The “State of the Union” Response That Should Have Been Televised

Texas Representative Chip Roy gave the “State of the Union” response that we deserve. It was not televised, but it deserves distribution. “He is lying to the American People”, Roy said in response to Biden claiming that his administration is for securing the border. The “lies” were plentiful . . . “suddenly . . . magically, we’re for funding the police” the Rep. said in reference to the groundswell of Democrat support behind the slogan “Defund the Police”, which we all saw prior to Tuesday’s address. We should all be able to get behind this response in opposition to Biden’s “feel-good” speech — which, by the way, was given in the midst of a full-on war in Ukraine.


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  1. Someone needs to dress the VP behind closed doors. Her wardrobe is sooooo drab, even Hillary stands out bright and cherry. Sitting beside Nancy, Kamala looked like a piece of turd.

  2. This is a preview of what the United States will morph into if we continue with the current political agendas presented by Democrats. Liberals have transformed the Democrat National Committee into a socialist machine, hell-bent on destroying our form of democracy. During the last four decades, Democrats have attacked every aspect of the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment. Democrats oppose our family values, as is exhibited by their support of “same-sex” marriages. Democrats oppose our standards on gender, as is exhibited by Democrats’ support of integrating male sports with female participants. Liberal Democrats oppose all forms of normal, accepted behavior as Democrats continue to introduce bills that usurp our traditional values, our freedom of speech, our right to firearms ownership, and our Constitutional form of Democracy.

    Biden issued an Executive Order to stop federal funding for a wall between the United States border and Mexico and, in his SOTU speech Biden declared Democrats’ commitment to securing our borders. Democrats, with full approval from Biden, have championed the “Defund Police” campaign, but Biden told us his administration supports police. Biden’s speech belies Democrats’ agenda and openly exposes the fallacies therein. Democrats no longer fear reprisal for lying because citizens no longer give the impression of caring about what Democrats do.

    It should come as no surprise that some liberal state employee finds this plate offensive. Hopefully, this will end up in The Supreme Court, where there still remains a slight residual of normalcy.

  3. Holy s**t! Right on Chip. People, there’s the truth. Stay strong American Patriot. It’ time to take it all back and put our nation on the right course.

  4. I’m a registered independent, though I seem to vote mainly Rep these days, assuming I can find one worth voting for. I never loved Trump, his main appeal to me was not being Marxist. When I talked people I know (knew) about him just for opinions it was always HE’S TOLD “THOUSANDS OF DOCUMENTED LIES” or I JUST DON’T LIKE HIM. Like that’s any kind of smart criteria for choosing leaders in today’s world. The one thing I ALWAYS heard about was the FAKE NEWS lie. In my opinion, his FAKE NEWS call was probably the most right on thing he said as President. I never hear Biden say ANYTHING that doesn’t seem like a lie. Requiring ID to vote in a country that he completely OPENED THE BORDER TO is JIM CROW on steroids. I can’t imagine a bigger lie than that.

  5. I don’t think that senile fool knows what he’s even saying most times, but he is exceedingly dangerous .because he does what his handlers tell him to do. God knows who those people are.

  6. The Demented One’s SOTU presentation was the typical Democrat Self- Mastubatory Circle Jerk, I’ve come to expect from that party. Lies, Obfuscations and Deflections as they pat themselves on the back with one hand, while they diddle each other.

    I was neither impressed, surprised or disappointed. On the contrary, it was exactly what I suspected.

    The only question is “How many children did he suck dry to get through his speech?”

  7. Putin has become the biggest threat to World peace since Hitler and Biden’s State of the Union address to me was an attempt at Uniting America.

    I believe he wants to make America stronger, which includes “FUNDING POLICE” and he also laid out “MEASURES TO SECURE THE BORDER”, including setting up joint patrols with Mexico and Guatemala. What about the FACT he signed 80 bipartisan bills last year. He laid out a “UNITY AGENDA” comprising topics where there is some plausible hope of bipartisan action, such as the opioid epidemic and improved provisions for mental health.

    President Joe Biden has also taken American into a real world leadership roll in uniting European NATO countries. He has gotten all but 5 countries in the UN to condemn Putin. The 5 countries who voted against condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine included Russia, Belarus, Eritrea, North Korea, and Syria. China and Pakistan were 2 of the 35 countries that abstained.

    • What kind drugs are you on? – For starters the old twit has done NOTHING to get any countries in the UN tp sanction Russia. – OTHER countries have gotten HIM to issue the anti-Russian orders. He is at the vanguard to DE FUND the police ,,,,and as far as signing bills,,,,,He does what he is told. – He couldn’t even get his fellow NWO MArxists (democrats) didn’t go along with his commie
      Build Back Better Bill. And just where are are all these “green jobs” that he was going to give to the career pipeline welders that he got fired. All the commie shill has done is the work of the new communist party of the US….(Formally the Democrat party)

  8. I guess Nancy wore a extra duty diaper. A regular diaper wouldn’t contain all the peeing she did. SICK BEING!!

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