Hawley: Will SCOTUS Nomination Defend Child Sex Predators?

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., expressed concern on “Hannity” Thursday over President Biden’s pick for Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, for her previous sentencing decisions related to child predators. 

Hawley told host Sean Hannity that he observed “a pattern here of treating sex offenders leniently, those who have gone after children.”

“The problem is, I haven’t been able to find a single case where she has had a child porn offender, a pedophile in front of her, where she hasn’t given him the most lenient sentence she possibly could,” Hawley said.

“I think we just have a basic question to ask: Are we going to get a judge here who’s going to protect children or who’s going to protect child predators? It’s a simple question. It’s one I think that every parent in America would like answered. But it’s one that the White House doesn’t want to answer, and so far, Judge Jackson doesn’t want to answer it. Total radio silence from her,” Hawley said.

Hawley claimed Judge Jackson “consistently” provided leniency to predators and even questioned the constitutionality of sex offender registries.

“If you look at her record, what you see is this is someone who has consistently let sex predators, child sex predators off the hook. For people who have been convicted of child porn offenses, she’s consistently given the lenient sentences slaps on the wrist,” he said. 

“This is someone who has raised the question whether sex offender registries are unconstitutional, whether notifying parents when there’s a sex offender in the area is unconstitutional, she suggested all of that. I mean, this is very troubling … If you look at what she’s done as a judge on the bench when she had the chance to put away child predators over and over again.”

“When it comes to these child porn cases – these are pedophiles we’re talking about – she chose to give them the lightest sentence possible in case after case.”

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  1. Absolutely! What kind of Supreme Court judge would she be? She seems to be supportive of lenient punishment-if you could call it punishment-for child sex predators.She should not be confirmed.

    • Amen We The People don’t and Will not have any kind of Deranged and Deplorable Sweat Hogs and Swamp Rats on the High Court.

  2. Well Josh, sounds like a no brainer to me. She might not deserve sitting on even a traffic court. It amazed me how the communist dems buttered her all up when appointed. Then whoops, all the skeletons begin to fall out and all in the name of truth.

  3. Saw a guy on fox this morning defend child pornography and he was a republican There is still a lot of swamp left to drain

  4. A SCOTUS judge should be selected based on their record and qualifications not on their race or gender. Joe Blow is trying to ramrod her through to gain political points. Anyone with half a brain can see what is going on. First female, mixed-race VP who is so under qualified it is laughable. Ask yourself what Joe Blow is trying to prove and you’ll have your answer.

    • Beijing O’biden is a Brain Dead and Blind Eye piece of Gutter TRASH from Delaware that Hides in his Basement Bunker Watching Sesame Street reruns with his Baloney Sandwich , Chocolate Pudding Cap , Favorite Teddy Bear and his Cookie Monster Blankie.

  5. She has in the PASSED and she will keep on doing it until the day she DIES! She’s Racial Racist ,
    Racebaiter , Con Artist , BIGOT and a FRAUD..

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