Manchin’s Nifty Maneuver To Get A WV Pipeline Running

Controversial Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has urged President Joe Biden to use the Defense Production Act (DPA) to complete construction on a pipeline in his home state of West Virginia to ease skyrocketing gas prices.

Just as Biden has imposed more energy sanctions on Russia due to the conflict in Ukraine, which by the president’s own admission will make gas prices worse, Manchin has called on Biden to invoke the DPA if necessary to complete a US natural gas pipeline following the ban on oil imports from Russia.

During a hearing of the Senate Energy Committee, which he chairs, Manchin called the 303-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline “the quickest thing that we can get, it’s more energy into the market that’s going to be needed.

“I’ve been preaching to the heavens for a long time on this one. It can be done with the Defense Production Act,” Manchin added.

“What we do know is that Russia has weaponized energy. They have used it as a geopolitical weapon. The thing I know about an adversary or a bully is if they have a weapon, you better have one that will match it or be better than theirs. And we do; we just haven’t used it,” Manchin said in reference to American energy stores.

Manchin was a leading proponent of the US barring Russian oil imports after the nation invaded Ukraine, a step the Biden administration eventually took last week. Manchin, a pivotal vote who has frequently bucked his party’s legislative agenda, called the Biden administration’s opposition to the energy sanctions at the time “so wrong.”

The Mountain Valley Pipeline began construction in 2014 and, once completed, is set to carry natural gas between southwestern Virginia and northwestern West Virginia. Manchin said at the hearing that the pipeline could be completed in four to six months and added that he has also introduced legislation to remove regulatory hurdles.

Under the DPA, which Biden has previously used for matters relating to wildfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, the president can direct private companies to prioritize developing materials crucial to national defense interests.

As gas prices spike, environmentalist groups, and Democrats to Manchin’s left on climate issues have also called on Biden to invoke the DPA to deploy renewable energy. Press secretary Jen Psaki was asked at a recent White House press briefing whether the use of the law is under consideration to increase oil production domestically, and she suggested the administration was not inclined to pay oil companies for “what they probably already have the capacity to do.”

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. Well bless your heart for trying, Mr Manchin, even though that lying red head, has and excuse , IMPEACH all of the white house idiots. clear the board and start over , would be a good start, put the criminal corrupt politicians in jail ,on the reason of , JUST BECAUSE, and then start putting charges after names. But take away their power, 1st so they can not do any more damage, to the US of A.

  2. The dodering old fool should have NEVER have hobbled our oil industry in the first place but he did what his bosses told him to do without question. Now the problem is he is afraid to recind his stupidity because if he does things like turning the pumps back on and restart oil refineries and restarting things like Keystone the little retarded girl in Sweden will cry and after all her feelings are much more important then an American Family freezing and starving and not being able to afford the gasoline to go to work.

    Lets go brandon and the SOBs that control him. Time for us to get a rope.

  3. Since the Democrats are so fond of impeaching, let’s give them one: Joe Biden
    He should be removed before he completely destroys our country.

      • True that Camel Hairs is just one step up from a trained dog but maybe Obama or whoever is pulling Biden’s strings will not be able to pull hers. At this point, I am ready to try anything before Biden completes his mission of following in Rome’s wake.

  4. This MVP pipeline is being held hostage by the Sierra Club and other left-wing environmental extremists. They convinced a Democrat appointed judge to negate permits approved by government agencies. They said they didn’t consider certain things even though data referenced had considered those things.

  5. No one could destroy the USA energy suppliers better than Joe Biden and all the democrats. We were energy independent under Trump, now we are paying the price for a stolen election by the democrats and unions. Biden never was a smart person, he lies like a rug and we the people pay the price. Wake up people, its time to get rid of all the lying democrats and RINOS in congress and the white house. We remember in November that we cannot heat our homes, fill our vehicles, grocery prices soaring while the inept fool in the white house and the democratic congress care more about BLM and ANTIFA. Vote them all out or you will have nothing.

  6. BWH, the sierra club is as corrupt as the Biden family, they take $$$$ for looking the other way so when you receive their donation flyer come to your house rip it up, they are full of sh#t. Case and point the DOLPHIN SAFE sticker on Tuna fish cans, they hold their hands out for money, get it and never even do their job to make sure it’s dolphin safe WHICH IT ISN’T. That’s just one of their many corruptions.
    Now to Biden, Russia Russia Russia if there was ever a person that is compromised with Russia it’s the Biden family. God knows what Russia, China and even Ukraine have on him.

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