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Video: Glenn Beck Exposes BLM With New Developments

Glenn continues to monitor the war in Ukraine and its ramifications for America, but there is another war that has raged across Democrat-run U.S. cities for almost two years – a crime wave largely brought on by over-corrective policies intended to appease BLM activists.

We were told there is nothing more important than ending racism in America, and Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has been at the forefront of that movement, raking in donations to change “racist” America. Glenn continues his investigation into BLM Inc., and it turns out everything isn’t exactly on the up and up.

One of the first major examples we saw of the Great Reset and ESG in action came during the summer of 2020, when corporations gave tens of millions of dollars to BLM. At the time, it was hard to understand why companies were dumping millions into an organization that was openly against capitalism and the traditional family. And why did the money continue to pour in, even after violent demonstrations raged in over 200 U.S. cities? What was the money actually for? And what happened to it? Glenn exposes the BLM scam and its intimate connections with the power structure of the Democratic Party.

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  1. Get ready for the niggers and the stupid white libturds who support them to start accusing Glenn Beck of being a……….yep, you guessed it…….”white supremacist”. Happens every time some left wing nigger is caught.

  2. This proves that they are 1000% STUPID ASS THIEVES , smart thieves do not get caught . I guess all that ill-gotten booty was burning a hole in their pocket, LOL LOL LOL, I love it when they , get caught, and they did it all by themselves, PERFECT KARMA

  3. Someone else finally figured it out BLM is a scam … If BLM was really cared about black lives it would want justice for every black killed violently not just those killed ( rightly or wrongly ) by police …

  4. The stupid ones are the corporations (like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc), NFL, NBA, and our government that give them all of this money. The brainless major in WDC even name a street after BLM and allow them to tear up the city. What a clueless airhead!

  5. It’s all about the money in this country. And the ones who have it, have all the power! All the billionaires combined in this country have over a combined wealth of 5 trillion dollars.

  6. BLM doesn’t care about blacks. Just as the women’s right movement doesn’t care about women and the LGBTQIXYZ movement doesn’t care about LGBTQIZYZ people. They are all different items on the same menu at the Communist Cafe. While we were staving off Socialism, Communism snuck in the back door. It’s not taught as a bad ideology in school anymore but is made yo sound wonderful.

    Be afraid. Change will be attempted. Stand strong. Do your homework.

  7. When is black America going to wake up? BLM leaders did nothing to change your lives but did a lot changing their own, $$$$, houses, cars and vacations. BLM right now can do whatever they want with all that money because no one is paying attention, the democrats have moved on from black so called racism to electric cars and windmills. Don’t be sad black people come September, months leading up to the November midterms, the democrats will get back to racism and white supremacy to get your vote and then they will move on again and you get nothing, God when will you people wake up. Stupid is as stupid does

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