Did AOC Just Get Slammed For ‘Not Helping’ NY Amazon Workers?

Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island voted to unionize last week, and some of them say Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) abandoned them.

The facility has made headlines since 2020, when workers first began to complain of conditions. Christian Smalls, who attempted to start a union, was fired. In February, he was arrested after he was asked to leave the facility.

Last Friday, the Amazon Labor Union he helped found reported workers voted 1518 to 1154 to unionize. Ocasio-Cortez, whom union organizers have said had their support before abandoning them, celebrated on Twitter.

She shared the ALU tweet and a flexing emoji. She was quickly called out by podcaster Krystal Ball.

“Here’s the guy who organized the union drive talking about how you left them high and dry,” Ball said in response to Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet. “These are your constituents and you couldn’t be bothered to show up until they’re on the cusp of victory.”

The Democrat from New York fired back.

“The warehouse isn’t in my district and maybe you should look at a map before claiming so,” she said. “One scheduling conflict aside, we have requested oversight investigations into Amazon, met with Amazon workers in the Woodside warehouses, and more. Hope you do more due diligence next time.”

Smalls then entered the chat to side against Ocasio-Cortez.

“Smh @AOC that’s terrible workers from your district definitely commute to Staten Island I know them personally maybe you should do your do [sic]  diligence,” he wrote.

The criticism of the congresswoman didn’t end there. Status Coup News, which has documented the effort to unionize the Staten Island warehouse, interviewed Smalls and others.

“AOC, she’s in New York, Jamaal Bowman, he’s in New York,” noted Jordan Chariton with Status Coup News while interviewing Smalls. “Where are the elected progressives to support you guy?”

Smalls described he and others as forgotten misfits. Chariton also spoke to another union organizer named Derrick Palmer, who said Ocasio-Cortez met with he and others when they first began to organize. He said she pledged her support.

“Last minute, [she] just backed out,” Palmer said. “It’s been silent, ever since.”

One man who spoke to Chariton, whose identity was not released, said it is “sad” and “unfortunate” Ocasio-Cortez abandoned those who unionized the Staten Island Amazon warehouse.

In a separate interview, Chariton asked Smalls if he had a message for Ocasio-Cortez.

“Hell no,” he said. “She don’t deserve this moment.”

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  1. You really need a grammar proof-reader : “Smalls described HE and others as forgotten misfits.” Smalls described himself and others…

  2. All I can say is that they got exactly what they voted for. The folks in AOC’s district placed her in office and they can take her out. Only THEY have the power to do that. Just make sure the elections aren’t rigged because if they are (and they probably will be) they, and us, are stuck with her like a case of herpes.

  3. There LOTS of registered Republicans that are also loyal union members. In fact most of the trades union members vote Republican. – Just because you are now in the union doesn’t mean you can’t vote for the silly bitch’s Republican opponent. What, do you think you could be worse off then to vote that full bore NWO Marxist back into office? Anything the union gets you, one way or the other. the stinking commies will take away from you…and above all remember,,,,,,

    TRUMP in 2024
    Take America back and keep it this time!
    Fact is in November stop the commies from going any further. Vote them and the RINOs out for good

  4. No we don’t have aoc derangement syndrome, the problem is the idiot is always talking nonsense and saying the stupidest sh*t, it’s hard to ignore especially when she does it on a daily bases.

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