Video: Fauci Clearly Flip-Flops On “The Science”

A video of Dr. Anthony Fauci was unearthed by reporter Elijah Shaffer. In the video, Fauci states a position that he’s clearly flip-flopped on. Speaking of the viral influenza (the flu), the NIAID director says “The most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself”. Has “the science” changed in such a short period of time Fauci?


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  1. If you don’t know the whole vaccine/mask/distance/shutdown thing was for one purpose and one purpose only and it had nothing to do with covid then you need a keeper.

    The fact was it was to get the sheeple used to doing whatever the NWO Marxists dad without question. Over half of the country did it too.

    Those that traded liberty, medical freedom, and the ability to think and make decisions for themselves for “safety” deserve neither. How safe can you be when the shot.police can kick in your door and take you to a concentration camp because your paper boy caught covid. ,,, Impossible. They were doing it in Australia and if We the People had not pushed back against them they would have done it here. We can also thank our brother and sister Truck drivers up north for helping get the message across that enough is enough.

    They were partially successful but there is no doubt in my military mind that those of us that resisted and refused to comply made it clear to the Zuckerman and the rest of the NWO Marxist elites that there are enough Americans left to make it impossible for them to just walk over us and turn us al into 3d world slaves.

    Is it any wounder that Fauxi and the rest of the NWO Marxist pawns get caught so often doing about faces on the total debacle they made of their attempted coup.

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