Time To Take Down BLM Inc.

In previous commentaries dealing with the Black Lives Matters movement, I made a distinction between the organic movement and the organized operation – referring to the latter as BLM, Inc.

That was a critical distinction because from early on BLM, Inc. did not pass the smell test.  Almost immediately there were reports of financial mismanagement – grifting, in fact.  Over the past couple years, BLM, Inc. has taken in hundreds of millions of dollars without proper accountability or compliance to necessary legal filings.  If you solicit donations in virtually every state of the union, there is a requirement to file financial records with the state – usually the Attorney General’s office.

In an excess of wokeness, average citizens, leftwing billionaires and major corporations were more than eager to show their support for faux racial tolerance by pouring money into BLM, Inc. without any consideration or knowledge of where all that money was going.  For the corporate community it was merely public relations.

One of the major sources of money for BLM, Inc. was Amazon.  They included the activist group in their collection of recommended “charities” that shoppers could support.  By some estimates, the Amazon connection was worth hundreds of millions of dollars to BLM, Inc.  Contrary to good business practices, Amazon and the other major corporate contributors never did their due diligence – even as more and more reports of mismanagement and outright embezzlement surfaced.

Recently, Amazon got the message and removed BLM, Inc. from the list of recommended charities.  Inexplicably, however, Amazon said that if shoppers were to direct the money to BLM, Inc., they would see that the organization received the donations – rather than returning it to the donor.

Wait!  Let us ponder that for a moment.  Amazon has dropped BLM, Inc. out of concern over the groups handling of the money – and the failure to file the legally required reports with the various state governments – and yet they will serve as a conduit.  There is also a question of legal liability.

So, what is happening with the money?  There are reports that millions have flowed into the bank accounts of the principals – and that they have been buying a substantial portfolio of real estate that they personally own.  

BLM. Inc.’s 37-year-old co-founder, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, has acquired tens of millions of dollars in mansions and exclusive resort properties – far beyond her ability to purchase based on her legal income.  She now owns more than half dozen multi-million-dollar properties among the rich and famous.  Not bad for a self-proclaimed Marxist. 

What cannot be found is how the donations benefited the black community.  In many ways, blacks living in those segregated and impoverished neighborhoods in America’s major cities are the victim of a scam operation – a major gifting scheme.

It is past time for the government authorities in every state to start looking into BLM, Inc.  Maybe even time for the Department of Justice to launch an investigation.  But first we will have to get past all those woke prosecutors and contributors.

In an admitted concession to whataboutism, we should recall back in the Obama years how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gave conservative activist groups such a hard time.  I think it is fair to say that if a conservative activist group was operating like BLM, Inc., there would be state-level investigations.  The Department of Justice and the IRS would be bearing down.  And the left-leaning media would be on the story day-after-day.

It is time for the investigations of BLM, Inc to begin.  But is the organization protected by the woke shield held up by the unconcerned, the gullible and the crooked?

So, there ‘tis.

Written by Larry Horist


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  1. the real reason to stop blm(lower case intentionally) is because it is built on a fraud and continues to push fraud. our glorious and morally bankrupt social media giants have allowed the greatest of frauds to be perpetrated and indeed help to fuel the great hoax. Hands up don’t shoot did not happen and in all most all cases the perps were resisting arrest, in the other cases they were running. How about this idea for my brethren, when the police stop you or question you comply and you will not die. IF THEY ARE WRONG YOU WILL HAVE YOUR DAY IN COURT AND WE KNOW THAT YOU WILL WIN.

  2. There is a sucker born every day, and obviously the Big Corporations have sucker written all over them. These Corporations gave millions upon millions of dollars to Marxist BLM. What does Marxist BLM do? They don’t use this money to help out the African American community, They go out and buy bid dollar real estate, all condoned by the liberal commie Democrat Party. American Justice is falling apart. It’s too bad lapdog AG Garland doesn’t use the same amount of energy that he uses against the so called Domestic Terrorists, you know the parents that oppose CRT, those Domestic Terrorist’s, and a former president, that the AG should be using against Marxist BLM for fraud, and for rioting, looting, and burning down the cities.

  3. There is no getting around BLM being a Progressive, racist hate group. That they are also a terrorist organization is evident in their violent actions that has caused bodily harm and death along with millions of dollars in destruction of property. Two things keeps BLM from being listed as a terrorist organization; the Progressives who want violent chaos and the division of citizens based on ethnicities and those who are too scared to oppose them.

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