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How In The World Did The IRS Give Dead People COVID Relief Funds?

The Internal Revenue Service sent $64 million in erroneous payments to as part of the American Rescue Plan due to a computer error of which the agency was aware but did not fix, according to an inspector general report.

Nearly 45,000 payments totaling $64 million were sent to people for their deceased dependents, who died before Jan. 1, 2021, making them ineligible for Biden’s stimulus payments of up to $1,400.

“We alerted the IRS to this programming error in April 2021. IRS management agreed that these payments were issued erroneously. However, IRS management did not provide their corrective action to address future erroneous payments,” the treasury inspector general stated in a report released last week.

The IRS went on to issue more than 400 additional incorrect payments for those with a deceased dependent after being alerted to the issue, the watchdog said.

In total, more than $100 million was incorrectly issued due to computer programming errors up to September 2021, the inspector general stated.

IG estimates show $1.9 billion was erroneously paid to more than one million people. More than half a billion of that went to over 300,000 “potential ineligible nonresidents.”

The IRS agreed that there was an issue with all except about 130,000 of the payments. The agency then “implemented programming changes,” according to the inspector general’s report.

A previous watchdog report found early pandemic payments had even more problems, but slightly less money was went to nonresidents. In July 2020, $3.5 billion was given to nearly 2.2 million people who were deceased. More than $440 million was given to over 320,000 nonresidents at that time. 

In total, by July 2020, more than 4.4 million people incorrectly received $5.5 billion, according to the inspector general.

Biden has faced accusations of covering up pandemic fraud. 

“Last year, when congressional Democrats rammed through the partisan $1.9 trillion so-called COVID stimulus, which drove inflation, by the way, in a major way, our colleagues rejected numerous Republican amendments that would have targeted relief and prevented fraud,” Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, said last month.

“Now, the Biden administration has taken unilateral action to sweep suspected fraud under the rug, allowing states to waive large numbers of suspicious claims and forego recovery and restitution for taxpayers,” the Texas Republican said.

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  1. The IRS acknowledged sending 45,000 COVID stimulus payments, totaling $64 million to deceased people. In their defense an IRS spokesperson stated: “So what… these dead people voted too!”

  2. Why shouldn’t the dead victims of Covid get checks from the Biden administration , hundreds of thousand dead p eople voted for Hillary and Joe in therse last 2 elections.!!!!

  3. They are above the law and above the Constitution and they don’t care.
    Biden instead have given the IRS a substantial increase in tax dollars.
    We talk in the UN and the EU and all over the world about corruption while hiding (or trying to hide) from the whole world the innate corruption and malfeasance that goes on constantly in our government.
    No one in power wants to fix it, they just tax us more and more and we do nothing.

  4. No different than any other part of the Biden admin. Mostly brain dead politicos willing to screw just everything up as much as possible. Brandon!

    • I’m 75 and the doctor tells me I’m not dead yet but some days it’s hard to tell. I’m still working 5-1/2 to 6 days a week and I vote Republican. (Wounder if I will become a NWO Marxist democrat after I die)

      I got the checks via direct deposit, but they are in the bank so I can pay my income tax, self employment tax, property tax. State income tax, sewer bill……….Right on down the line.

      Damn good thing they “gave” me the “stimulus checks”. I might have gone under and not be able to pay all those taxes if there was no free government money to give back to them.

  5. Dead people and prisoners got all 3 stimulus checks and I’m on disability and only received 1..yes 1 stimulus check

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