Bloomberg Gets Obliterated For Tone-deaf Inflation Tweet

Let them eat bugs.

Bloomberg News offered up some advice for the peasants struggling because of high inflation.

“Nobody said this would be fun” Bloomberg tweeted.

The elitists at Bloomberg News told people earning “less than $300,000” to tighten their belts by taking the bus and eating plants instead of meat:

  • Take the bus
  • Don’t buy in bulk
  • Try lentils instead of meat

The author of the Bloomberg piece suggested people who purchased a ‘pandemic pet’ to forgo their “costly medical needs.”

And here comes that war on meat again.

“Meat prices have increased about 14% from February 2021 and will go up even more. Though your palate may not be used to it, tasty meat substitutes include vegetables (where prices are up a little over 4%, or lentils and beans, which are up about 9%). Plan to cut out the middle creature and consume plants directly. It’s a more efficient, healthier and cheaper way to get calories.” the Bloomberg author wrote.

Bloomberg got roasted by Twitter users.

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  1. The sarcastic responses are all excellent, good for a laugh. But this arrogant article illustrates brilliantly the gap between the oligarchs for whom the cost of necessities is meaningless and those of us whose labor and sacrifices put them in their sybaritic castles. There are many health downsides to forgoing meat. To suggest we should let our dogs and cats die shows a callous disregard for the love we share with these bright spots in our lives. I am a strong believer in free-market capitalism, but when the people who have accumulated unlimited wealth by manipulating the system, like Bloomberg, there ought to be a limit.

  2. Just another example of elitist mentality. Having absolutely no qualms with deciding how everyone should lower their standard of living as long as it doesn’t apply to them. Wear a mask but of course I won’t. Respect women’s rights unless I decide otherwise. Eat plants while I eat whatever the hell I want. Sell your car while I fly my private jet wherever and whenever I choose to do so. Give up your right to bear arms while I hire private security. Release criminals and defund police while I live in private communities behind walls protected by armed security. Even better, no insider trading unless you are a congress member.
    Getting the picture? Sit down shut up and do as you are told because you see we know better than you what’s best for you and your family. Never fear because if you choose to speak out against me I will censor you and silence you because I am rich and you are not. Therefore you must be too stupid to figure things out for yourself and that’s exactly why I deserve to live better than you. Has it ever occurred to anyone that everything the leftists do and promote ends up with their lifestyles improving while the dirty Walmart shoppers lifestyles diminish?

  3. OK Citizens of the US ofA, lets face he is a short rich dip schiet , and with his money, what does he really care, he will never feel the pain of the average blue collar citizen, he should be made to live the way he tells everyone else, to live. EAT YOUR OWN WORKS , Shorty Bloomberg,

  4. My Dad used to say you can try to convince most people, but you just can’t fix stupid and shouldn’t waste time trying. I wonder how most people would classify the above article?

  5. Again this bullsh$t coming out of the mouths of people who don’t have to worry about prices going up. Just like that idiot Stephen Colbert who said he’d pay $20 for a gallon of gas and theres buttigieg saying buy an electric car yeah with a price tag of $55,000 and rising. Talk about tone deaf people, as they sit there with these huge bank accounts, of course you don’t care bc it’s not effecting you. What’s the common denominator here THEY ARE ALL RICH LIBS. They truly do not care about or think about what the middle class and poor in this country are going through. They are sad and pathetic

  6. Maybe we should all just sit at home, don’t go to work, don’t go shopping, not buying anything. Let’s see how they will do without “We the People”(s) money and hard work.
    What a stupid idiot!

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