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Nobody Asked For Disney Characters To Get Their Freak On

As a person who has spent a lifetime working with businesses in terms of politics, public policy and legislation, I am surprised how so many companies have embraced cultural wokeness.  It gets them into damaging controversies that they do not need and cannot win.

Certainly, business leaders can express their personal political preferences.  It is a mistake, however, when they use their positions of authority to embroil the company in a political controversy that is not in their wheelhouse or their best interest.

The Disney Company is the latest example of corporate leadership going off the rails – working AGAINST the best interests of the business.  Robert Chapek, CEO of Disney, has decided to come out against the new Florida law that restricts subjects of overtly sexual content from being part of the curriculum for school children from pre-school to the fourth grade.  Most parents would give the legislation a “well duh!” response.  It should not even be controversial.

Those on the radical left – the wokest of the woke – believe that children should be “educated” on the various sexual options and practices engaged in by adults – many of these, themselves, are controversial.  They further believe that these pre-pubescent children should be encouraged to express their own sexual and gender identity at the earliest ages.

While a five-year-old may know the general difference between a boy and a girl, they may not have an intellectual level capable of comprehending the nuances of sex and sexual preferences.  At the youngest ages, most of them are clueless as to how babies are made.  They are not sexually confused because the do not think about sexuality in an adult sense.

For several generations of kids, the Disney characters have mere been friends.  No hint of passion or lust.  Maybe the woke instruction for kids can now deal with Goofy’s previously unrecognized personal identity crisis.  Sometimes he identifies as a dog but other times he looks for romance from Clarabelle Cow – as we see in the image atop this commentary. 

The Disney brand has been very successful as a provider of wholesome family and children entertainment.  Stuff that is generally non-controversial.  Stuff with broadly accepted moral content. And certainly, nothing that falls in the adult realm of issues.  

For corporate Disney to place the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck brands into political controversy is just not good business.   I think we should all be able to agree that having shareholders screaming, customers walking away and protestors at the gate is not good for the business.  

Disney could once credibly claim to be the “happiest place on earth” because it was a place where all the acrimony of daily life could be left behind.  But now, the Magic Kingdom is rife with divisive conflict.  Perhaps Disney can make an old joke into a cartoon under its more leftwing woke policy.  The one where Mikey is told he cannot divorce Minnie just because she is crazy.  To which Mickey replies: “I didn’t say she was crazy.  I said she was (expletive) Goofy.”  (I know that is a stretch, but I could not resist getting that old joke squeezed in.)

Disney is now in the center of a major divisive controversy.  It has taken the side that is generally in opposition to the majority view on a controversial adult subject – sex, gender and genitalia.  The focus on the national debate involves Disney’s core market – the five to eight-year-olds.  However, the youngsters are not participants in the debate – and generally, their innocence is protected by keeping such discussions out of their lives until they reach a more mature level.  

While the woke elite finds children’s sexuality, sexual identity, and sexual understanding to be an important subject to pursue with the youngest of them, most people – especially parents – disagree.  At least that is what polling and parent protests tell us.

Disney has come down on the wrong side of an issue that should not even be an issue for the company.  The Florida law is NOT anti-gay.  It is designed to keep adult-level instructions and content about S-E-X away from children unable to properly process the information.  The law is the result of the radial left elite using public education to push adult content on kids.  It is an attempt to indoctrinate the most vulnerable among us – who are not yet capable of critical thinking on the matter.

One television anchor said that the decision of Disney would come as a huge disappointment to its founder, Walt Disney.  More importantly, it is coming as a monumental disappointment to a very large segment of the Disney market.  We will have to wait to see how that plays out.

As a salute to the old Disney, my wife and I chose the Micky and Minnie Mouse as the topper of our wedding cake.  That would not happen today.

So, there ‘tis.

Written by Larry Horist


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  1. Thank you for your rational and insightful article. You make great logical points. I live in Central Fl and have enjoyed going to the Disney parks for many years.I want more Walt in my Disney, less woke!!

  2. I don’t usually get involved in discussions such as this, but…. It makes me literally sick to think that we’re trying to “train” children that there’s a “choice” to be make. When God created “man” (in a generic term), he created them male and female. Period. Not, “to start with”, or “till they decided otherwise”, or any other such perversion. Mankind will pay for the sinful way they are living, and even those who are so accepting of it.

    It is disgusting that Disney would even entertain the thought of taking away this safe place/concept for children – and parents, too, really, that they used to be able to know was a safe place for their children to enjoy. It’s also infuriating that we who know all this is wrong, have been shamed into silence at voicing our opinion. It’s not just our opinion. Like I said, mankind will pay.

    • Actually…..we are still male and female; XX or XY with three abnormalities (XXY, XYY, XXYY) that are sterile. YOU CAN NOT CHANGE DNA !!!!!!!!!!! if you’re born XX you will die XX; born XY, die XY.
      Additionally, Disney wants all content to be 50% LG-alphabet, BUT they only make up 7.1% of the population !!! Duh ???!!!

  3. Sorry, but this article totally does not give credence to all the sexual innuendos replete in Disney movie and cartoons going back MANY, MANY years. Disney has been a FRONT for that kind of thing for a very long time.

  4. Let’s see how mouthy they are when they take away the self governing status of what is now DIZZYworld. I’m sure they will be delighted when they have to go to the small town zoning boards (Made of of parents) every time they want to move a sidewalk. ,,,, And pay tax to 3-different towns. Be a shame if the electrical inspectors show up and start writing violations, wouldn’t it.

    They defiantly crapped in their oatmeal this time,,,,,,but then perverts go for that kind of stuff, don’t they?

  5. The 2017 remake of beauty and the beast is a prime example of how disney is putting sexual identity content in their movies. At the end of the movie everyone is dancing in the ballroom, LeFou, Gaston’s sidekick, is dancing with a women and then turns and makes eye contact with a man and they are both attracted to each other and start dancing. As an adult I immediately realized that disney was making a statement that LeFou was gay. Do I think young children K-3rd grade picked up on that NO THEY DID NOT because they don’t know what being gay is, they don’t know what being attracted to another person is at that age. So in my eyes Disney was making a statement that only OLDER people understood. Get that disney OLDER PEOPLE. So I ask what’s their point and what’s the point of them getting involved in a law that has nothing to do with them. This is America and disney does have the right to back whatever cause they want but so can everyone else. Parents have the right to monitor what THEIR CHILDREN WATCH, LEARN and is AGE APPROPRIATE not disney and for that matter the LGBTQ+ community. I for one just canceled my Disney+ subscription and will never go back to disney again there’s my statement. As for the LGBTQ+ community if you think you are helping your cause you’re dead wrong. You just pissed off parents that don’t care what you’re sexual orientation is but do care that you are pushing it on their baby’s at such a young age and that you also think that you are entitled to do so, well that’s your biggest mistake.

  6. Have you ever wondered while so many couch potato men are football and soccer fans and, why they always force their boys into playing the manly sports?? They were not participants in high school because they could not make the cut. The same is true for these woke folks. They were never able to compete with the jocks for the girls and now they want to lower the age in the playing field for little junior. little juniors are being groomed to be the next generation of Ted Bundys. Notice how many more sexual assaults are being perpetrated by high school boys and even high school teachers? I read an article about the left’s attempt to lower the age of marriage to 14 last week. Fourteen is the age reserved for little girls to start their periods and visit the doctor to learn about feminine hygiene ,not to start their sexual life with some perverted adult who never made the grade in school!!!

  7. Some corporations produce products that most people would have a hard time doing without, especially if the competitor is also embracing this woke manure. But with Disney, it’s EASY to do without those losers. This is a perfect example of go woke, go broke.

  8. I hope we get a new government less ridiculous; but next CENSUS must have the question are you part of the LGBTABCD community?, the leftist don’t want to do that because last time I check the LGBT’s were less than 1.5% of the US population, let’s say now they are 2%. So where is the democracy if 98% are regular men & women (you know that stuff called XY and XX chromosomes?) don’t want this, how is it possible that 2% of the population feels like 60% if not getting a push by the media and soros and other agendas money. Enough is enough

  9. I would like to thank the author of this article for approaching this matter from an Adult perspective as well as simply a common sense one. I am from Florida and will stay here simply out of fear from what is going on elsewhere around the Country. I also grew up as a member of the Disney Family. From the Day WDW opened my family has been visiting the park and as a resident of Central Florida, not only do I visit with the family but also would spend days and evenings in the Park just as a place to hang out. My first real job was as a member of the “Zoo Crew” the affectionate nick name for the character department at Walt Disney World. We Floridians were so proud of WDW. We even played games where the first person to find a piece of trash or some kind of mess would win. It was HARD because Disney employees were to keep EVERYTHING PERFECT and THEY DID. By the 1980s as the left wing started taking hold, things like cleanliness were now a quick gloss over instead of a real cleaning. Walt was already beginning his now continuous “roll”. I’m sure for the next ten or even twenty years he looked like a “Turkey on a roasting spit” but now he is spinning like a table leg on a lathe. GOD Bless you Mr. Disney, you brought us almost a Miracle and I’m sure when Christ makes his return he will have you right next to HIM to witness his Return.

  10. How smart is an adult who does not know right from wrong, good from evil, benefit from detriment, purpose from purposelessness, and the importance of a consistency of choice which is not based on prostitution for ideological reasons, when economic impact will reflect the beliefs of the public concerning the acceptance or rejection of public policy? If freedom requires us to make choices according to our belief systems, the abuse of freedom, certainly, requires us to make choices according to our belief system.
    This is as true for business policies as it is for government policies.

  11. What is the point in all this? What is the outcome this movement is striving for – to try & populate the country with more gays??? – like it’s some kind of a cool new fraternity??
    Is there some kind of discrimination going on that I don’t know about?
    We’re forcing our kids to walk on egg shells when they don’t know, understand, or care what’s in the egg.

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