Herschel Walker Says the Very Fate of America Is on the Line in Georgia Senate Race

Former NFL star and GOP Senate hopeful Herschel Walker says there is a lot at stake in his upcoming race in Georgia.

During an exclusive interview with OAN News, Walker, who has been endorsed by Donald Trump, said the balance of power in the Senate hangs on who wins the Georgia seat.

“There’s a lot on the line now; whoever could take over this Senate race here in Georgia between — I know it’s going to be myself against Sen. Warnock — can get control of the Senate,” Walker explained. “And right now everybody sees they’re doing is not working for the United States and it’s not working for Georgia. So we want to take that Senate back and get people back to work and get kids back to school where people are not trying to indoctrinate our kids.”

Over the course of the interview, Walker was asked about hot-button issues like inflation and rising gas prices. In response, he blasted Joe Biden for going against his campaign promise of keeping the nation energy dependent by not shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline.

“One of the things people got to remember is that as soon as Biden took office, he went against something he told everyone that he would not do, and that was with the pipeline,” said Walker. “You know one of the things he said he would not do is get rid of the pipeline. As soon as he got into office, that was the first thing he did.”

Walker concluded by criticizing politicians who described him as being more reactive than proactive. The Republican candidate said those politicians don’t do their jobs and are, instead, more worried about getting re-elected.

“They have to be willing to come up with bright ideas, to be proactive rather than reactive,” he explained. “I think that’s a whole problem right now. We have people who come into office that have all these bright ideas when they’re trying to get elected, but after they get elected now, they’re worrying about getting elected at their next term, so they’re not doing their job.”

Meanwhile, Walker said he’s ready to fight for the Peach State as Senate elections kick off in November.

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. There are many, many qualified, intelligent, educated citizens from both political parties who would be honored to represent their fellow citizens in the Senate. To pick a broken person, with a history of mental illness, domestic violence and other violent behavior; well, don’t we deserve better? Can’t we do better? Granted that Herschel Walker has admitted to his past violent behavior and is reportedly working on his mental issues, but in such an important race, with the political power of this nation in the balance, why pick a damaged candidate, basically only because he is black and will hopefully draw black votes? Warnock vs Walker? Herschel will not draw any votes from Warnock, and will not create a fountain of enthusiasm from white voters. Hopefully the primary contest will weed out the weak candidates, and the Georgia GOP can support a candidate with a real chance of winning.

  2. Lee must be talking about Warnock. The Democrat party is violent, support violence (e.g. BLM and Antifa) and they are the party that suffers from a mental disorder. Who can support a government run by such corrupt people? They are no better than the cartel or organized crime leaders.

    And you worry about Herschel Walker’past when a man who has been a politician for 55+ years and has NOT accomplished one thing in ALL those years, hates blacks (behind their backs), is so corrupt, in business with China and Ekraine with his family, has dementia, and has a wife that cares more about herself being “first lady” than her husband who has a mental illness and uncapable of running America, and is run by taking orders from Obama, who is running this country by whispering in JB’s ear has the title of President. JB is NOT a legitimate President. How can ANYONE believe JB got more votes than Obama. He didn’t even campaign, only kept hidden in the basement. If ANYONE believe JB was voted in as President legitimately they are MORONS. The Democrats had to cheat to win. Trump had the votes wrapped up in the swing states and when they saw that RED wave it was panic time and that’s when the glitch took place and the cheating began.

    You can bet they are already finding ways to cheat in the mid-term election.

    I hope Herschel Walker beats the pants off of Warnock, and the Republicans get back the House and Senate.

    Let’s Go Biden!!!!

    • Focus Linda! The subject is not your analysis of the physical or mental status of the current resident of the White House or the process that placed him there. We are discussing the need for the Georgia GOP to put forth the best qualified candidate, the most electable candidate to swing the balance of power in the US Senate back to the red team. Should they put forth a candidate with hundreds of pages of public records that detail accusations that he repeatedly threatened his ex-wife’s life, exaggerated claims of financial success and alarmed business associates with unpredictable behavior, having been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder? Yes, it is admirable that Herschel Walker has been a strong supporter of President Trump, but is that enough of a reason to support a mentally ill person with multiple documented lapses of coherent contact with reality for the US Senate? The Georgia GOP can and must support a candidate of any color that stands a chance to win.

      • Mr Lee, Electable candidates are not perfect. Nor will ever be. Fixed elections, however, will always be events that represent illegality. It is unusual that Georgia voted as it did for senate in 2020. I personally do not think it was legal. Dems know they are in trouble and will likely try this tactic again.
        Most voters do not know just what is wrong with American politics, but they are now more aware that Dems are the only group that benefits from cheating. Trump was highly controversial as President. He was vilified beyond the pale by guess who. They were afraid. If Trump had taken more precautions, they may have been justified. Meanwhile the media and social media were very predictable. WE THE PEOPLE do not have the trust in them as we should. OBJECTIVITY BY THE PRESS is now gone, except where they are forced to admit truth or where viewers and readers disappear. The VOTER is beginning to catch on to being controlled. Watch out!

  3. At least Walker does not deny his failing in his past, Warnock has done nothing for his state in all the time he has been in office, he is trying to hold on to the senate seat because he doesn’t want to give up his healthy paycheck for doing nothing, it is time for a change, give Waker a chance to change up things in Georgia and if he is another do nothing senator there will be another election in a few years where you can vote him out, that is the problem with letting these incumbent officials hang on year after year, there should be term limits but the people in office are not going to cut off their gravy train, that is why the American people should do it for someone who is in office yet not doing their job of putting Americans first, when someone in office does not uphold our constitution and talks about ending our Republic it is time to kick them out of office, they are talking treason, so people we need to pull our heads out of the sand and start voting these treasonous officials out of office– and are you people going to deny my post because you are afraid to let me post my truth

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