Listen: Kamala Gives Her Solution To Commuters

When Joe Biden announced his candidacy for President of the United States, we were well aware that if he won, we’d be dealing with a rambling mess prone to extended fits of incoherence. But, when he picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, we figured that at the very least, she’d maybe be up to the task of cleaning up Biden’s verbal messes by speaking in full sentences and staying on topic.

And then Joe Biden won. And then Kamala Harris became vice president. And then America and the world had a chance to see that Kamala Harris is really no better at articulating a thought or speaking English than Joe Biden.

Since Kamala Harris became vice president, we’ve been subjected to speech after speech and interview after interview in which she’s served us nothing but heaping plates from the word salad bar. And she dished up another one during a recent interview with nationally syndicated radio personality Willie Moore Jr., who asked her about the Biden administration’s solution to the high gas prices that are causing more and more Americans to struggle in this economy.

Take a listen:

Wow. She really puts it into perspective, doesn’t she? The perspective of an extremely drunk person, maybe, but perspective nonetheless!

And would you believe it gets better still? Willie Moore Jr. asked Kamala what she would say to encourage Americans during these difficult times, and Kamala answered him in the best way she knew how: incomprehensibly.


Resist we much!

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  1. If U listen real close U will see that Camel Harris , Beijing Joey and Piglosi have the same Problem. They ALL have what U call DEMENTIA SYNDROME. That’s why nothing is ever done or if it is done it’s done A $ s backwards. That’s Why the Country as We The People know it is so SCREWED-UP !

  2. Much ado about nothing! She knows nothing about everything and that’s all that will come out of her mouth.

  3. I feel sorry for women of color because THIS is what is representing you. THIS is the best person Biden had to choose from. Really? OMG!

  4. This is all President Trump’s fault! If the Trump administration had not made it so we were better off financially, safer from border invasions and at a more relative peace with other nations, we would not realize just how bad off we are now.

    • Yes, it is his fault, and thank God! As you’ve noted, this shows how really bad off we really are!! WE NEED PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK NOW!! He is our true President! The only one who made good on his promises to us!

  5. I noticed the writer mentioned Camel Hair’s inability to articulate a thought.

    did you react, like I did, that one must first HAVE a thought before one can articulate it?

  6. She was a complete disaster in Ca, then in the Senate, and now as the so called VP. The only one in Ca that thought she was good was Willie Brown. She’s a pig.

  7. Good thing she was able to be a sex partner with Willie Brown in California or she would never have been able to have a successful career in California politics!

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