The New Domestic Terrorists Are Environmentalists

Fire extinguishers kill fires and save life and property. But have you heard of tire extinguishers? If not, it’s about time since your SUV or four by four may be the next victim of a new brand of terror—one that targets tires.

Over the past month, around two thousand SUVs were deflated in different cities across the United Kingdom. The culprit behind this outbreak of terror on tires is called Tyre Extinguishers, a radical environmental activist group that has waged a war on tires of big vehicles. Their rationale goes: saving this planet from the disaster of climate change requires disabling “killer vehicles,” which is what they call SUVs. The Daily Mail reported on April 3 that over the past four weeks, the eco-vigilantes from Tyre Extinguishers have “disarmed” SUVs in different cities including Brighton, London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, and Birmingham.

So far, the war on SUVs by Tyre Extinguishers seems to have targeted vehicles in the UK only, but signs indicate that this campaign of terror on tires will spread to other cities and there is nothing to stop it from hitting other countries. In fact, as reported in the online British daily The Independent, it has started in America already. On March 24, 2022, the paper wrote:

“The Tyre Extinguishers claim followers in the US states of Arizona and Colorado have already ‘disarmed’ 4x4s, with supporters in Europe geared up to follow suit.”

Scary as it sounds, this may be the next thing coming to your town. And more so, if you live in a big city with a left-wing administration that is easy on crime and agrees in principle with the radical ideology of aggressive environmentalism. In plain words, such a campaign is a case of eco-terrorism, and it’s not as new as it may sound to some. As early as 2002, the FBI defined eco-terrorism as “the use or threatened use of violence of a criminal nature against innocent victims or property by an environmentally-oriented, subnational group for environmental-political reasons, or aimed at an audience beyond the target, often of a symbolic nature.”

The FBI page on eco-terrorism cites the actions of the infamous environmental activist organization Greenpeace, which frequently chases and attacks ships, vandalizes heritage sites, and raids and disrupts construction sites for oil pipelines, to name a few. For its activities, Greenpeace was listed along with neo-Nazis on counter-terror police documents in the UK in 2020.

The recent attacks on people’s personal vehicles justified by this extremist environmental ideology of Tyre Extinguishers marks a new wave of eco-terrorism that will likely be forgiven and even embraced by the radical left—the people who still love ANTIFA and BLM despite their open exhibition of violence against people and property across America. It’s a case of ends justifying means.

Now what are the chances that these eco-terrorists won’t expand their operation to include other vehicles, like smaller cars, motorbikes, or even gas-run domestic or professional tools like chainsaws? You never know. What is obvious so far is the silence of the mainstream media on the emerging threat of Tyre Extinguishers’ eco-terrorism. We know what it means when the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about something or someone while a problem related to them has found its place in a few international news outlets.

Tyre Extinguishers has a website, where they instruct visitors on how to deflate an SUV, and maintain a Twitter account since July last year. Its profile says: “We are The Tyre Extinguishers. We will make it impossible to own an SUV in the world’s urban areas. For climate, health, public safety.” Ironic since terror – whether directed at people or property – can’t promise safety. It brings about fear, and accordingly anger in self-defense. If the law of the land gives these eco-terrorists a free hand to go on a rampage, people will be on their own to watch their tires.

Written by Ernest Dempsey


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  1. These absolutely dumb as rocks idiots destroying personal property in the name of cleaning up the air…go to school you stupid sheep, you’ll learn all the electric cars (most are or will be run by lithium batteries) are 87% more pollutant AND dangerous than any tire, oil, gasoline there is!!!
    You people are a cancer ridden terrorist and you come near me and anyone of my cars you’ll wish you never did! There isn’t a word in the dictionary (most of you probably don’t know what that is) that describes what low life IQ’S you POS are.

  2. Environmentalists are Incompetent Malcontents that have caused more damage to Our Environment than anyone. Are People more important than Animals, Insects, fish or plants?? Can Anyone Control the Climate??

    We the People have to placate these Chicken Littles and every OTHER Minority Group in the Country to the Detriment to Our Way of Life and the Future of America.

    It is Time to Take Back Our Country and Marginalize these Groups which are Supported and Promoted by the Democrat Party in order to Control U.S.!

    Enough is Enough.

  3. Solution: build a designated site in every city with a perpetual fire, a fire of freedom. When any of these zealots are caught and verified guilty, feed them alive into the flames. Let those flames be also for their advocates. If they want to martyr themselves, fine. They should be willing to die for their cause, since they believe they are saving the world, as did Jesus. End of problem in short order.

  4. The amount of control and influence which environmentalists have over policy is endangering the national security. They are fools for thinking that man has any power over the workings of the universe. They represent the interests of foreign, often anti-American countries, who see international cooperation as a means of greater control of populations. The fact is that they have done nothing to ameliorate the situation of air quality. If global warming is a reality, the cycles caused by such should enable larger crop harvests. The fact is that governments have mismanaged agriculture for many, many decades and we are on the cusp of experiencing the culmination of failure of those policies.

  5. Simple solution. – Give them an infection of 00 Buckshot. It calms them down and makes the less likely to cut tires.

    They may be getting away with it overseas but in this country people actually have love affairs with their vehicles and this especially goes for SUVs and Pick-up Trucks. Damaging those is tantamount to injuring someone’s dog. Defiantly a killing offense.

    And just to show how utterly dumb these pukes are the only people they are hurting are the insurance companys. – Even slashing 4 tires will not “Disarm” a vehicle for more then 24 hours. In fact you may see scams being pulled to get a brand new set of tires.

    You toucha my car I breaka you face.

  6. WOW – Imagine how these Tyre Extinguishers must feel about a 40 foot motorhome!
    Owning one of those must be a “capital offense” in their book!

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