Biden’s DHS Prioritizes Gender Ideology as Border Implodes

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) introduced various measures to accommodate transgender and nonbinary individuals in its security processes as migrants continued to pour through the southern border.

The DHS Equity Action Plan calls binary gender a “construct” and strives to remove gender from the screening processes used in airports, border security and citizenship and naturalization processes.

Meanwhile, Border Patrol saw around 41,000 migrants cross the southern border in March alone. National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told lawmakers that migrants from countries all over the world, including nations with terrorism ties, were coming over the border and that agents had apprehended 34 individuals with names matching those on the terrorist watch list.

Under the new plan, the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) PreCheck program will allow transgender passengers to self-identify their gender without providing medical documentation and will expand gender-identification options beyond the male-female binary to expand access to LGBT people, the document says.

The TSA will update its systems to align with the State Department’s “X” gender passports, provide “Gender Diversity Awareness” trainings to employees and shift to gender-neutral language, according to the document.

These efforts come on top of changes announced on Transgender Day of Awareness March 31, which included a new gender-neutral security screening system and plans to reduce pat-downs in sensitive regions. The TSA also told employees in February to stop considering gender when verifying passengers’ identity.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) will train its employees on gender identity and the use of gender-neutral pronouns and is incorporating an “X” gender option on its Trusted Travelers application.

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  1. That is insane.100% illegal. Make no sense not right Biden got to go with all his people
    E right. To jail for a long time time time…

    • Feckless leadership in a tone deaf administration. This is not what American citizens are worried about yet the Biden administration continues to double down on issues that are not relevant. Meanwhile the entire nation continues to suffer under crushing inflation and most of the poorer nations will suffer because we as Americans will have less to give. Every single time we allow these leftist loons to take the helm we end up screwed. When will people learn?

  2. Isn’t this carrying “diversity” a bit too far….First we wipe out any difference in religion. Then they eliminate race (After giving preferential treatment for cretin races – Some “equality” huh?) Then the eliminate the holy sacrament of Marriage between a man and a woman, and now they are trying to eliminate the difference between a man an woman and making everyone an “it” . What is next? Elimination of the difference in species? Bet they intend giving mice and rate the right to vote.

    Looks like they got a good start on it. Birds “Migrate” = Illegal aliens INVADE.,,,, but I see even what are supposed to be conservative publications like this one calling the invaders “Migrants”.

    Here is the hard fact folks. Either we eliminate anything “WOKE” from out country or the “Wokies” are going to eliminate the American way of life,,,,and don’t look now but they are 75% complete in this “fundamental Change” the half honky promised.

  3. These guys are one SICK puppy, man. They don’t belong up there leading this nation astray and betraying its citizens.

  4. I wonder if the illegal invaders are even aware of our current preoccupation with gender and the proper pronouns. Maybe the countries they come from aren’t inundated with soy products and fluoride in the water, so men still have some testosterone left.

  5. Guess we’ll need to have 3 of everything! Women’s, Men’s, It’s, restrooms. Build another prison so the It population aren’t housed in men’s prisons or the women’s prison, because they don’t want to be someone’s bitch! Liberals are turning this country into a shit hole….

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