cases.  I know.  I know.  The courts are not political.  That is first grade civics nonsense.

Both these factors were in play when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected efforts to not count the mail-in ballots – especially the hundreds of thousands of very suspicious ballots that arrived after the deadline.

It is in that last category that the evidence of possible vote fraud can be seen.  They final count was statistically an improbability – almost to the point of impossibility.  Apart from the mail-in ballots, President Trump had a 675,000 lead (60 percent) – by all historic measures, an insurmountable lead. 

However, of the 2.5 million mail-in ballots, President Biden won 80 percent them.  That defies logic, comparative history and statistical probability.  The issue was further complicated by the fact that in a county where Trump won 80 percent of the personally cast ballots, he would get only 30 percent of the mail-in ballots.  Where Trump would carry 60 percent of a county personal cast ballots, he would get only 20 percent of the mail-in ballots.  That does not pass the smell test.  But you cannot take the smell test to court.

Though the numbers provide strong circumstantial evidence of vote fraud, there is no way to prosecute any offenders or to redress any injustices because of the secrecy of the ballots.  There is virtually no way to find the culprits – or to adjust the numbers to account for the fraud.

Digging into these number is not going to change the outcome of the 2020 election.  That is now chiseled in granite – as the say.  The Electors have voted and the election has been certified.  That means any debate about the legitimacy of the popular vote is purely academic.  

But that does not mean finding the specific truth about 2020 is not important.  If there were irregularities in the 2020 election, it is important to see how they happened to prevent them from happening in the future.  

For many reasons, vote fraud is virtually impossible to prosecute.  That unfortunate fact gives rise to the mendacious argument that it does not exist.  That is the classic response of authoritarians in places like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and elsewhere.

(FYI … As a simple analogy as to why you cannot look at prosecutions as evidence of vote fraud, I often use the example of using car turn signals.  If you look at the court cases, there are very, very, very few.  To draw the conclusion that it does not happen defies what we all see on the road every day – the lawbreakers are simply not prosecuted.  In neither category can you judge the level of law-breaking by the number of prosecutions.)

Because of the difficulty in prosecuting after-the-fact vote fraud, it is that much more important that it be prevented by the strongest possible measures.  And the first step to doing that is to discover where and how the skullduggery had taken place – and to put in place the strongest ballot security measures as possible consistent with a reasonable ability for individuals to cast their ballots. 

The 2020 presidential election is over.  There is no value in lamenting the past.  But the recent Pennsylvania Court decision is a solid indication that we need to be vigilant in the future.

So, there ‘tis.

Written by Larry Horist


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  1. Larry, I disagree with your opine. Ignorance of the LAW is not and cannot be used as a defense. So actually everyone involved with this illegal election are going to have to face charges and answer in court their level of involvement. Keep in mind this was and is a TREASONOUS offence.

    • Absolutely correct… and the PA Supreme Court “justices” should be jailed for their treason as well as every other judge, politician and otherwise” who are complicit and use politics to guide them rather than the actual Constitutional Law!

      When the State Constitution explicitly states that NO MAIL-IN BALLOTS can be used, it is GAME OVER! And likewise, when the State Constitution says ONLY the State Legislature can make changes, that is it, GAME OVER!

      Fraud is fraud, ignorance of the law is NO EXCUSE.

      “There is, under law, something known as the “reliance doctrine.” It basically means that people were led to believe what they were doing was legal.”

      This is repugnant to the Constitution… also, it is a DOCTRINE, NOT LAW and NOT above the Supreme Law of the Constitution!

      STOP MAKING EXCUSES and get on board the TRUTH TRAIN!

    • How much of the fault lies with the GOP for failing to make the case that mail-in ballots were illegal? !0 lawsuits? NO! There should have been 1,000 or more, until someone looked at the law. Rudy should have been leading the charge, instead of filing lawsuits with no proof. Even if you are right, you still have to prove it if you go to court.

    • The article cites the reliance doctrine to hold sway even though the reliance was based on a fallacy which is fine as far as it goes. It completely ignores one small but crucial caveat…..ignorance of the law is no excuse…which is applied throughout the land and should have been applied making all the mail ins illeagle in the first place, misplaced beliefs aside. Then the simple thing of throwing out the illeagle votes and start over with your count which trump soundly won the state regardless of how you want to shuffle the figures.. prosecution of culpable individuals can start with the judges that knowingly ignored law 101 in their decision to reach what they did knowingly committing treason by abetting a coup on the united states of america.

  2. If no one is held accountable because they “thought” they were doing the right thing, then nobody should be held accountable for any illegal act, including murder, because they “thought” they were doing the right thing. That is a blatantly ridiculous measurement of right and wrong. I have been told all my life, and I am 74 years old and counting, that ignorance of the law is no excuse. The voting fraud needs to be identified, eliminated and vigilance paramount to prevent any additional/continuing/original/new fraud from happening. A good place to start is to unplug the machines from the web. At least that change will help to stop votes being sent out to the web/world, manipulated and returned to the machines in their new/improved format. Paper ballots could be an alternative to the machines; we go back to hand counting the votes like we have done since the country was founded, with the exception of the past 20 years or so. Technology is not our friend in this endeavor. Trust me on this one.

  3. The people that did it knew before they did it they would get away with doing it. Courts want proof and the culprits will not admit to breaking any laws as that would be called self incrimination. That means if it worked for the 2020 election it can work for the next election as everything is still in place as fraudulent ballots can still be introduced into the system and the voting machines are still vulnerable due to their programing.

  4. This reasoning is bogus. It supports a possibly that is corrupt and jeopardizes legal and honest participating Americas.
    People that placed the fraudulent ballots should be questioned track down the participants and the electors that misinformed them. If the participants cannot show who misled them the ballots the ballots must be declared void.. it’s the laW! If the elector in each case can be identified, then that person should be prosecuted for misrepresenting The law and the fraudulent ballots disqualified. Assumption must be in favor of the existing law. The statements made in the Supreme court ruling is an effort to over turn a state statute and throw a through a state law under the rug in favor of corrupt politics. Honest Americans should allow this to stand. Corruption regardless of circumstances should never be allowed to provail!

  5. The FACT is, because the LAW, and more importantly, the State Constitution states, “No excuse MAIL-IN Voting is not allowed”… The ignorance of the people is no excuse… Just because someone, even a public official, states that something is legal, when it is not, is irrelevant and, again, NO EXCUSE!

    “A Law repugnant to the Constitution is void.” (Chief Justice John Marshall)

    In establishing this FACT, there can be no law that is above the Constitution. Therefore, the statement of the election officials that it was ok, legal, etc, is of no effect and is irrelevant to the fact, because the State Constitution states that “no excuse mail-in voting is not permitted”.

  6. Wouldn’t overturn the 2020 farce but there was 2.5 million KNOWN illegal ballots. In my book what more of a reason would you need to overturn it. Oh wait —- you have to have the guts to overturn it and apparently Arizonans,pennsylvanians,wisconsinites don’t have the cahonnies to do what’s right even when the proof is looking them right in the eyes. Not only despiciable but pitiful and pathetic. America is now more — the home of the corrupt. weak and cowardly than it is — the home of the brave.

  7. So far not a single ilegal vote has been found and prosecuted in Pensylvania but in other states there were. If you can’t find a single ilegal vote stop climing there are milions.

  8. Clearly, you need to work on your reading comprehension, not to mention spelling. First, lack of indictment and prosecution does NOT mean that CRIMES have not been found. “Climing”? Spellcheck is your friend.

  9. I don’t care what excuse is used to defend the criminal act.
    Or who and how many it takes to commit the crime it is the same.
    As I understand the law ignorance is no excuse.
    No matter if you planed the crime or went along for the ride you are equally responsible.
    And if that’s not the case we have no law. Kenneth

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