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Trump Endorses Dr. Oz Despite His Long History of Liberalism

The latest endorsement by President Trump for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania has made news and ripples of doubts among Trump’s followers. Is Dr. Oz conservative enough, if at all, to be voted in to the US Senate?

For conservatives, there are many red flags surrounding Dr. Mehmet Oz, the famous TV personality and self-proclaimed conservative, who is running for the Senate seat of retiring Republican Senator Pat Toomey. While being a dual citizen of America and Turkey alone is an alarm bell chiming serious political conflict about his candidacy, Dr. Oz has a history of leftwing advocacy not easy to ignore.

Going back as early as 2010, Dr. Oz hosted a show where, among other things, he promoted transgenderism in children.

Former Trump campaign executive assistant Kingsley Cortes rhetorically asked on Twitter “This Dr. Oz?” as she shared the link to an article about his show on embracing transgender ideology.

WorldNetDaily (WMD) published a story on Sunday about conservatives asking whether Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz was the “worst possible” since this neo-conservative candidate has pushed for gun control and abortion many times in the past in addition to advocacy of other liberal causes.

In recent months, Dr. Oz has promoted COVID vaccines, including shots for children, on Fox News and other platforms. Oz is to Fox what Sanjay Gupta is to CNN—promoting the medical establishment version of health advice and encouraging people to trust big pharma and compromised institutions.

Trump himself was publicly booed by his own supporters in Alabama last August when he tried to sell them the COVID vaccines.

While conservatives Kathy Barnett and Jeff Bartos seems to be more solid on right-wing issues, Trump picked Dr. Oz seemingly for his screen charm, financial status, and overall popularity, all of which translate into usable election currency. Barnett and Bartos seem more grassroots-level conservatives that the average voter can better relate to; but they lack the desirable qualities of a popular candidate in the financially controlled political market, even if they are anti-establishment.

The bigger question here is whether Trump is still naive enough in throwing away endorsements to unreliable candidates on the scale of conservative values or whether he knows who he is picking but will do it anyway to have a better chance at victory. Perhaps, it doesn’t matter much because in the end, conservatives are not sycophants and they will go with their conscience and the best of their awareness. So Trump shouldn’t be surprised if some of his picks, whether Dr. Oz or others, don’t make it to their desired public offices.

Written by Ernest Dempsey


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  1. Just goes to show that not every word and thought of our President is a pearl of wisdom. Certainly Dr. Oz brings name identification to the contest…the problem is that we should be making decisions on the basis of the stands and beliefs of a candidate rather than the appeal of a moment.
    People in Pennsylvania should have serious concerns about the depth of Dr. Oz’s political beliefs and it certainly doesn’t help that he is not even sure about his own national identity…No one in Congress should have any split allegiances with any other nation…

    • Agreed. I would question a person’s “love for America” if they can’t commit to having just the U.S. citizenship, especially if they’re holding political office. For some people, say if they’re in a ministry, it might be helpful to have dual citizenship if that other country is where they’re ministering in making it easier for them to go in and out of that country. But those people are few.

  2. What the heck Mr. Trump!! I was one of your biggest supporters that helped get you into the White House, I’m still one of your largest supporters, but I have to say sir, some of your endorsements are completely out in left field!! Dr Oz is a staunch liberal, an Oprah minion, everything conservatives are against. He is as corrupt as all the worst of the worst liberals and anyone reading this, PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING!!! This guy is as dirty as they come!!

  3. Spread the word to Pennsylvanians to not even think about this Muslim RINO we have enough like him in congress already

  4. I live in PA. Sorry, but in NO WAY will I cast my vote for Dr. Oz…
    I can’t see him sticking to an “America first” agenda!?! His dual citizenship alone makes me question his loyalty to our country, not to mention he’s buddy buddy with Oprah (who’s a staunch Obama/ dem supporter)??
    I see Dr. Oz as a second version of Romney, Murkowski, etc. NO THANKS! He’s been all for too many things in the past that I’m not, and I can’t see a leopard changing it’s spots.
    He’s in it to win it, to get his name back in the limelight. I see him there for the bribes and money.
    I’ll go with my gut *AGAINST* this one and just hope I’m doing the right thing…

  5. I don’t live in Pa. but I was born and raised there and I would be a little leery of Dr. Oz. DJT seems to have a problem in picking and supporting people who have character and integrity.

  6. Sorry, Trump. This tells me this is the WRONG guy and you are trying to hard to get the women vote. STOP IT. BE RIGHT..eous.

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