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Fortune 500 Company Features Devout Communist In Ad

How far will corporations go to appease the radical mob? Visa is running a campaign in partnership with Essence Magazine featuring Angela Davis. How dumb do they think we are? Surely this is a brand equity strategy meant to align with black Americans, and Angela Davis is a woman who is revered in black America — especially among women. But are we supposed ignore what this woman was about?

First of all she was a devout communist who studied in East Germany. She was aligned with the Black Panthers, prosecuted for three capital felonies, fired from UCLA for inflammatory teachings, and ran for President on the communist ticket.

This woman was on the wrong side of history in her support of Jim Jones . . . in her support of Fidel Castro, yet she has become a cultural icon. Has she done anything to positively impact the lives of her fellow Americans? Maybe we’ve missed something. Maybe Visa thinks highly of her, or maybe they just don’t think too highly of us.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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