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Antifa Sets Portland Police Station on Fire in ‘Revenge’ Attack

On Saturday night, Antifa and other far-left militants in Portland gathered for a vigil held for Patrick Lyoya, a black man who was fatally shot by a Grand Rapids officer earlier this month, and caused damage across the northern part of the city to small businesses as well as a Portland Police Bureau precinct.

According to Portland Police, the group gathered in Peninsula Park, and began marching through the city at 9 pm.

Members of the group reportedly vandalized a coffee shop in the 6000 block of Northeast Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, breaking its windows and launching what police said were explosive devices at the building. A few blocks away, group members defaced a bank, and broke the widow of another nearby bank building.

Police noted that three bus shelters were also damaged, and numerous street signs were vandalized, scrawled with graffiti.

The group later marched towards the Portland Police’s North Precinct, where at least one of the group members started a fire in a dumpster, which was later extinguished by Portland Fire and Rescue after officers tried unsuccessfully to put the flames out.

No immediate arrests at this point have been made. The investigation is ongoing.

In posts made to Twitter, far-left activists called for “revenge” attacks and “solidarity action” against the police.

On April 4, Lyoya was fatally shot in the head by a Grand Rapids, Michigan, police officer after he refused to comply with the cop’s commands, continually struggled against his arrest, and kept placing his hand on the officer’s taser gun.

It was revealed later that Lyoya had a previous conviction for assaulting a pregnant woman, and later violated his probation and did not pay his fine, resulting in the state garnishing his wages beginning in 2019.

Following the fatal traffic stop, groups like Antifa called for violence in the city, with one account saying: “Abolish the pigs, burn that sh*t down.”

Black Lives Matter protestors gathered outside the Grand Rapids police station, with some demanding revenge for Lyoya’s police-involved death.

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