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Hunter Biden’s Associate Sentenced For Defrauding Native Americans

Former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer will do prison time for a scheme to bilk a Native American tribe out of $60 million.

Devon Archer on Monday was sentenced to a year and a day for attempting to defraud one of the poorest tribes in the nation, the Oglala Sioux in South Dakota.

Judge Ronnie Abrams, who said the crime was “too serious” to let Archer walk, ordered the conman to pay back more than $15 million himself and to pay more than $43 million along with his codefendants, the New York Post reported.

Archer and Biden served together on the board of Ukraine-based energy company Burisma Holdings. Federal prosecutors are investigating Biden for his shadowy business dealings with both Burisma and Chinese companies. 

The Washington Free Beacon reported last month that the State Department under President Joe Biden impeded a federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s work for Burisma, according to two Republican senators.

Original Article: Biden-Tied Businessman Headed to Prison for Swindling Native American Tribe for Millions


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  1. My comment is not about Hunter. He is a POS and the whole world knows this. I watched Biden.s state of the union speech and I have to wonder what has happened to America. Our country is being turned into a third-world county and even other third-world countries are looking at us like we are at the bottom of the ethics barrel. Ukraine, a much smaller country then the U.S.A., is fighting for it’s life and our politicians feel that the lives of the Ukrainian people are worth less then the barrels of oil we but from Russia. My God, what have we become????

    • What you say is true and this is just the tip-of-the-iceberg. Biden’s speech is an indication of what liberal Democrats seek; what their true agenda is! The United States has fallen from grace in every aspect of a once-great culture and citizenry. The United States, which once lead the world in educational prowess, has fallen to a global rating of 24th in science, 39th in mathematics, and 24th in reading. Liberal influence in our educational systems has created disdain for education while supporting individual wants over education. Liberal educators stress contempt for government protocol over learning. In most classroom settings, just attending the class guarantees the student will pass the course: without regard to the students actually learning anything. If conservative citizens do not swamp the polls in upcoming elections, this liberal transformation of our customs, our educational values, our family values, and our Constitutional form of government will continue its corrupt path until there is nothing left to save.

  2. The whole Biden should be in jail as nobody on their side wants to admit how crooked they are. While I’m at it, the Clintons should be in jail and the Obama’s should be in jail as they’re ALL crooked AND corrupt. Amazing that Hillary is allowed to appear on tv or any media and if she’s allowed to run for President, there’s no justice.

  3. Looking at Bidenwith those two freakin idiots behind him last night representing America should scare the hell out of everyone. Leader of the free world, what a joke.

    • I did not watch the speech; we were out to dinner when it was going on. So I looked it up on the web today and found the picture of Biden at the podium and Nan Baby and Kamila behind him. I am impressed by the smirk on Kamila’s face. Anybody else notice it?? It is a classic!!

  4. I cannot top any of these comments and won’t try. But this bag of crap “leading” this country is so despicable it’s beyond more comments. It’s hiis real handlers behind the scenes that are the enemies of the state. They use this guy for cover while executing their damage. We must not let this continue. This Nov. we absolutely must take control or the remaining 3 yrs. will become hell on earth for everyone.

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