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Antifa Sets Portland Police Station on Fire in ‘Revenge’ Attack

On Saturday night, Antifa and other far-left militants in Portland gathered for a vigil held for Patrick Lyoya, a black man who was fatally shot by a Grand Rapids officer earlier this month, and caused damage across the northern part of the city to small businesses as well as a Portland Police Bureau precinct.

According to Portland Police, the group gathered in Peninsula Park, and began marching through the city at 9 pm.

Members of the group reportedly vandalized a coffee shop in the 6000 block of Northeast Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, breaking its windows and launching what police said were explosive devices at the building. A few blocks away, group members defaced a bank, and broke the widow of another nearby bank building.

Police noted that three bus shelters were also damaged, and numerous street signs were vandalized, scrawled with graffiti.

The group later marched towards the Portland Police’s North Precinct, where at least one of the group members started a fire in a dumpster, which was later extinguished by Portland Fire and Rescue after officers tried unsuccessfully to put the flames out.

No immediate arrests at this point have been made. The investigation is ongoing.

In posts made to Twitter, far-left activists called for “revenge” attacks and “solidarity action” against the police.

On April 4, Lyoya was fatally shot in the head by a Grand Rapids, Michigan, police officer after he refused to comply with the cop’s commands, continually struggled against his arrest, and kept placing his hand on the officer’s taser gun.

It was revealed later that Lyoya had a previous conviction for assaulting a pregnant woman, and later violated his probation and did not pay his fine, resulting in the state garnishing his wages beginning in 2019.

Following the fatal traffic stop, groups like Antifa called for violence in the city, with one account saying: “Abolish the pigs, burn that sh*t down.”

Black Lives Matter protestors gathered outside the Grand Rapids police station, with some demanding revenge for Lyoya’s police-involved death.

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  1. The time has come to deal with this on a permanent basis, delete everyone involved! Problem solved! If those cowards bring that shit to Texas they will be hog food!

    • Hear Hear.

      Rope works very well for the job you can use if over and over until the task is completed and the gun grabbers will have nothing to complain about.

      They need to start shooting those devils!!!

      • Randall: 124 grains HP 9mm applied five times to the torso, upper, takes care of all those nagging problems. Apply liberally and watch what happens. No more black lives matter problem.

      • I’ve been saying the same thing for months now. The people protesting the stolen presidential election are patriots and they’re still in jail for no reason. In the meantime Antifa and BLM scum have been getting away with terrorist crimes for over two years now. There’s no sense in having laws and courts if they all refuse to do their jobs. It’s time vigillante groups start “taking care” of these Antifa and BLM maggots once and for all with a lot of rope and some good strong tree branches.

  2. Black people-White people are the people with reason. Niggers and white trash are the worthless cancers of society. The largest percentage of blacks and whites are good citizens, good neighbors in their communities, good friends and family. The others are the smallest majority thst need to be swept up like the trash they are and deported to countries unknown never to return. Pretty easy fix !!

  3. A fitting honor for mlk to have antifa thugs burn buildings on mlk street. This action in response to a criminal resisting arrest in a city 2300 miles away. Just place a modest bounty on this human waste. This leftist democrat activity would be squelched in days.

    • this solution has a glaring problem: what’s to stop you from shooting me because you don’t like me, then lying and saying I was a rioter?

      more to the mark is a few episodes of people shooting INTO a rioting crowd, thereby to deter the wanton destruction in the future.

      I hope it doesn’t come to that.

    • First of all the solution to being shot by a police officer is comply. With the continuous onslaught of attacks on police we must understand that they are human beings as well and have the right to self protection. It’s an extremely difficult and dangerous job and is more so in the given climate of hatred they face. Tell your story to the judge. That’s what the court system is for. Simple logic would tell you not to fight with an armed police officer. Simple respect would keep you from doing the same. So here we are again with the facts yet to be disclosed and ANTIFA perpetrating more violence. My biggest problem is we have yet to see ANTIFA being listed as a domestic terrorist organization. Where’s the outrage over the multiple daily deaths due to black on black gun violence? Just more of the same nonsense about White Nationalists that never seems to be reported while daily we see precisely the opposite being true. When Republicans take over in November ANTIFA should be one of the first targets. Law abiding citizens should have the right to feel safe in their own communities and clearly the leftist ideology is a complete and utter disaster.

  4. I just don’t believe that Antifa would do anything like this, say it isn’t so, as this group has never done anything like this before, it had to be people from the Republican party, especially since the Republican’s rioted at the Capital last Jan. 6. for no reason, except to be upset with the election fraud that took place, showing that Biden received thousands and thousands of votes, the most any President had ever received. This is the man that could not get enough people to his rallies to cover a McDonalds parking lot. Now you are claiming that Antifa has members out burning and defacing police stations, because a black man, who totally refused to obey, the requests the police officer made to him, ran away from the officer, attempted to grab the officer’s taser in order to use it on the officer while he was resisting arrest. I don’t know why the officer did not let him go, as the officer knew that if he took him in to process him into jail, the man would be back on the street before he could finish his paper work. The officer should be placed in jail for life for picking out this man, who was doing nothing, to arrest to get his quota of arrests in for the day. He is so prejudice against law breaking individuals.

    • Glad you used the term “officer” because he could not make a pimple on a POLICEMAN’S ass. The government has replaced street smart POLICEMAN with collage boy bully’s with badges.

      But where were these tough guys when the booters were wrecking Portland. Amazing how they can get tough against an unarmed individual but when it come time to stand up and be counted they stand down and get lost.

  5. ANTIFA’s actions –including threatening lives, causing personal injury, destruction of public and private property, and arson are not protected free speech. They are criminal terrorist actions that should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Except, the prosecutors are part of the problem. TIME FOR COMMON SENSE POLITICANS TO REGAIN OFFICE.

  6. If we were a free people, we once had fair elections, honest federal law enforcement agencies existed, before the rigged elections, and we not not slaves to a treasonous illegal federal executive branch and congressional majority. If there was equal justice then these Antifa communist terrorist would be getting the same torture, treatment, and loss of constitutional freedoms as the capital rioters got. Honestly, our illegal communist masters worship Antifa, instead of giving them the same horror chambers jail, the capital rioters endure by our illegal government using their goons.. We would never seek, or use evil jail guards, like the Democratic Party selected. Subhuman capital prison guards whom broke fingers of capital rioters, without giving them medical help. Beat them so bad some lost eye balls, they had no bail. No date of trail, denied seeing their lawyer or loved ones. Only an evil government could do this, this pretty sums up the democrats a political party of lying evil. Their murdering our people with on purpose negligence from laced drugs carried in by Beijing Biden and his evil pet rodent’s millions of undocumented invaders. They fear no laws, for like all evil global communist criminal lunatics, they are the law. We are totally screwed, evil strangles the last piece of hope from a breathless enslaved society by rigged elections. Our constitution they funnily claimed to protect, they violate endlessly daily. We must pray God might protect from the evil that seized power.

  7. So what? It’s Oregon! Patriotic acts like this are HONORED by ALL Oregon voters. By the way…is Oregon still advertising for tourism?


    • Agree with your post 100%….they are Emboldened because as the “Corrupt Democrat Thugs, THIS has BEEN going on for almost two years and they KNOW they are NOT going to be jailed indefinitely(that is Only for the J6th Peaceful Trump Supporters that were Infiltrated by the Dem Thugs/FBI & their Operatives-encouraging people to “Go inside the Capitol” even ushering them in. Many did NOT go inside but are STILL IN Jail, which is Why the Dems want to stretch this into the mid terms-as IF they are the ones who were attacked, when in fact They w/Pelosi helped Plan this to USE Against POTUS Trump and his Supporters but WILL NOT release videos-the ones we saw were of people just there in the crowd. We heard one of their Operatives, Ray Epps, egging on people as well as ‘bullhorn guy in the metal tower telling people to “Go foward, into the Capitol building.’….but None of their people are STILL encarcerated….ONLY Trump’s!

  9. It’s almost laughable to see in print, that “NO immediate arrests Have Been Made”….
    WHY the hell not? These Thugs should have been captured, put in jail, and NOT given bail…..why are these things ONLY done against Trump and His Supporters?…Ans: Because the Corrupt Democrats WANT THIS KIND OF VIOLENCE…AGAIN! They are Looking for the Excuse to say that Our American Police CAN”T handle this violence, and therefore Obama’s 2015 speech before the U.N. is BACK ON TRACK, WHEN HE SAID BEFORE THE U.N….

    Obama has Always hated American Police, as he has ridiculed them, talked about defunding them-which is BACK on track for this last two years w/his Agenda and his Puppet Master, Soros, who IS paying for Criminals to be ‘Released from jail, as he pays off people like Gascon in L.A. who IS doing just that…NO CRIMINALS ARE BEING HELD FOR THEIR CRIMES, BECAUSE THEY ‘WANT CHAOS, VIOLENCE, AND THINGS RUNNING WILD, TO “AGAIN, BRING FORTH THE U.N. GESTAPO FORCES THAT OBAMA/SOROS WANT ON AMERICAN STREETS TO CONTROL ALL PEOPLE”

    His Administration purchased 2,717 mine resistant amor protected vehicles for use on AMERICAN STREETS! He wants All Americans kept in fear w/a Gestapo Force on our Streets to control ALL PEOPLE HE WANTS TO REMOVE FREEDOMS FROM-BUT FOR NOW, NO CRIMINALS ARE THE ONES BEING PUNISHED/JAILED!

  10. The political party of censoring your 1st amendment right has released the inmates in the insane asylum and are currently running Washington D.C, also known as radical leftist, progressives, liberals, Democratic Socialist Radical Party (Nazi’s).
    A lot of these Dem’s are actually Marxist Communists who want to destroy the American peoples traditions and way of life. Any means necessary and let the law be damned.
    Has anyone ever seen an administration besides Obama’s that has wrecked everything they’ve touched.
    Biden Administration has raged war on oil and gas right after he stole office from Trump. Biden also opened our borders because America last is what he and his sick ilk believe (globalist). Bidens handling of leaving Afghanistan, killing 13 of America’s finest soldiers. He also murdered a car full of children by droning the wrong vehicle to make him look like a strong tough leader. Idiot! O’biden also gave the terrorist a billions of dollars of our finest military equipment and left many of our own people behind. Zero accountability just like in the Obama era! Have we had enough yet??? Didn’t even touch his handling of the Chinese Virus!!!

  11. Don’t leave your house without a knife or gun on you depending on your skill level. Even if it’s illegal . Because it’s better to go to jail then go on the morgue slab . Which is what they would have done to Kyle Rittenhouse if he didn’t have his rifle .

  12. For Portland, this is an everyday occurrence. It’s no longer news and the people of Portland did vote to continue with this out of control dummycrat nonsense. So you voters of Portland, STAY IN PORTLAND! You are NOT welcome in any red state! And what does something that happened in Michigan have to do with Oregon? Brain dead idiots!

  13. We the people need to vote with our wallets and our actions.
    We complain about the evil jackasses in government but continue to support the communists who pay to get them elected and then re-elected.
    We the people need to support only the people, businesses, corporations and countries that support our values.
    I believe that if we conservatives all cancelled our cable and Facebook subscriptions today and refused to resubscribe until these anti American assholes abandon their left wing agenda we would start seeing a turnaround by this Christmas 2022.

    Know where this crap comes from, public education, colleges universities have all created this huge wave of malcontents, misfits and losers who are all angry and misinformed.

    Don’t support education that support Leftist ideas.
    Don’t support BLM
    Don’t support celeb-u-Tards who support Leftists ideals.
    Cancel the Cancel culture.
    There are more of us than there are of them.

    Education not indoctrination.
    Buy American when possible.
    Pull the plug on all social media And entertainment corporations that support the left-wing agenda.
    VOTE no F—-ing excuses VOTE

    This is your real power, use it!

    TRUMP 2024 TRUMP 2024 TRUMP 2024

  14. I would love to see Soros drawn and quartered! A bullet to the brain would be to quick.

    If you want your children to grow up and become a decent person, teach them respect, manners, good and right from bad and evil. Then maybe they won’t be shot down during criminal behavior.

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