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Ukrainian Mayor Executed As Russians Say Mass Graves Are Fake!

The mayor of a Ukrainian village was kidnapped, executed, and dumped in a shallow grave alongside her husband and son — as disturbing satellite images showed a 45-foot-long trench where a mass grave was dug in neighboring Bucha after killings widely decried as “genocide.”

This all as the Russians claim that the horrific images of the brutality in Bucha seen in person by Western journalists and caught on satellite imagery are fakes.

Olga Sukhenk, the mayor of Motyzhyn — a suburban village just outside the capital, Kyiv — and her family were believed to have been kidnapped by invading Russian troops on Mar. 23, Ukrainian officials said.

The troops then “tortured and murdered the whole family of the village head,” said Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian interior ministry.

“The occupiers suspected they were collaborating with our military, giving us locations of where to target our artillery. 

“These scum tortured, slaughtered, and killed the whole family,” he said, naming Sukhenko, her husband, Ihor Sukhenko, and their son, Oleksandr.

A Reuters reporter saw the bodies in a shallow grave in a forest near a farm, which had been all but destroyed, just outside Motyzhyn. 

One of those buried in the sand had his head taped. A fourth body — an unidentified man who appeared to have been tied up — was seen in a well near the burned-out farm, where black burn marks climbed up its few remaining walls, the Reuters reporter said.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk confirmed the mayor’s murder, saying she had been among 11 mayors and community heads taken into Russian captivity across Ukraine.

They were among the bodies of at least 410 civilians who have been removed from Kyiv-area towns in what President Volodymyr Zelensky called a “genocide.’’ 

On Monday, Apr. 4, satellite images emerged of a 45-foot-long trench dug into the grounds of a Ukrainian church where a mass grave was found about 20 miles from Motyzhyn in the Kyiv suburb Bucha, where shocking scenes emerged of bodies left in the street.

The images were shared by Maxar Technologies, which collects and publishes satellite imagery of Ukraine. However, Russian propagandists claim that the massacre was “staged” by Ukrainian armed forces and foreign media outlets. Among the “evidence” used in the purported debunk are claims that a dead body can allegedly be seen “moving an arm,” while another appears to “sit up” after the car with the camera operator passes by.

The same post also claims, seemingly in self-contradiction, that the Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled the town after Russian troops left, “which could also have resulted in civilian deaths.” It shares a short clip, supposedly showing the aftermath of “Ukrainian shelling” of Bucha. The video features no actual footage of the shelling.

President Zelensky toured the area Monday, saying that “dead people have been found in barrels, basements, strangled, tortured.”

“What you see around, what they did to this modern town, is a characteristic of the Russian military, who treated people worse than animals. These are war crimes, and this will be recognized by the world as genocide,” Zelensky said, Ukrainian outlet UNIAN reported.

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. Butcha Killings – the Nightmare of an Invasion War

    the invader army lost its battle;
    its withdrawal
    from the occupied territory
    its soldiers committed the horrible massacre
    they left disturbingly shocked
    and heart-broken
    in civilian clothes
    strewn on streets
    all over the ruined city.

    unarmed victims were shot dead
    at close range
    in a brutal execution style
    some with hands tied behind their backs
    some with plastic bags covered their heads
    some female bodies raped and burnt.

    how the hell on earth
    an atrocious war crime
    could be committed in this modern era?

    would there be any remote possibility
    that the current Czar
    his so-call “special military operation”
    and give up his dream of building a vast empire
    before his own nation
    down the drain?
    or would he go ahead to his dead-end
    by committing suicide and taking the whole world with him?

    let’s hope modern mankind
    enough courage
    to fight any war crime against humanity
    even at the costly price of the doomsday of our world.

    Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

  2. I would place declining Putin up there with or even above Hitler or Stalin as a Genocider on the Ukrainian people. Also, it’s to bad that this government doesn’t have people leading this country that don’t have a pair of cojones as Truman, Eisenhower, MacArthur, or Patton did.

  3. I don’t believe Russians killed them. I believe the Ukrainian troops are guilty of the atrocities against it’s own citizens. Don’t take your eyes off the laptop from hell and NEVER believe MSM propaganda.

    • what a totally stupid statement Just another “commie ” shill. The Russians are a class ack, but those bad bad Ukrainians and such evil people, they kill there own to make those angelic Russians look bad.

      You are a jerk to even suggest this

      • And you’re a moron for lapping up what FAKE NEWS is feeding you. If the MSM is on one side, propagandizing for them, my tendency would be to believe otherwise. If you didn’t believe them when trump was in office, as they assisted in the coup, why would you suck up their puke now? Ever heard of the AZOV regiment? Ever hear of NAZI’s? Ever heard of the “purification” of the Ukrainian nation? Yeah, that’s right you dumb fuk your support of the Ukrainian gov is the support of NAZI’s. I don’t like Putin, but if I have to choose between multiple WUHAN labs and NAZI’s or Putin I feel better with the ex-KGB guy. By the way, our MSM pushed the lies of weapons of mass destruction, Trump RUSSIA, COVID lockdowns, deadly clot shots, JAN 6 ‘Insurrection”, Hunter Biden’s laptop and Biden fairly elected as prez. Now remembering all of that, WTF can jump in bed with MSM on this? If you do, you’re a complete Fa KING idiot. War is a terrible waste of human life, and it sucks but we have to make rotten choices when it comes to it. We have to go with the lesser of the 2 POS’s. That ain’t the country that has a recognized NAZI regiment as part of its security forces. Quit being ignorant.

  4. The atrocities committed by Russian troops will be remembered into history. Genocide is beyond the rules of battle and enters the realm of ‘slaughter of the innocent’. Not only is Putin a war criminal but so are his troops for not rising up against such cruelty. Even a lowly private knows the rules of the Geneva Convention.

  5. Esto es lo qué Putin y sus secuaces aprendieron del señor Stanli y Hitler y es algo que muchos países también están haciendo ej: Venezuela,Cuba,North Korea,Nicaragua,Y muy pronto muchas naciones de latinoamericanos

  6. The losers don’t write the history books. Although antifa , blm , soyboys, and dumbocrats are really trying their best. America has fallen. I stand with Putin.

  7. I am not too religions but there is a Nemesis. The Ucranians started in the 1600’s. To kill jews- many 100
    .ooo, went on in the 1700’s and 1800’s and by the help of germans during ww 2 – 1 5 millioner. The ucranian People have killed more than 2 milloner innocent jews, just because of being jews. They were good helpers at BabiJar murders.
    Now they have a jewish fantastic president , but there are still nazi regiment fighting the Russland.

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