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AOC Pressures Biden to Bypass Congress On Immigration And The Far-Left Agenda!

A frustrated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), her “squad,” and other far-left politicians are pushing President Biden to bypass Congress and act on immigration, the environment, and other aspects of their “woke” socialist agenda!

AOC and other “Progressive” Democrats are urging President Biden to sidestep Congress and use the power of his pen to ​authorize dozens of radical policies on issues like immigration, criminal justice​, climate change, and student loan debt.

The 98-member Congressional Progressive Caucus released a list of 55 recommendations for executive action last week, only a few months before the midterm elections in which Republicans are expected to regain control of both chambers of Congress.  

Some of the hyper-woke suggestions include:

  • Banning new fossil fuel leases on federal territory as well as “environmental justice communities”
  • Ending the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy and the Title 42 coronavirus exclusions for illegal immigrants
  • Declaring a national climate emergency and invoking the Defense Production Act to increase production of renewable energy​
  • Ending domestic and international fossil fuel subsidies and reinstating a ban on crude oil exports​
  • Canceling all student loan debt
  • Establishing national standards governing the use of deadly force by police officers, as well as removing military-grade weaponry from police departments

“This is the time for @POTUS to take bold executive action. Let’s deliver on the agenda that more than 81 million people voted for. Let’s be guided by racial, gender, and economic justice — not corporations’ bottom lines. Let’s get this done,” the caucus, which is led by Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), posted on its Twitter account.

“I do think we want to make sure that we’re delivering as much as we can before November, in addition to all the excellent things we’ve already done, and making sure people know what we’ve done,” Jayapal told the Washington Post in an interview published on Mar. 17.

Progressives are still smarting from the blow delivered to their agenda by members of their own Party, moderate Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. Both helped kill the House-passed $2 trillion Build Back Better Act and declined to change the Senate’s 60-vote legislative filibuster rule in order to pass gun control measures and sweeping election reform.

As a result, the “Wacky Wing” of the Party led by AOC has placed their hopes in Biden himself to implement their agenda as the window to move legislation before the midterms begins to close.

“People are realizing that, at this point in the cycle, executive order is probably where you’re going to start seeing more things get done,” Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Md.) told Politico.

But some Democrats say Biden’s pen should be their last hope to get their agenda passed.

“Executive action, it’s a last resort. This is a legislative body,” Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.) told Politico. “But there are other important issues that need to be discussed. And if the Senate isn’t going to vote, they’re not going to vote.”

Biden issued 77 executive orders in 2021, compared to 55 issued by President Donald Trump in his first year and 38 enacted during President Barack Obama’s first year, according to the Federal Register.

Biden, in an October 2020 interview with ABC News, appeared to frown on the use of executive orders in place of legislating.

“Some of my Republican friends and some of my Democratic friends even occasionally say, ‘Well, if you can’t get the votes, by executive order, you’re going to do something.’  We’re a democracy. We need consensus,” the president said at the time.​

Written by Bill Sheridan


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    • That girl is so privileged AOC she needs to get out of Congress she’s very very bad on decisions she doesn’t see reality it’s a big game to her it’s like hide and seek she’s very immature get these people out of Congress

  1. The liberal left seems to believe that America is a Kingdom, not a Democracy! They have done more to help change our American way of life into a Third World Kingdom than any administration in the history of the great country. Mid-term elections cannot come fast enough! These people should be charged with treason!!!!

    • Uh….we are NOT a “democracy”(which is what the blue-shirted lefty NAZI/”NOT-see” minions believe); we are a Federated Republic of States….or a Constitutional Republic; you can use ANY label but “REPUBLIC” MUST be in there!!…Even GOP politicians make this mistake CONSTANTLY, which enhances DUM-o-RAT command of the vernacular.

    • Exactly what is your background to come to that conclusion Robert. Unless you are a police officer or was one, you really don’t know what equipment our law enforcement needs. It’s needed mostly in inner cities where it’s needed to apprehend animals that would not think twice about killing our police officer.

    • Robert, I don’t think you have any idea who these animals are that our law enforcement officers deal with. These pieces of garbage wouldn’t think twice about killing our police officers. These officers need whatever equipment required to allow them to apprehend these violent pieces of crap and for the officers to go home to their families …

    • Might be something to that. – Look at some of these skinheads on the job today. They look like they are hitting the beach at Iwo Jema when they get out of the police car to make an accident report. I didn’t carry that much junk on my pistol belt when I was in Vietnam. These collage boys today have brought a lot of the resentment of the Police on themselves. A cop is supposed to be your friend not a gruff storm trooper who is not at all street wise.

      Anybody remember back years ago when you were afraid of the crooks instead of being afraid of the cops? Like I said, The policemen were friends and talked to everybody. Now they act like we are all the enemy.,,,,,and just for the record, I was a Cleveland Policeman from 1970 to 1979 so i am far from being anti police.

      But the long and short of it if the Communist Party of the US is for something odds are it’s a bad idea.

      TRUMP 2024 – Take America Back!

  2. Should Biden actually listen to this bunch of Commiecrats, and issue EO’s in line wih their rediculous demands, he will seal their ultimate downfall for the midterm elections in November! Even Slo Joe must realize that!

  3. Get those idiots out of the government ! Insane Socialist communist leftists ! Pack these people up, air drop them in the worst country on the planet and see how they like it ! Patriots, we have GOT to see that they loose their positions in government and or busted for the crimes they are committing !

  4. Is she standing at that fence pleading with immigrants to be her boy friend? She better have incredible patience. Schiff has to get deported and then try to come back illegally. Maybe then.

    • She is a fool! BUT ADAM SCHIF IS NOT IN ANY WAY SUPPORTING HER OR HER STUPID SQUAD. If you want to pic on some one who is really screwing up the country then try going after McConnell, Crux and Hawley these are the people who forgot that they are Americans and will do anything to make sure that Biden fails NO MATTER HOW HARD HE TRIES TO HELP THE AMERICAN FORGOTTEN PEOPLE!

      • Biden is NOT trying to help Americas forgotten people!!! He is trying to destroy those who were born here by raising taxes, causing inflation, allowing criminals to illegally enter. He has failed at everything he tries to do. Less than a third of the people support this incompetent, demented, communist who is doing everything in his power to ruin this country.

      • Hey ! Harry Larry ! Get Ur facts straight before U open Ur Pie Hole. Beijing Joey is the One that needs to be put away in GITMO and Maybe U can keep him Company. U have Y’alls Facts SCREWED Up. We The People not have put with IDIOTS like U’s.

  5. This little idiot thinks this is a elementary school that they can make demands We are supposed to be a democratic country and not a communist country We do not allow people to have their way just because they have mouths like hippocampus it’s what the majority says and we don’t recognize a few ignorant split tails

  6. AOC and her followers said Eighty one million people vote for this agenda. Prove that this is true. Only 37% of the people a prove of the President proformce. Most of those who vote for him are now suffering from buyers remorse. If they could they would vote to impeach his whole cabinet. Most of the thing he has done are illegal, and he never talked about doing them when he was running for office.

  7. Does ANYONE think that Putin or Xi are worried about CLIMATE ending the world?? Don’t THEY know who AOC is and what SHE has predicted?? How much time is left from her 12 year global catastrophe, 7yrs?? Since I’ll be 80 in 7yrs, I’ll keep driving a gas powered car, fly where I want and do whatever I feel like and hope I make it to the end of the world “as we know it” !!

  8. She is nothing but all show. Look at me********* She really doesn’t have any brains. DEMONCRAPS are a POS💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩Guess she thinks all men wants the sluts body. She is really ugly. Wish she would keep her mouth shut.

  9. The moronic leftist progressives, such as members of The Squad, have no idea what they’re talking about in regards to any subject, especially fossil fuels. Blue states like California barely have an electrical grid that can keep the lights on now. You couldn’t add electric cars and factories because it would collapse there grid. Unless we build many nuclear power plants it just isn’t going to happen. The second option would be to open all the coal plants, which burns dirtier than oil/gas. AOC and the rest of the other communist anti-Americans haven’t a clue what they’re talking about!

  10. AOC ! Has Beijing Joey’s and Madam Piglosi DEMENTIA SYNDROME ! For a 29 Year Old pile of Gutter TRASH or Donkey Dune she isn’t to Smart.

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