Biden Fires Hershel Walker, Dr. Oz

President Joe Biden sent letters to Dr. Mehmet Oz and Herschel Walker on Wednesday demanding that they resign from the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition or they would be terminated, citing violations of the Hatch Act because they are running for office.

Oz is running for the Senate in Pennsylvania and Walker is running in Georgia. They were given until 6 p.m. on Wednesday to resign. Both were unceremoniously fired by the Biden administration following the ultimatum.

Biden is contending that under the Hatch Act, the two candidates are considered special government employees who “may not be candidates in partisan elections” while engaged in official government business.

It’s against the Biden administration’s policy for political candidates to serve on presidential boards according to a White House official who spoke with CNN. It is unclear why that statement would be made if the terminations were due to the Hatch Act.

Dr. Oz wasted no time in responding to the edict. He noted that former President Donald Trump appointed him to two terms on the council and refused to resign. It is unknown how Walker, who is a former NFL running back and a close friend of Trump’s, responded to the order.

Oz made public the letter he received from the Office of Presidential Personnel dated March 23.

“Clearly, Joe Biden can’t be around anyone who doesn’t completely fall in line with his fear-mongering authoritarian one-size-fits-all COVID handling. I am proud of my service and will not resign,” he defiantly tweeted.

The actual letter came from Gautam Raghavan, an assistant to the president, and states, “On behalf of President Biden, I am writing to request your resignation as a Member of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition. Please submit your resignation to me by the close of business today. Should we not receive your resignation, your position with the Council will be terminated effective 6:00 pm tonight. Thank you.”

The council addresses issues such as healthy eating habits and physical activity. New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Mariano Rivera also sit on the board.

Oz posted a video earlier stating he would not resign and called for the resignation of Dr. Anthony Fauci instead.

“I received this letter on behalf of @POTUS requesting I resign from the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition. It’s sad that he would politicize such an important issue like health. The doctor he should ask to resign is Dr. Fauci, for a multitude of obvious reasons,” Dr. Oz tweeted.

“With that said, I am beyond grateful to President Trump for appointing me to this very prestigious & important position. I am also grateful to my colleagues on the committee & proud of everything we were able to achieve. However, I have no intention of resigning,” he continued.

“If President Biden wants to politicize health, he will have to fire me. You would think record gas prices, a 40-year inflation high, and the situation in Ukraine would be his highest priorities at the moment,” Oz bluntly concluded.

The White House announced on Wednesday that Biden will appoint WNBA star Elena Delle Donne and philanthropist chef José Andrés as co-chairs of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition.

Update, Walker’s Response:

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  1. Hey phedo joe why don’t you get the “huevos” to speak to Putin or your friend Xping or whatever his name is. You fkn Usurper you’re nothing but a blowhard pussy who wears pampers 24/7. You can’t even scare a cockroach like you. I commend Dr. Oz and Hershel Walker for standing up to this POS of human if you can call him that.

  2. biden has NO legitimacy and has no idea how to run America. He, however, is great at ruining a country which, let’s face it, IS HIS JOB.

  3. Neither did the narcissistic trump, but people can’t realize this fact; I don’t understand why, but to each their own. I’m glad that idiot ( trump) is not still trying to run this country in the ground. I’m. thankful that there is a God that sits high and looks low and see all the underhanded shenanigans that Trump and his cohorts tried to get legalized.

    • AnnieB: And what kind of drugs are you on? Do you like $4 and $5 a gallon gas? Do you like the flood of undocumented people coming into the borders? Do you agree with the exodus of Afganistan? Do you agree with 7.9 percent inflation? How about the deals of his son Hunter? Get real lady you need to rethink things through a little more before you go and critize the last President.

    • You need pull your head out of your assets and see what’s happening in the real world. Our Country has gone to hell in less than 3 months of this fake presidency. In another 3 years there will be no USA, we will be run by China and Russia. I hope you’re young enough to enjoy the communist country we will become.

    • AnnieB I alway said if it wasn’t for stupid people a democrat wouldn’t hold office and after reading your post you have proven my point thank you. Do God a big favor and don’t use him in your pathetic rants.

    • Trump ran the country into the ground? Are you on meth or do you have extreme mental issues? You can’t possibly be that dumb or blind. This country was doing great and you can’t see what Biden is doing to it?! Store shelves are empty, can’t even find pet food! Gas prices thru the roof, businesses all so short staffed they can’t even maintain regular hours. No one can even buy a new house! Things are easy way way worse than they’ve been in years!! Hope can people be so blind to this? Do you not need to eat? Do you not drive? Are you rich? I just don’t understand the reason for your previous hatred of Trunp running the country and this blind sheepe love for Biden.

    • Let’s see, when Trump was President, low gas prices, no war anywhere in the world, respect around the world, no inflation, no ships being unable to unload cargo in California, expedited vaccines for Covid,, Russia and China intimidated by Trump!

      Yeah, tell me about Biden’s respect around the world!

    • You must be confused. Trump did everything he promised to do. We had a booming economy until the pandemic hit. How do you like the inflation, high gas and food prices. I hope it hurts the morons that voted for this pos we have now. If 6th have older parents on a fixed income they must be proud of you.

    • I’m very surprised by your comments in defense of Biden, God praise the sanctity of life! Please review the facts, Biden have murder more people then can be counted in history. One of the most appalling is the Muslin Girl school in Iraq that we protected through Trump president time, Biden “order” the military to pull from that school and 65 girls was murder by isis.
      It so sad that so many of god children say they are Christain but support action like this. May God forgive you.

  4. I hope all of those who voted this admin into office are really enjoying what they are getting,maby WWIII and their kids and grand kids if any will never get to see any of God`s wonderous things.

  5. Tell Brandon to go take a hike! He is not presidential material and should be removed from office! We are behind you Herschel Walker, DON”T GIVE UP TO THIS illegitimate president!

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