DeSantis: Funds in Place to Bus Migrants out of Florida

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is planning on transporting any illegal immigrants sent to Florida by the Biden administration out of the state.

According to Newsmax, a spokesperson for DeSantis’ office stated that the transportation for migrants who entered the US illegally out of Florida was included in the governor’s recent budget recommendations. Additionally, the state Legislature’s proposed budget includes $12 million for the Florida Department of Transportation to remove illegal immigrants from the state and relocate them.

According to the spokesperson, ”…the legislature delivered on this priority, along with many of the governor’s other priorities to protect Floridians from the harmful impacts of the Biden border crisis.”

DeSantis has proposed sending the migrants to Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard. However, the governor’s office said that sending them to ”…other ‘progressive’ states whose governors endorse blatant violations of federal immigration law” is also an option.

According to the governor’s office, ”…it is not the responsibility of Floridians to subsidize aliens to reside in our state unlawfully; we did not consent to Biden’s open-borders agenda,” adding that the state will have access to the funds appropriated for relocating illegal immigrants for the provision when DeSantis signs the new budget before July 1.

During remarks last week, DeSantis said that he will send illegal immigrants who are “dumped” into the Sunshine State to sanctuary states like President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware. DeSantis also railed against the Biden administration’s termination of the Title 42, which previously had given the administration the ability to bar people from entering the country during a health crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic.

In November, DeSantis previously claimed that dozens of flights carrying illegal immigrants landed in Florida at the direction of the Biden administration. At that time, DeSantis threatened to the migrants to Delaware on buses.

Earlier this month, the White House recently dismissed similar promised from Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott as a “publicity stunt.”

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  1. Yes. Send them to these progressive states and let them drain their Economy. Maybe then the people of that state will see it for what it is and vote them people out that are perpetuating this invasion to our country

  2. Our GREAT Governor is always looking out for us Floridians. He is the BEST. The sooner they get out of here the better. THANK YOU Gov. DeSantis!!

  3. If these illegal immigrants are important enough to the liberal politicians to bring into our nation, then by golly aren’t they important enough to bring to that politicians community ? It be an absolute mandate that should you choose to weld your political influence to bring these illegal “voters “ in, then they must reside in your neighborhood.

  4. This is a show that Florida and Texas isn’t fooling around when these illegals are in our state, but why isn’t the Wall finished … after all, the materials to close the wall and finish it , is right there bought and paid for. Instead of allocating millions to move illegals around and dump them off, finish the wall and dump them off in their country of Origin . I am tired of my state of TEXAS being inundated with illegals !!!!

  5. Send them to Martha’s Vineyard, Hollywood, also. They can afford to support them. It is hard for Texas and Florida and other states to support them.

  6. President Biden should be impeached; removed from office due to mental conditions, and inability to run the country. I pray for hm but my prayers only reach to top of my house ceiling. Congress needs to stop playing politics and do their job. Too much assumed power by President.

  7. No matter what they do, Progressive Democrats cost American taxpayers more money. We the People are literally paying for illegal immigrants to live in the U.S., and now we are paying to have them shipped to certain areas of the country, and then shipped again elsewhere when they are not wanted where the Federal Government initially shipped them. This is all a massively expensive and dangerous game of trying to change the political demographics of areas of the nation that do not support Socialism.

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