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Fortune 500 Company Features Devout Communist In Ad

How far will corporations go to appease the radical mob? Visa is running a campaign in partnership with Essence Magazine featuring Angela Davis. How dumb do they think we are? Surely this is a brand equity strategy meant to align with black Americans, and Angela Davis is a woman who is revered in black America — especially among women. But are we supposed ignore what this woman was about?

First of all she was a devout communist who studied in East Germany. She was aligned with the Black Panthers, prosecuted for three capital felonies, fired from UCLA for inflammatory teachings, and ran for President on the communist ticket.

This woman was on the wrong side of history in her support of Jim Jones . . . in her support of Fidel Castro, yet she has become a cultural icon. Has she done anything to positively impact the lives of her fellow Americans? Maybe we’ve missed something. Maybe Visa thinks highly of her, or maybe they just don’t think too highly of us.


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  1. Berni Sandars is a commie and he is in the Senate……I know the snwflakes will cry like the babies that they are but it is WAY past time to reconstitute the House Unamerican Activities Committee. If nothing else the HUAC ran a lot of commies out of Hollywood for quite a few years,,,,Although it;s way worse now then it ever was.

    I have n problem with tolerance of people that have tolerance of me but when you come in and do everything you can to take away MY way of life and MT beliefs, then YOU have to go.

    Communism has no place in this country and must be eradicated down below it’s roots. YOu cannot have peaceful coexistence with a malignant cancer. We better come to the universal realization that if the US is to survive we cannot allow an enemy to exist within. If you don’t stand for somthing you stand for nothing. I don’t know about you but I stand for Duty, Honor, Country and God…..AKA the American way.

  2. Does anyone truly believe this is an accident? The lunatic left is straight up telling us who they are and what they believe in. It’s incredible to believe that a company that has made billions in a free and capitalistic country would attempt to normalize a known communist and much worse a reactionary activist. It seems as though those who continuously push these radical ideals and individuals are completely tone deaf to the average American. I understand the concept of creating a narrative but the last year of continuous failed policies and the response from the people of this country is clearly showing we overwhelmingly reject them. Yet for some unfathomable reason these so called “woke” companies continue to blindly push these narratives as if they believe repetitive messaging changes reality. While constantly claiming they are trying to save democracy they choose people who are completely opposite of those claims. To save freedom we must silence others. To unify a nation we must drive racial division. To further protect freedom for blacks we must embrace BLM a group of self described Marxists. Of this all seems a bit confusing and it doesn’t make sense perhaps we need to understand those that are pushing these agendas. Without having wealth it’s almost impossible to obtain wealth in socialist or communist countries but if you are ultra wealthy your position is solidified in a non free society. Therefore these ultra wealthy individuals and corporations are attempting to enshrine their position while assuring those of us wanting to obtain that status can never do so. It’s a move towards oppression of humans through classism. How in the world are the people they claim to be protecting are ever going to become something more if the very people who claim to be helping them are precisely the ones keeping them from attaining that goal?
    Wake up America because this is an all out assault on freedom and democracy. Make any attempt to shed light on what they are trying to do and they will try anything to silence you. They will call you a racist, try to get you fired, or try anything to shut you down. This is not the American way and it’s not about freedom it’s about power and money and they won’t hesitate to use anyone to further their own desires. Just look at where we are as a nation and then tell me exactly how any of our lives have improved because of their actions. The only ones getting richer are the ultra wealthy and the ultra powerful. That’s not likely to change until we rid ourselves of the elitists who control the narrative and the agenda. We can vote politicians out of office but to rid ourselves of woke corporations we are going to have to stop financing those companies. I myself have walked away from the censoring company ofFacebook woke Major League Baseball Coca Cola and many more. More people need to be willing to do more than just vote. They need to understand they are financing these evil freedom hating people and corporations. Do a little research and then act accordingly or sure as the sun rises we all will lose the freedom we love.
    God Bless America

  3. Hmmmm! Read about how General George Patton was murdered, and how FDR, Wild Bill Donovan (started the OSS, which became the CIA) and Dwight David Eisenhower SHUT DOWN Patton when the General advocated destroying Uncle Joe Stalin and the USSR in 1945. And Senator Joe McCarthy was correct in 1952 when he
    warned about Communist infiltrators in the US government – BUT now we know his estimate of the number of infiltrators was way low! Lesson: The Democrat Marxists have been playing cutesy with the Commies for over 90 years, so don’t be surprised at what they are doing today! Beware, America! We had best wake up, and soon!

  4. All the charge card companies are doing this. It is obvious some leftist spoke to their heads and scolded them for not loving *egroes enough and they complied. I stop using AMEX and Chase is next.

  5. Angela Davis not only has blood on her hands, the blood of innocents, she promoted Herbert Marcuse, a Marxist Commie who had no positive contribution to ever make as he blamed and scapegoated America for every problem or injustice anywhere to be found in the world. No, you don’t get to just blame and scapegoat. You need to explain how decency, fairness and equality are created, supported and maintained. Causing mass rage is like lighting many fires and putting out none.

  6. I can’t believe Angela Davis would show her face in public. Then again, the time is right for her Leftist views. It is amazing that there are lifers in prisons for getting caught three times with a marihuana joint and yet this criminal of the nation is a free person making money off of advertising. I wonder how much of her pay will go to supporting Communism?

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