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Could Biden Rally The Nation On This Issue?

An important talent for a President is to rally the nation during times of crisis or hardship.  The three elements for rallying the people during a period of hardship are (1) to explain what is happening, (2) why it is important that we deal with it in a united fashion and (3) how we can best respond.

We are in such a moment with regard to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  The most obvious sacrifice the American people are making is in the soaring price of gas.

According to polls, more than seventy percent of Americans are willing to accept the higher gas prices if that is what it takes to support the people of Ukraine.  The American people have already gone past the first two steps.  People understand what is happening.  They are already dealing with it in a united fashion.

It is the third element that should be dealt with by President Biden.  He should use the White House pulpit to call on all Americans to not only respond to what they see and hear on the news, but to take positive patriotic actions to mitigate the problem.

Biden should call on all Americans to address the rising gas prices by a voluntary conservation program aimed at reducing the consumption of gas.  The elements of the plan would be to allow their homes to be two five degrees cooler in the north and three degrees warmer in the south.  Not to use heating or air conditioning at all unless it is absolutely necessary.  A sweater will compensate for a slighter lower temperature in doors.  Air conditioners can be shut down on days with moderate temperatures.

Consumption of gasoline can be greatly reduced with a few changes in personal habits.  First and foremost is driving the vehicle as little as possible.  Walk to local stores or restaurants that are a short drive away.  Cut down on the places you go – maybe one dining out per week instead of two or three.   Organize carpools for trips to schools and work.

One of the major ways businesses can help is to go back to working at home.  It is ironic that we should go back to virtual work just as we were starting to get back to the office.   Use virtual doctor appointments whenever possible. (I just changed mine from in-office to telemed.)

With a successful individual fuel conservation problem, America could reduce consumption by 20 percent or more.  That would more than compensate for the oil we are no longer purchasing from Russia.  It would reduce the gas bill for everyone – and to some extent those savings would reverberate throughout the economy. 

It would also be a symbolic message to the people of Ukraine that the American people are willing to make sacrifices in opposition to Putin’s invasions and genocide.

Postscript:  It would also be inspiring if Biden would stop trying to shift the entire blame for the run-away inflation on Putin.  It is still mostly his policies – past and present.    A good start would be to get back to maximizing American drilling and processing.

So, there ‘tis.

Written by Larry Horist


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  1. Oh, Sweet Jesus, Larry: Once again, waaaaay off the mark. There is ZERO need for the privations you list. Zero.

    Do you NOT understand the idea of Energy Independence – which we were – and, for the first time in decades – actually being a net exporter of energy?

    Do you Not remember Biden &Co’s call to end fossil fuel?

    Do you not remember gas increasing 50% prior to anyone, likely including YOU, ever heard of Ukraine? By the way, it’s “only” gone up 38% since the panic! (Ironically, by the same actual amount here in the NE.)

    Do you NOT know gas and oils are commodities and traded on commodity exchanges as “futures” every damn minute? Do you NOT know HOW those markets work?

    There is ZERO reason for us to be suffering as we are, and have been, other than the drooling idiots in D.C.

    Say so.

    THERE it ’tis.

      • Absolutely correct!!! Gas prices went up in the first couple of months of Biden’s administration because HE SHUT DOWN THE XL PIPELINE while allowing Russia to complete their Nordstream 2 pipeline which ferried dirtier energy products than the U.S. He also stopped drilling in ANWR and cancelled many drilling leases on federal land. BIDEN is the cause for high gas and other energy prices, NOT the Ukraine invasion by Russia. Our gas prices would plummet if Biden rescinded EVERY energy policy he made since taking office.

  2. There is more oil reserves in the USA than any where else in the world. Enough to last hundreds of years. Maybe for ever. Tell biden to open USA oil fields.

    • Biden and Putin should both be on the HOT seat !~! One is a lunatic and the other is clueless.

      You choose but both are worn out has been old men driven by greed and ego while not caring about the world or the globe.

  3. Sure Larry, I’m going to walk 2 miles to the nearest grocery store and then carry my groceries home. So tired of city folks who enjoy public transport telling country folks what we should do. I am not supportive of mushybrains late and incompetent responses to Russias aggression, our energy needs or inflation and although I am happy to support Ukraine your ideas are a bit delusional.

  4. The only rally I’ll get behind is a IMPEACHMENT to rid the white house of F.CJ.B. and cackleberry harris, IMPEACH then both , same time same day. Any thing else with bidens/obama’s fingerprints, is a BIG FAT NO WAY NEVER

    • Well of course we could just agree with “sulu, who hasn’t come back from his 60 year mission in space”, and agree “higher gas prices are patriotic”. Well he can that since he has millions of dollars and forgets that we peons have to scrib and save to feed our families (who still work instead of relying on the socialist government). Biden and his puppet masters don’t care about the real citizens of this country, that slowly losing the amendments for our freedoms.

  5. We’ve heard all of this before. Forget about rationing during WWII but think Jimmy Carter. Jimmy is from all accounts a really great person and nice guy BUT he was a terrible president. Remember when we were attacked by Iran and our people held hostage? I remember Jimmy telling us to wear sweaters instead of using our home heating systems because OPEC was being not nice. I remember the long lines, high prices and only being allowed to buy gas on certain days. A real president would have kept Putin in Russia and not in the Ukraine. As evidence I point to the prior administration who by the way also kept Little Rocket Man pretty quiet as well AND low gas prices.

    • We can agree with “sulu, who hasn’t come back from his 60 year mission, “that high gas prices are patriotic”. It’s easy to say when people have so much money to have multiple houses, yachts, cars that are gas guzzlers. And we peons (who still work and not depend on the socialist government) have to stretch their pay to keep taking care of their families. Besides his puppeteers only care about keep putting money in their coffers.

  6. Larry; That is the dimmist opinion that I have read on this subject. 1. It’s not hurting Putin. The rest of the world will buy his oil. 2. It doesn’t help Ukraine as all it is, is virtue signaling. An empty gesture if you will. 3. Producers of Crude Oil are screwing us because little wimp Biden just had to undo everything that Trump did, so there! 4. Rather than come up with ways for us to suck it up and take the screw job, maybe you should be calling for Biden’s impeachment, saved only by restarting Keystone XL.

  7. Everything that idiot Biden has done since getting into office was erase anything positive the previous administration had done and rather than building upon those gains decided to scrap everything and force his own policies as he catered to special interest groups, lobbyist and left wing media corporations. For the soul purpose of gaining and maintaining control of the government through a one party platform mainly the Democrats!

    I don’t know where you get 70% favoring higher gas prices to support the Ukrainian people, the price of gas started going up shortly after he took office. We were on the track to energy independence but now were relying on Biden begging for more foreign oil to keep our economy from going down the toilet while helping others build theirs.

    This administration has been nothing but a joke. An incoherent old farting senior citizen with a cackling Jackel for a VP whose in a league of her own as far as incompetency goes. 81 million votesmy ass!!

    It’ll probably be a cold day in hell… If you EVER see a liberal Democrat own up to a failed policy without blaming it on someone else!!!

  8. If one wishes to rally “the troupes” it is essential that you begin with a truthful assessment of the actual situation. That is very difficult for a documented and pathological liar like Joe Biden. What could he possibly say to convince me he is telling the truth, this time?

  9. Seems you’re busy spouting propaganda for clown occupying the White House here…
    It’s NOT the responsibility of the American people to take all the hits for the ineptness of Biden and his handlers. The American people (taxpayers) had NO part in the run up to the current situation and should NOT be burdened with bailing this jackass out…
    Your focus is WAY off base.

  10. I honestly don’t think that 70% of us Americans are ok with the higher gas prices. As a senior citizen, the cost of heating my home is outrageous! And don’t tell me to buy an electric car. With what we get in Social Security, we simply cannot afford one,

  11. About the dumbest opinion piece I’ve read ever, much less in a “Conservative Free Press” op-ed. WTAF? Are you reading WH talking points? Take a nap or one of Biden’s LID’s, Larry. Stupid goes a long way.

  12. Since the Biden administration created all of the issues Biden would like citizens to rally around, I don’t see any Trump supporters falling for this rhetoric and it looks as though many previous Biden supporters are understanding that Biden, or at least the Biden puppet administration, is the problem in which a solution must be found. None of the issues that are occurring that have to do with Russian aggression would be happening if Biden had not reversed all of the positive things that President Trump had done. How can anyone justify rallying to the cause of all of our problems? We would first have to believe that the cause of our problems can suddenly be a solution to our problems. As it is, we should let Ukraine be defended by European nations and we should focus on our own invasion from our Southern border.

  13. Biden needs to dial back “climate control” which may or may not be a problem and pick back up to making America fuel independent again. People still need to use fuel and will use it. The only thing different in this administration is we now have to import it and pay more. It is now time to think about what is needed by the majority of the American people. People who were struggling to make ends meet now cannot afford to put gas in the car to go to work.

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