Psaki Blames Inflation on Abbott’s Border Measures

The Biden administration is claiming that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott‘s inspection of trucks entering the U.S. from Mexico is not only “unnecessary,” but contributing to inflation throughout the country.

In a statement issued Wednesday morning, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the delays caused by Abbott’s policies were having far-reaching impacts. 

Last week, Abbott directed the Texas Department of Public Safety to carry out “enhanced safety inspections” of vehicles that pass through ports of entry, citing “cartels that smuggle illicit contraband and people across our southern border.” Abbott is anticipating an uptick in smuggling when the Biden administration ceases expelling migrants via the Title 42 public health order.

Price increases, meanwhile, have been an ongoing problem throughout Biden’s presidency, with inflation now reaching a 40-year high. Psaki’s statement blaming Abbott for price increases comes a day after a Labor Department report showed that the consumer price index rose 8.5% over the past 12 months.

The day before the release of that report, Psaki blamed the high inflation on the Russian invasion of Ukraine., stating that the administration expected March inflation numbers “to be extraordinarily elevated due to Putin’s price hike.”

President Biden himself has also said that 70% of inflation was Putin’s fault.

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    • They insult us everyday with their rhetoric. Even the dumbest amongst us know they lie. I have to wonder exactly who are they talking to. I don’t know anyone that stupid as to believe their cover up and shifting of the blame for their own shortcomings.

  1. We all know that Psaki is a liar. The inflation has everything to do with the way Biden has handled the economy. Allowing illegals to cross the border and have free range of everything and anything in this country has certainly impacted our economy as well. They are receiving government aid when homelessness in this country is rampant. The current administration is heartless and has turned a blind eye to the needs of the people who came into this country legally and of those who were born and raised in this country. I, and my entire family, have been in this country since it was only Thirteen Colonies. Yet, we are denied the same amenities and government program access that the illegals are given. It’s no wonder so many Americans have turned against the Biden Administration in total disgust. We may not have liked the person of Donald Trump, but he sure did more for the rightful citizens of this nation than any other president. The Democrats and Liberals absolutely are marked by their animal representation of the Democratic Party – Jackasses! I’m not a Republican or Democrat, but I am an Independent. I believe in the freedom to think for myself and perform my own research on issues and those who are running for office in order to make an educated decision. Interesting how the elephant has long-term memory. Democrats and Liberals should know that what they have done to this nation to destroy it will certainly sit on their front doorsteps and they will have to deal with it.

  2. Pshitki, that Cying Lunt is full of fecal matter. Her boss, Joe McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants is the real reason we’re paying more for everything. 8.5 CPI my aching arse, more like 40 to 50% more on everything. Some items have gone up 400% since the Demented Dipschitt was installed.

    • went to the store today and some of the prices went up 200% since last Tuesday. They are trying to make up for their losses during covid 19 and I do not believe this is legal.

  3. Pelosi blamed inflation on people getting back into the workplace. How can one administration have so many clueless, stupid, idiotic people that lie to the American people? How can so many still vote liberal? Do they really just swallow anything put in their heads without questions?

  4. This was all planned by the people who wanted to fundamentally transform the USA. The left has been working on this just waiting to get the right people in place. First, elect obama to show the world how diverse we are and pick a complete dolt who they can tell him what to say and do. This has been years in the making and they’re enough dumb people who have been duped for it to work. Trump tried to save us.

    • IF and it’s a big IF, we get an honest election we should thank that half honky for giving us President Trump in the first place because not for him and his attempt to “Fundamentally Change” the country Don Trump would never have been on the ballot in the first place… And we need to thank brandon and the rest of the NWO Marxists for trying to “Build back Better” fot what will come in November,,,,and the reinstatement of President Trump in January of 2025. If they were not Bat Shit Crazy and trying to resurrect the Socialist State of Obama we would have a much harder time taking America back.

      Again this all depends on honest elections,,,,,and brandon not starting WWIII and wiping out life as we know it . I give it 3:2 we will make it. ,,,,,Then maybe it will be like the old Yager and Evans protest tune where God will “Tear it down and start it over again” (“IN the year 2525″ if you are too young to remember the song”)

  5. Glad to know that Psaki will very soon be gone as Biden’s spokesperson. She surely is an embarrassment to her alma mater, William & Mary.

  6. What a uckfing low blow. So much HAtRED from Demoncraps. To think they are in charge is most depressing but worse, nobody bothers to REMOVE them from their illegal power grab.

  7. I don’t call her bagdad barbra for nothing. Fact is she is TWICE the liar as Baghdad Bob ever was.

    Wounder when are these NWO Marxists going to make a fake video of President Trump throwing a grenade into a “Baby Milk Factory:”

    • Don’t press Ur luck ! Beijing Joey and his House and Senate Parasites will find away. The Duffus
      Redhead Pollack Jen psaki always has a lie to tell every time she Opens her Oversized Mouth.
      The guy that married this Pile of Donkey Dune should had Brain damage.

  8. Buffoon Beijing Joey and his House of PARASITES are the Only Ones to be BLAMED for this INFLATION. This Brain Dead and Blind Eyed Fossil should have been put in a MENTAL INSTITUTION the Day before the 2020 Election Along with his PARASITES in the House and the Senate and the FAKE Administration.

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