Did The Pope Just Out-Trump Trump?

We are all aware of President Trump’s disregard for the Fourth estate.  He loses no opportunity to refer to them as the “fake press.”  He most certainly is justified in his disdain for the level of bias and false accusations that have been directed at him ad nauseum.  Although some believe his counterpoint rhetoric is excessive and counterproductive.  I will leave that up to readers to decide that issue for themselves.

But apparently, Trump is not alone in his disdain for the media – or in hyperbolic responses.  The latest example comes from a very surprising person – Pope Francis.

Social media – and even formal news outlets – have rumored that Francis is secretly cozy with Russian madman Vladimir Putin.  Weeeell … it appears that pissed off the Pope.  Apparently Holy Week did not temper the Holy Father’s response.

In an open letter to journalists, Francis pushed back on the contention that he is siding with Putin in the Ukraine War.  He accused those spreading the story of slander.  Okay, that makes sense.  But then – unlike Trump – he went for a pedigree term to unleash his wrath.  He additionally accused journalists of “coprophilia.”

Translated into common-speak, he was saying that folks in the media have a love for … poop.  The word is usually applied (no pun intended) to scatological sexual fetishes. (Readers can thank me for not using THAT photo as the header for the commentary.  Sensationalism only goes so far.)

Was the Pope implying that certain journalists have a sexual attraction to smearing him with feces as an underpinning of their writings.  No, he was not implying.  He said as much.

Now, out of deference to the Holy Father, he probably did not intend to take the allusion to that level.  But he should have been more careful in his choice of words.   There is no end to the number of words he could have used – although “fake news” is currently the intellectual property of Trump.

This may be the first time Francis has attacked the media – but then again, they have never been known to attack him.  This attack may have come as a shock to him since the Fourth Estate has mostly been fawning in their reporting of the Peronist Pope.

Then there is the question of the accusations that have upset him.  I am inclined to think that they are … well … poop.  While I have been critical of Francis at times, I see no reason why he would side with Putin over the people of Ukraine – one of the more devout Roman Catholic countries in the world.  Except for the ethnic Russian who belong to the Russian Orthodox branch of Christianity.  The head of that Church can be fairly criticized for being palsy with Putin.  But that is for a later commentary.

So, there ‘tis.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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