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AOC: American On Crack

Genre: Paranormal, Mystery, Horror

Plot Summary: Soon after getting elected to a public office, AOC, a former bartender from New York, starts exhibiting erratic behavior. Paranormal psychologist Dr. Smart tries to determine whether the young woman is psychotic, possessed, or just a garden-variety idiot.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as AOC

Steven Pinker as Dr. Smart

Ruth Bader Ginsburg as Apparition

Whoopi Goldberg as Demon in AOC’s dream

Writer: Ghost-written

Director: Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi

Producer: Democratic National Committee (DNC)

Studio: Deep State Pictures

Year of Release: 2018

Premier: DNC Headquarters, Washington D.C.

Runtime: Ongoing at least until November 2022

Budget: Undisclosed amount of taxpayer money

Box Office: Classified

Rating: PG 13 for nonsensical language, confusing concepts, and references to drug and gender

Awards: AOC won the Award for Best Actress in a lead role at the Liberal Film Festival 2020.


Dr. Smart: They say you have set the bar very high for future generation of leaders.

AOC: I can’t believe how stupid people can be sometimes. How many times do I have to tell that I never built that bar on the top floor? And there is an elevator to the right on each floor to get to the bar. Does a single one of these people have a brain? 


– AOC went on record to say she was never given a script or told she was being filmed for a movie for theatrical release.

– It is rumored that AOC refused to follow Nancy Pelosi’s orders soon after the shooting for the movie began. When Pelosi tried to tell AOC about her role as the movie’s director, AOC told Pelosi that she looks like a drunk and people like her are thrown out of the bar where she used to work. Pelosi then tried to angrily order AOC off the set but her dentures came off and AOC started laughing uncontrollably. Finally, Chuck Schumer intervened and reconciled the ladies.

– Steven Pinker, a real-life psychologist, told media he has never seen an actress as talented as Ocasio-Cortez. He admitted that until the end and even after the filming finished, he failed to understand how she could bring such a challenging role to life on screen without a script or any detailed directions.

– Whoopi Goldberg had a fallout with the producer. Goldberg demanded a huge sum of money around midway during the production. When the producer waved a copy of the contract before her, Goldberg screamed and called it a racist deception. She questioned why AOC was being paid more than three times what she was getting. When the producer tried to explain that AOC was the lead actress, Goldberg is said to have cried out, “There you see, a black woman is cast as a demon while a lighter-skinned woman plays a long-running idiot and is paid more.” It is believed that Goldberg was about to walk out of the film but some good friend from the DNC calmed her down and made her complete the film without demanding more money.

– The concept is inspired by Fyodor Dostoevsky’s classic novel The Idiot.

– Due to her untimely death, Ruth Bader Ginsburg would not be able to act in the sequel of the movie.

Written by Ernest Dempsey

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