Kamala Harris Answers With “Word Salad” On Questions About Russian Energy Sanctions

Vice President Harris seemed to have lost her grip when asked a tough question about sanctioning Russian oil and offered a meandering “word salad” answer.

The VP was mocked on social media for one of her latest post-State of the Union interviews. Harris appeared on NBC’s “Today” show to discuss the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. Like her last appearance in January, Harris faced a tough line of questions from host Savannah Guthrie.

One question focused on whether President Biden was considering banning Russian energy imports, noting that the United States still imports approximately 600,000 barrels of oil per day. 

“Is that something the administration would consider in terms of future sanctions, cutting off the oil and gas part of the economy for Russia?” Guthrie asked.

Cutting off Russian oil in response to the Ukraine invasion has been supported by Republican and Democrat senators, though the White House has shown little enthusiasm for the idea. 

Harris appeared to struggle with how to defend the White House’s position.

“As you know, on this issue, for example, we applaud Germany in terms of what it has done as it relates to Nord Stream 2,” Harris said. “As it relates to what we need to do domestically as well as what we need to do in terms of this issue generally, we have, as the president said, to reevaluate what we’re doing in terms of strategic oil reserves here in the United States to make sure that it will not have an impact, or we can mitigate the impact on the American consumer.”

The vice president also remarked on the united front against Russia, saying, “Understanding that right now on the issue of energy, our allies have stood firm and unified in a way that many of the pundits didn’t predict would happen, to ensure that we are unified in our approach to this issue.” 

Several Twitter users mocked Harris’ answer as a “word salad” that failed to explain why the White House hasn’t considered cutting off Russian oil imports.

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce wrote, “Another word salad filled w crutches. Has no one tried to coach her?”

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton tweeted, “The Vice President can’t defend buying oil from Russia because it’s indefensible.”

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. Wow what a bunch of Mumbo jumbo. This would never happen if donald Trump was President like he should have been

  2. We will keep buying oil from Russia as long as Biden keeps getting his 10 percent. I imagine Hunter will get his too.

    • is Biden a trader? Who is he the president of, the US or Russia, China or Iran? OH!!!! anyone who can give money to him and family. In the days of common sense, one! he would have never been elected. Two he would be in front of a firing squad!!!! Is it too late?

      • well biden wasn’t elected he and the dnc stole the election everyone can see that but TRUMP will be back in 2024 and he’ll put a stop to all this nonsense and we will finish our pipeline and stop buy oil from russia for good we’ll be getting our oil from our allies and a hole lot cheaper go rnc 2022 and 2024 biden and his crack whore is going to destroy the usa for good if we don’t stop him

  3. The fact is that Biden can’t and won’t stop buying from the Russians because he killed Keystone and cut off drilling that could have easily replaced Russian oil WITHOUT touching our strategic reserves.
    Couple that with the kickbacks he and his family currently receive from them , and you can easily see why that hasn’t been done…

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