Shocking Video Shows How COVID China Treats Children

We’re all tired of hearing about COVID. If Dr. Fauci ever comes up it had better be in association with him losing his job. Don’t bring up masks unless it has to do with no more mask mandates on planes. We live in America, in the United States of Texas and Florida and we’ve been going about our lives for some time now.

The sad reality is that the site of patient zero has done nothing but intensify restrictions and mandates. Given what we know about the virus, these Chinese measures should be treated as human rights violations. This is not acceptable to treat people like this. It’s even worse that kids are losing their childhoods even though they are the least susceptible. Look at this recent video of this Chinese child being forced to wear a hazmat suit while be shouted instructions. Keep being nonconformists, because some folks want this in America.


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  1. Some people say guns never solve anything.Lea My boys have been in their 40s for years but if any snotball EVER tried to pull anything like that on them one of us would have at the list ended up in the hospital of the morgue.

    Lest you think that is just some wannabe tough guy, I didn;t see you on the perimeter in Tuy Hoa in the 1968 TET , and you were nowhere to be seen when I was getting shot at when I was a Cleveland Policeman in the bloody 70s.

    It’s actually been 3 times I poked my paw in the air and sworn that if necessary to get killed in defense of our country and my way of life and most especially in deference of the constitution.

    There have been much better men then the NWO Marxists that are trying to end my way of life that have tried to kill me. \I’m still here,,,,,but some of then aren’t.

    Before you ever think of doing anything like that to an American kid ask yourself if you are willing to die to terrify and indoctrinate a little American kids, because rest assured, I am more then willing and quite able to kill to stop you…… Before you screw with an American kid remember this:

    Their is no Bail form the Emergency room. and there is no parole from the morgue.


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