Kaepernick Auditions: ‘I Can Help You Win’

Former NFL quarterback and original anthem-protester Colin Kaepernick threw for NFL scouts during halftime of Michigan’s Maize & Blue Spring Game on Saturday.

The former 49er signal-caller threw at the invitation of his former NFL coach and current Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh.

One of the videos that emerged from the event showed Kaepernick connecting with a receiver on a deep pass at the end of the session.

Some believe that one of the reasons NFL teams have been hesitant to schedule workouts with Kapernick is because the league requires teams to publicly announce all workouts. Kaepernick’s supporters believe that teams haven’t scheduled workouts for fear of incurring public backlash.

By scheduling the throwing session during a spring game with dozens of NFL scouts already in attendance, Harbaugh helped Kapernick get around that particular requirement.

When asked by reporters for his message to NFL teams, Kaepernick was direct.

“That I can help make you a better team,” Kaepernick told Detroit’s WXYZ. “I can help you win games. I know right now the situation likely won’t allow me to come in and step into a starting role. I know I’ll be able to work my way to that though and show that very quickly.

“To the teams that have questions, more than anything I’d say I’d love to come in for a workout, I’d love to sit down with you and have that conversation about how I can help you be a better team.”

Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since the end of the 2016 season, the same year that he began protesting by kneeling during the national anthem.

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  1. He’s such a wonderful, upstanding genius! I listen with baited breath regarding what he has to say! His real problem is that he has ZERO self esteem and he takes that out on the white human race.

  2. Football Fans, being a very strange Breed, will boycott any team that hires this guy. Ownership knows this—thus, no deal for this guy.

  3. Any team that hires Kaepernick will have a drop in attendees for their games. He is not a person for the NFL or any other football entity. Jim Harbaugh should hang his head in shame for even providing any help for Kaepernick

    • Harbaugh needed someone like Kaepernick because he only had college coaching experience Ex pros don’t generally do well in pro coaching They don’t coach the play of the team They coach the team like he played The college game is much slower and you can do different things but not in the nfl There is to much speed and talent When the defenses figured out how to play Harbaugh’s offense it was all over for Jim If Harbaugh had not been a head coach in the nfl Guess what Kaepernick would not have ever been drafted So this shows that this type offense only lasts a very short time It is figured out by defenses and the QB’s start getting injured Ask Kaepernick He needs to take his money his ho and go back to the good life in Ghana

  4. 🤣🤣🤣 He can help you win. The only thing he will help you do is not sell tickets.
    So any NFL team wanting to bring DRAMA and NO cash flow to the organization. He is your man.
    Remember Kaepernick it was this racist country and team owner that made you a MILLIONAIRE.
    You had the talent but you don’t have the wisdom keep your personal issues personal and just do your job. Do what you want on your time not on your employer’s time/dime. Spend your money wisely because I highly doubt you will get anymore NFL money.

    • Quit buying Nike too…….they gave him money! I buy no Nike products either. My children and grandchildren know not to ask. Now no Disney! I am saving money!

  5. He is so full of himself. He wasn’t good enough when he was benched, now 6 years later he thinks he is a winner?

  6. I quit watching football because of him and his fellow players who supported his campaign. It’s so Contradictory for him to take advantage of the benifits of America and then complain about America. Just don’t ask me to support you.

    • who does he think he is? Tom Brady? Ha ha I wonder if he still wears his hateful socks? If he does get a gig police would be guarding his butt. I pass on him. Shannon will be crying how unfair and racist we are come Monday morning.

  7. Colon Cancer will kill many IE: Colin Kapernick
    Colonics really help to keep a person clean and not stuffed with political justice warrior bulzchite

  8. Last year, dozens of teams were ready to meet with Colin K. and sincerely try and find a way to put him back into the NFL. Colin torpedoed all of that by repeatedly changing dates and times, and by inviting the media to the “work outs”. All of the teams backed out once Colin K. made it public and had the media attending, and did so for good reasons, including fear of possible lawsuits, etc.

    • I couldn’t give a crap less if cap-yur-dick could get “my team” win the stupid bowl. Like my dad before me I was alive long Browns fan and between the 2-of us that goes back to when the team first started. . Haven’t seen ANY NFL game since they started kneeling down, though.

      Fact is if I happen to be in a beer joint on Sunday when an NFL game comes on and everyone wants to watch I I get up and leave. – I will not patronize anybody that disrespects my dead brothers.

      Screw the NFL for even letting this POS into the stadium. While I’m at it screw anybody that supports the NFL. They are every bit as un American as cap-yur-dick. (For the record I Vietnam class of 68,,,and got spit on and call a baby killer when I got back to the world. – Now they make a spoiled kooty a hero)

    • “Colin K”? Sounds like your a big fan of the piss ant. And what lawsuits? Who could prevail in a lawsuit for watching a kooty has ben toss a football?

      Tell you what,,,,Go to your local VFW parking lot and spout your love for this puke and see how it is received.

  9. Two thoughts. First, after all the hullabaloo about kneeling during the national anthem, what has changed since then?
    Secondly, regarding your on field skills, you couldn’t get it done when you were six years younger. Again, what has changed since then?

  10. I demand respect for my country.
    Go elsewhere and kneel down if you wish.
    You are a shameless person and we demand you to respect our nation. You were paid enough $$$$ to put up with your ignorance. Sports is one thing and Politics another thing. You can’t bite the hand that feeds you…. Us the fans paying big money to see you act so shamelessly and with such ignorantly.

  11. This guy thinks a lot more of him than anyone else does Look he did well under Harbaugh because Harbaugh was using college type offence Kaepernick thinks he can do this with a pro style offense and he has proved that he is unable to make plays under pressure Running QB’s have done well in the first 2 to 3 years and then the league learns how to take the run ability away and they are lower middle of the stream at best Kaepernick thinks it is backlash but it is really a bad Q back He has proved that he can’t make the throws that a winning QB has to make He throws late over the middle on outs he throws to the inside He does not read defenses well at all He only had an opportunity to do anything was with Harbaugh So Kaepernick I would learn to like retirement shut up because you embarrass yourself when you talk and get a hair cut or make sure you don’t go to west Texas they will mistake you for a tumbleweed

    • This has nothing to do with God and only a nonbeliever like you would say God fearing, as a believer I don’t fear God, what a typical lib response. As a lib God shouldn’t even come out of your mouth and hypocrite well that’s just hysterical, hypocrite is a prerequisite to being a lib.

  12. Jac I’m with you, haven’t bought a Nike product in nearly 10 years, Disney I use to go every
    Couple of years with my kids when they were young and still did and they are 30 and 25 years old but that’s a No for me now and the NFL well I haven’t watched a game since this idiot and others took a knee during the National Anthem. I grew up watching football, we had dinner on Sundays based on what time the NY Giants played, 1:00 games we ate at halftime, my mother had that dinner timing down pat, at half time we would eat and then run into the den to catch the beginning of the 3rd quarter, 4:00 game we ate at 1:00 so all was good. I followed that tradition with my own family but not anymore. I truly don’t care about football, the NFL’s and players total disrespect for this country is disgusting and the choice between country or football was a no brained for me.

  13. Add to all of the comments about this scumbag is in his last year in the NFL he was ranked in the bottom 25% of all quarterbacks. Tell me, is this IDIOT still demanding $10 million a year?


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