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Bill Maher Is A Supporter Of Florida Anti-Grooming Bill?

Talk show host Bill Maher on the “Overtime” segment of his Friday night’s episode defended Florida’s anti-grooming law, which critics have falsely dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill despite no mention of the alleged directive in the legislation.

The bill has had opposition from Democrats country-wide, and even from corporate entities such as Disney, after it bowed to the liberal mob.

“I’m glad somebody asked this: ‘Is Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill designed to trap Democrats into saying they support teaching young children about sexuality?’ is the question,” Maher prefaced the program’s segment after introducing several discussion questions that were submitted to the late night show.

“But we can broaden that to anything about that,” Maher continues. “It’s — it’s — I mean, if people don’t know, this is something DeSantis is about to sign.”

“And I guess it’s a reaction to Republicans who feel that there’s too much talk in lower grades. I think it’s only — they’re talking about kindergarten to third grade.”

“So we’re talking about very young kids who, you know, as always with this stuff, you know this. It’s not like there’s no kernel of truth in that maybe kids that young shouldn’t be thinking about sex at all,” Maher stated, noting: “I don’t think it’s specific. It’s not like you’re not allowed to literally not say ‘gay.'”

“They just don’t want teachers talking about it; they think it’s the province of parents,” Maher concluded, before asking the guests for their opinion.

Original Article: BASED: Bill Maher defends DeSantis’ anti-grooming bill


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  1. Hopefully, more liberal minded folk will follow the examples Bill Maher has shown in past couple of years and be sensible about hateful Progressive agendas geared toward more populations control at the expense of citizens. In this case, it is our youngest citizens who will pay for Socialist agendas for control over us.

  2. Bill Maher is a liberal, not an America-hating leftist.

    There is a difference.

    Most liberals seem to becoming leftists, but Maher doesn’t seem to be one of them.

    • Bill Mayer is a cold hearted Liberal and an ATHEIST ! He is a Socialist communist Liberal ! Just because he doesn’t want our children exposed to this dirty vile teaching of Sex, gender Dysphoria and homosexuality doesn’t mean he is Awesome. Sick and tired of this crap being shoved down our children’s throats and the people of the world !

  3. I have two young sons in California and one will be attending transitional kindergarten next year. I fear that the California schools will ‘teach’ things that are unnecessary at his age. We have already attended a Drag Queen library hour where both the selected books and the comments of the DQ were inappropriate. My son then was too young to think of the reader wearing anything other than a Halloween costume. I wish my son was going to attend a school that would tell you a week before the learning for the week and I could hold him out on the days when they try to teach sex to the TK-3rd grades.

    • Why would you attend a drag queen library h I ur when you don’t agree with that crap…seems like you are defeating your own purpose!!

    • What is with you.Can’t you see that school is totally run by perverts? Pull you kids out. Quit your job and move to Flordia or whatever is necessary to PROTECT you kids. Would allow them to go to a Hell’s Angles party? (Although I think that would be WAY safer then letting them go to the school run by sexual deviants.

  4. Maybe teachers can’t teach basics any more? Maybe their minds have been filled with so much of this social identity crap they have lost the knack to teach kids how to prepare for day to day living.. No one can deny, it’s not easy to fill little minds with reading, arithmetic, printing some exercise and geography and history, you know, the basics and it’s so repetitious.. Why would you want to do that when CRT and gender studies can be taught while sitting comfortably at a desk. Throw in a weekly drag queen story time . Perhaps teachers should present their theories on education before they are hired.

  5. Many people today are saying the non-establishment segment of the Republican party is like to old Truman-Kennedy Democrat party. – Maybe there is something to this?????

    I always considered Mahr a commie and there is no way I would ever see him as being invited to speak at the next Republican presidential but lately he seems more like the loyal opposition then a NWO Marxist (AKA current member of the democrat party)

    If this keeps up the Communist Party of the US will have to start running their own candidates again instead of being arm of the democrat party.

  6. The fact that the schools think that teaching 5 to 8 year olds, KINDERGARTNERS, 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders about gender identity, gays, lesbians and transgenders is absolutely ridiculous. I’m glad the bill passed where it’s not being taught. What I find more pathetic then this whole issue, is the press and the libs calling it “the don’t say gay bill” and leaving out the fact that they want to teach this to children in KINDERGARTEN to 3rd grade. Now if these idiots truly had a good argument for this to be taught to children at such a young age they would say it. Instead the schools, the libs and the press are misleading the public to believe that this is being rejected, by the republicans, to be taught to kids that are older and in high school. The majority of libs are too stupid to realize the truth and believe the misleading statements by the democrats and the press. FAKE NEWS and they prove it more and more everyday.

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