Trans Non-binary Elementary School Teacher Says 3-Yr Old’s ‘Understand’ Sexual Identity!

Two trans elementary school teachers are shouting to the world how “OK” it is for small children as young as three years old, to be included in talks about gender identity and sexual orientation in their schools.

At the end of March, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill (HB) 1557, Parental Rights in Education. This bill reinforces the parent’s rights to make decisions regarding the upbringing of their children, prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through 3rd grade, and prohibits instruction that is not age-appropriate for students.   

Some people of the general public, who may or may not have bothered actually reading the bill, have called it the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, which really shook things up in the gay community. Because, why not have super young impressionable minds persuaded to consider that their “gender may be wrong”. Also, given the biological way children’s brains develop, discussing life altering sexual decisions at that age seems wildly inappropriate and not necessary.  

However, teachers like these somehow think little kiddos, who aren’t able to make choices on buying beer, being able to drive, or legally make any decision on their own, are able to make decisions “on their own” about their sexuality, with or without parents. 

Check out this Twitter post of a trans non-binary elementary school teacher who is convinced she should be teaching your innocent child about sexual identity.

Here’s another elementary school teacher explaining how they were born a female, and because being a female felt like wearing an itchy sweater she changed into a male after 18 years old.  

The bill DeSantis and other governors are signing into office to protect children in school from sexual conversations, are making the LGBTQ community upset, along with Disney and other people and organizations who seem to be very much “into” persuading super innocent, and impressionable very young children to talk about how they “feel” about being a boy or a girl. 

Written by Valerie Steele


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  1. Where are the wealthy conservatives who could donate money toward the construction of affordable private schools for the children of parents who don’t want their kids exposed to woke extremism? Or do parents need to actively take over school boards to make their voices heard? We need solutions and we need them fast.

    • Where are the actual non perverted people that vote for school boards. – Where are the non perverted people that should be voting for people that will unconditionally end “tenure” ?

      Where are the people that should vote for school board members that will give a “take it or leave it” deal when it comes time to negotiate contracts with the commie teachers unions? Don’t defund the police.Defend the schools. No money for diversity classes would work wounders.

      Here are the hard cold facts……We would be better off with the kids NOT going to school at all over going to these commie indoctrination centers. If these worthless indoctrination centers and they need to be taken over and put back the way they were when kids with High School Diplomas could actually read.

      • Where are you? Why are you not running for the school board. Why aren’t you running for city council? It’s not where are the people that should be voting, it’s why are none of us stepping up? Everyone has an excuse. But you notice how the left and LGBTQI never have an excuse to push their agenda? Same with Antifa and BLM. The left is out there every day pushing their agenda. And the right is sitting on their asses at home waiting on someone else to step up and fix it. You want it to changed? Then all of us need to get off our lazy asses and work to get on the school boards, the city council, and work your way up and don’t let them sucker you in to their agenda. We let this happen by being complacent and not paying attention to what was being taught in our schools snd universities. Just like the pandemic. The entire thing was a PSYOP to see how many sheep they could lead to slaughter. And damned if most of you fell for it and went out and got those jabs snd are still getting them. Big Pharma is making money hand over fist because of your stupidity. I don’t mean you personally, but everyone. The doctor that created mRNA said it was dangerous. He got the shots in order to travel and now he regrets ever getting them. As time goes on, all the people that got those shots are starting to die off from heart attacks and strokes. The majority of people ending up dying and being embalmed, all had the shots and died of strokes and heartattacks. Embalmers across the country were finding even worse things that happened to them. One blew the whistle. And media has uttered a word. So this is how easy it is to lead the sheep to slaughter. Everyone sat back and didn’t worry about it. And now it’s too late. We may never get a free America back. Their agenda was set in motion years ago and is coming to fruition and now you’re worried about what they are teaching your kids in school.

    • We do need solutions. Yes! Parents do need to get involved and take over the school boards. It’s happening.
      Homeschooling is a solution as well for some. I’m blessed I can do that.
      I believe as a parent you can opt your child out of sex education with their particular school. Regardless-parents need to get involved-more than bringing kids to school and going to work. We can not trust anymore. They are our children.

    • You are the solution. It starts at the local level whether or not you have children in school. You want to take back this country you better take back the local schools. Then get on your city councils. We all have a tendency to bitch but don’t want to step up and do anything about it. We are all complacent and waiting for someone else to fix the problem. WE ARE THE PROBLEM! We do nothing and the left and LGBTQI are all out there in every school and college campus, business, newspaper of online paper, tv media, etc; pushing this hard and heavy. They are in the streets every day. And we let it happen.

  2. Straight up answer is…………..NO. I would pull my child from school the very first day. Maybe the teacher is legit….but would I ever take that chance on my child’s mind being protected. Never…!

  3. This ideology is BLM’s manifesto to destroy the nuclear family. With the transgender movement they are starting to accomplish this. It’s long over due for stopping the spread of this divisive movement. If an individual is old enough to make personnel choices so be it but one should should keep their personnel issues to them selves. The work place is no place for sexuality that applies any work place.

  4. If the Dr made a mistake when you were born why did you need all the drugs and possible anatomy change to “become” who you really are? See,s to me that the Dr was right and YOU are the one who is confused! The other idiot is just that, an idiot…

  5. Common sense says if wearing scratchy sweater bothers you change it, not your sex! Keep your gender crap to yourself, let children be children. If they make choice when 18 so be it, but if pushed to make wrong choice before knowing what you’re doing is asking for future suicidal thoughts as well as actions.

    • How ’bout some homicidal thoughts and actions.

      eNOUGH IS ENOUGH. When they start molesting 3 years olds its time to shut down this entire perverted LBQRST alphabet moment. Get a rope! That will solve their problems and ours PERMANENTLY.

    • Jerry2944 Buttry… the school boards are all “woke.”
      You want it stopped? Get on the school board. Start going to the meetings so you know what’s going on. Then put your name in and fight to get on that school board. Do the same with your city council. Start going to the meetings. We all need to go and make it standing room only. They will start waking up once we start stepping up.

  6. These perverts are pushing parents too far. They might think they can get away with anything and do wherever they want but it’s time to put a stop to it completely . – I say if anybody is an admitted homo or an “It” they can not be allowed to be a school teacher ANYWHERE. Time to go back to the pre “don’t ask, don’t tell days” If they are against that then I’m all for getting a rope.

    Time to end the ternary of the minority, especially when it consists of a bunch or perverts molesting 3 year olds. Here is the fact. 99% of these pules are faking it and only pretend so they can legally molest children. . Again, No “treatment” or “Therapy”. Get a rope!. Shotguns work well too to end a perverts gender identity crises. ,,,,PERMANENTLY. ,,,, Watch hoe few claim to be gender confused whenit means hanging from a street light.

    Too harsh? Ask a parent who had a 3 year old molested by one of these scumbags if they think it’s too harsh.

  7. I couldn’t get hired as a teacher because I was an old white man (conservative but not vocal) but, I was better qualified than the new women just out of college. Now, I probably wouldn’t be hired because I am not a trans. What a mess the United States of America is in!

  8. Mental DELUSIONS aren’t to be “validated” or encouraged….they’re DE-LU-SIONS!!!
    You can be “tolerant” ’til the wheels fall off, but at the end of the day, nobody has the “right” to force me to play along with their MENTAL DELUSIONS!

  9. To me, so much of this gender BULLSHIT is lack of parenting. YOU are either born a male or a female. The doctor did not make a mistake….impossible! Raise you child as to their gender according to God’s choice when your child is born!!! Be grateful, be thankful and try your best to counteract what they run into with all these wierdos that try to teach them otherwise!!! Oh, Lord, the years of teenage confusion???? You know young people get so confused as to what they see, what they fear ,where do I belong???? Hang in there, trust your parents…..try to commute with higher Christain personnel, pastor, priest, brothern…whomever you may trust….a lot of them may have encountered these confusings???? Talk to God, yes, you can talk directly to HIM…..if you will be still long enough to listen???? BOTTOM LINE>>>>BE THE BEST PERSON YOU CAN BE IN THE GENDER GOD GAVE YOU!!!! DON”T GO WITH THE “flow”…..count your blessings and give thanks to GOD for who you are!!! God bless us all!

  10. I am grateful to God my children went to catholic schools!!! Now I worry for my Grandchildren!!! How the H…. Do these sick people get hired?? What’s the matter with just letting 3yr olds be 3yr olds? I worked with kindergarten first graders and I couldn’t even imagine taking to them about Sex??? We were to busy learning the alphabet and learning to read, drawing, painting and playing outside with the rest of their class, etc. Things 3 4 5yr olds do. I say these people start their owns schools for transgender 3yr olds and let’s see how many children they actually get??? At least get these so called Teachers out of our Public School System!! Has anyone even checked on how they even got their Degrees??? Or Where??

  11. End times prophecy unfolding before our very eyes. The Holy Spirit has left these people to their own desires. Jesus Christ is our only hope.

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