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Fauci Reemerges; Why He’s Talking About Benghazi

Dr. Anthony Fauci has suggested that if Republicans take control of Congress, they will target him, but uncover nothing.

“It’s Benghazi hearings all over again,” Fauci said, according to the Washington Post. “They’ll try to beat me up in public, and there’ll be nothing there,” he said. “But it will distract me from doing my job, the way it’s doing right now.”

Fauci, who has served as NIAID director for more than three decades, has been a prominent public health figure throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. He is also currently serving as the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul, who has been a vociferous critic of Fauci, proposed an amendment to nix the NIAID director position, but that proposal did not clear the Senate health panel on Tuesday, according to the Post.

Paul had proposed eliminating Fauci’s role and replacing it with three directors who would helm three new institutes: A National Institute of Allergic Diseases, a National Institute of Infectious Diseases, and a National Institute of Immunologic Diseases.

“If we take over the Senate next year, I’ll be chairman of the health committee, and I pledge to use the subpoena power to get every last record about the origin of the virus, about Fauci,” Paul declared on “The Megyn Kelly Show” in December, according to the Post.

Fauci said that many Republican-led probes “are taking away from our effort of fighting this outbreak,” and remarked that his agency’s group of legislative staffers is “probably spending 40, 50 percent of their time” replying to requests regarding the origin of COVID-19 and other inquiries that he said are not rooted in facts. “It is just an overwhelming burden, asking for information that’s driven by conspiracy,” he said, according to the Post.

Original Article: Fauci says the GOP will target him if they get control of Congress: ‘It’s Benghazi hearings all over again’


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  1. Tony, Baby, what will come out is 30-40 years of your machinations in Ukraine, cavorting with Gates, Soros and his moneyed NGO buddies, you stock ownership in certain patent rights, your machinations and money laundering with Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak and your Chinese virus researcher, whom you paid our money to take her research back to Wuhan Institute of Virology, from which YOUR engineered-for-gain-of-function virus “escaped.” This is enough evidence to have put a Republican into prison already!

    • Absolutely right. Present day Mengele is Fauci. This is one evil sick disgusting excuse for a human being. For his crimes against humanity simply to enrich himself and greedily seek fame he should spend the rest of his life in prison. He lied to the American public multiple times, he aligned himself with one political party and the entire country suffered because of his desire for wealth and fame. Perhaps if he hadn’t spent so much energy doing television and radio spots instead of actually doing his job he wouldn’t be in this position. We still have little children being forced to wear masks for no good reason other than satisfying his own need for power.

  2. Dr. FRAUD , Is a FRAUD , CON ARTIST and a RACIST. FAUCI is also a HABITUAL LIAR that can’t keep his Stories Correct. Every Time he Opens his Mouth out One LIE than another LIE come out to Cover Up the Last One. I wouldn’t Trust him if he was to treat Me for a Cast of Diarrhea.

  3. Dr. Fraud. “Distracting him from doing his job” – That can only benefit America. We’re tired of being lied to and treated like sheep. Hope he is found out for his nefarious activities.

  4. Fauci is guilty of crimes against humanity and if GOP doesn’t quit talking and start actually bringing all the projectionist traitor leftist criminals to Justice this country will fall!!

  5. Oh poor baby. The Republicans requests for info are a distraction. Can’t possibly be more distracting than the Democrats $hit show impeachment of Trump when he was dealing with the initial covid surprise. Fauci is such a bore.

    • EXECUTE the TRAITOR and then hunt down the rest of his cohorts involved in this CCP-VIRUS , last body count I read was very close to 7 million . ENOUGH is ENOUGH, and all these vaccines , use the one that was made in the lab , before the ( accidental release which was NO ACCIDENT) the anti-dote which all of the BIG MOUTHS got, ( pelosi, gates,obama,biden, democommunist in the senate and congress. ) notice they did not get sick and die did they. But then they force the mask on the world population and a forced vaccine, they made the world a guinea pig lab rat, while they stood by and watched. Many more need very hard punishment .

  6. Fauci seems worried about another “Benghazi, where HIS Pal Hillary LIED, along with Obama(who gave him $3.7million to distribute as HE wished?) Fauci Openly stated to a Hillary Staffer, “Tell Hillary I just Love her”…as he/his wife donated to Her corrupt Campaign. Says it all Fauci, YOU were a ‘democrat operative, and it showed with your disrespect of President Trump standing at the Podium as YOU stared a hole in his head, w/your arms crossed as you then “rushed to that podium to contradict what President Trump was saying…That was ONLY the second day of the briefings and I never trusted ‘Heir Fauci Again;….Senator Rand Paul ‘DEFINTITELY has Fauci’s number

  7. If nothing is found its because of his criminal behavior. This piece of human garbage has been torturing animals for decades for seriously sick reasons. Beyond what is found or not his own predictions were of covid pandemic years before it happened. He’s proven to be a liar about funding gaib of function with bat viruses and that in itself is enough to put his criminal ass in prison. Forcing little kids to wear masks knowing masks were ineffective is no less than torture and these kids are still suffering because of his lies. When you dance with the devil don’t be surprised when you find yourself in hell.

  8. Oh gawd, it’s all about the little meathead, isn’t it? This man is stuck on himself and he really needs to be done away with.

  9. What a POS this guy is, the thought that this idiot had the nerve to compare his lying covid tenure to Benghazi is appalling. The only similarity is you and Hillary being the biggest liars in government. It’s truly amazing that people die because of your decisions and neither one of you could care less. I believe in Karma and both of you will get yours

  10. Doing his job the way it’s being done now? Give me a break. Check the Science was the watchword for the commies. – Well check it now. Look at places that never had a mandate at all to places that did.

    Masks, (which we nothing more the face diapers and fashion statements) ZERO effects.
    Social Distancing. —— Again ZERO effects
    Vaccines. Next to ZERO effects when stopping the spread of covid and no hard empirical evidence of doing anything at all

    And the worst thing that would actually have saved countless lives,,,,TREATMENT medications. – Fauxi actually blocked development, distribution, and use of them.

    Then let’s check on ownership of the companies that made the clot shot and who payed for the development of Covid in the first place.

    Don’t target the son ofabitch. Get a ROPE!

  11. Fauci, by his own admission received funding from WHO to create and study the China Virus that was created in the Wuhan province, city of Wuhan at the Wuhan Biological lab, China. The bulk of the funding for the creation of the China virus was paid for by WHO and other private interests, Fauci’s solicited funds included.

    These people are evil, deceitful, self serving politicos. Fauci included. These folks are evil… IMHO

    MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!


  12. What will come of after midterms and the Republican take over, well the truth about Dr Fauci , Covid and its origin that’s what. As for Rand Paul’s suggestion for replacing Fauci with 3 Directors for 3 new department, NO MORE Gov. positions or Departments or Agencies

  13. To a degree, I agree with Fauci. It really is Bengazi all over again. Once again a hateful person with political power has gotten away with causing the deaths of American citizens. In Fauci’s case, the death toll is a lot higher. If the U.S. truly was a fair and equal nation, persons with such power as Fauci and the Clintons have would have been jailed long ago. The least we can do is to get these hateful people out of power so they have no control over others.

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