Biden’s Immigration Policies Make Crisis At The Border Worse!

As Title 42 restrictions are set to expire in May, Republican Rep. from NC,  Dan Bishop, says allowing the Trump era legislation to wane is just another example of Biden’s immigration policies that only make the issues with illegals crossing into the US worse!

Title 42 restrictions have allowed about 55% of the 165,000 immigrants who came to the United States in February alone to be turned away, but with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ending the health-related rule in May, it’s just another example of a failed Biden immigration policy, says Bishop.

As with inflation, “the Biden administration’s policies do not do anything to improve the situation,” Bishop told “National Report.” “They make it worse.”

Meanwhile, commenting on a report from the Mexican border from Newsmax’s Jaeson Jones, who observed immigrants heading into the United States from several parts of the world while the “surge is already underway,” Bishop said the video is proof the immigrants are “from everywhere.”

“We’ve heard of Chinese and Russians coming in through the southern border,” he said. “Jaeson is right. Much of what happens in terms of border control is what is signaled to populations outside the United States. The signaling that the CDC is going to end this Title 42 exclusion — even before it takes effect — starts pumping up the numbers, and they’re going to get higher and higher.”

But while the COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted at the border, Americans still have to wear masks on airplanes or show proof of vaccinations if they’re traveling internationally, and “soldiers are still being drummed out of the military for not taking vaccinations,” Bishop lamented. “But we’re going to drop the Title 42 protection against illegal migrants coming into the country. It’s a signal to the outside world. It’s what the Biden administration has done frequently. We’ve already been at disaster proportions, and it’s going to get worse.”

Bishop also said that he thinks there will be Democrats speaking out against allowing the increased numbers of immigrants, but only “because they know that many of them are going to lose their jobs” in the November election.

“It’s almost as if the Biden administration and even the progressives are resigned to this, and they just want to get them the biggest, most massive, insurgent surge into the borders as they can before that takes place,” Bishop concluded.

Rep. Tom Tiffany from Wisconsin echoed those thoughts, telling Newsmax that The United States has become a “borderless country” because of the ongoing immigration situation, and it’s all because of “deliberate” actions from President Joe Biden and his administration.

Again agreeing with Bishop, Tiffany added that without the Title 42 restrictions, the immigration situation will get “far worse.” 

“People are selling their homes down in Cuba right now and making their way to the Mexican border, to our southern border, to be able to get into America,” said Tiffany. “This will continue. This has been fostered ever since Jan. 20, 2021. [Thanks to Biden] remain in Mexico went away, and catch and release was begun. The border wall was stopped, and from that point on, people around the world knew this is the time to go to America.”

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. If anyone has been paying any attention, they already know what’s going on. Its a huge mess and should be dealt with immediately.

  2. Where is that great problem solver V.P. Harris or is she still lecturing news media about eastern country geography

  3. People with clout politically, PLEASE block senile Biden where you can before he takes down the US.
    He is almost always ruling against American citizens and other residents.

  4. Help Abbott in Texas & other governors who care about their residents and not like Anti-American Biden.
    Florida’s DeSantis is another good one to support.

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