Does Trump Really Control The GOP?

I find it interesting that Democrats and the leftwing press keep advancing the claim that Trump controls the Republican Party.  They even allege that the GOP is nothing more than a Trump cult. 

The Democrats’ strategy is rather simple … and obvious.  Demonize Trump and then claim he IS the Republican Party – or the Republican Party is him. They are doing this to scare voters away from electing Republicans to any office in 2022 – from the United Senate to local school boards.

If, however, Trump does not control the Republican Party — and the thousands of GOP candidates running for office all across the land and the tens of millions of voters who cast Republican ballots — the Democrats have no argument that will stop the anticipated Republican tsunami in November.  All the most critical issues – inflation, crime, border security, wokeness, war and social policies – are trending against Democrats big time.  

Trying to nationalize the 2022 midterm elections – with Trump as the main issue – is an act of desperation.  It is not working as we see from the current polling and other early indicators.  The main flaw in the left’s argument may be that the at least half public does not see Trump as the universally evil person they portray — AND they do not believe that he controls their vote.

Trump has consistently had trouble achieving high marks in the popularity poll – never over the 50-percentile mark.  In many polls, he has held firm at the mid-30 percentile.

He may have influence but is hardly control. His endorsements or attacks can change the trajectory for some candidates – with attacks arguably having the greater impact on candidates.  He also has some influence because he has lots of political money.  For the most part, however, he has dangled the money but only delivered relatively small contributions.

It is noteworthy that it’s the Democrats who keep talking about Trump as being synonymous with the Party.  You do not hear Republican leaders or candidates proffering that claim – unless you count those former conservative Republicans who left their Party and their principles to bond with the Democrats and their anti-Republican strategy.

Most Republican candidates do not run as members of some MAGA cult – or in servitude to Trump.  They run on their own issues that are responsive to the interests of the public they hope to serve.

The classic example – but by far not the only one – was the successful Glenn Youngkin campaign for governor of Virginia.  He did not seek Trump’s endorsement or engage in joint public appearances.  On the other hand, Youngkin did not waste time being dragged into a public bruhaha over Trump.  He ran what could be called a non-Trump campaign.

Recently, when Republican voters were asked if their loyalty was to Trump or the Republican Party. The vast majority – including many in the so-called Trump base – picked the Republican Party.

I live in Palm Beach County – just a short drive to Trump’s Mar a Lago home.  The local Republican Party is about as supportive of Trump as can be.  Most of the leaders have visited Mar-a-Lago on numerous occasions.  There is a Club 45 that attracts an audience of more than a thousand Trump fans for their meetings.  Yet … when many are asked if they will vote for Trump if he runs in 2024, I do not get the anticipated “for sure.”  Instead, they say it depends on who else is in the race.  Some will vote for Texas Senator Cruz over Trump.  Most of those I asked would vote for Florida Governor DeSantis over Trump.  Some prefer that there be an alternative candidate.  Those are not the kind of responses you get from members of a cult.  Even in Trump-country, it is a small number who want Trump to run and who are committed to vote for him under any conceivable circumstances.

Trump may endorse a number of winners in the upcoming midterm elections.  That is just a matter of odds.  But how many will he have made a winner.  That is another question.

The Democrat strategy to make Trump THE issue in November is doomed to failure because that is not how millions of Republicans will be voting.  I believe that the vast majority of Republican voters in November will not care what Trump says – or who he endorses.  They will be looking at the candidates individually – and how they individually relate to the issue the voters care about most.

I say “no.”  Trump does not control the Republican Party.  But he seems to have control over the  Democrats and leftwing media.

So, there ‘tis.

Written by Larry Horist


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  1. The old saying,,,You been sick or in Europe? ,,,,,If you don’t know the establishment Republicans hate Don Trump’s guts you aint got the brains to heat you hair oil, bunky. It’s not the NWO Marxists (democrats) the are “Never Trump” swamp rats . They are power hungry establishment Republications.

    If you got rid of the RINOS maybe President Trump could be called the leader of the GOP, but we are a long way from getting all the swamp rats out of the party. Just look how that backstabber Pence is trying to get money together to run AGAINST President Trump.

    We got a tough hill to climb just to get DJT back on the ballet in 2024. ,,, and then see about an honest election,,,,If the doddering old fool in the White House now doesn’t start WWIII and get life as we know it on planer Earth eliminated.

    Keep this in you prayers
    TRUMP 2024
    Take America back,,,,and Keep it this time.

    • The GOP Issue problems as I see it are as follows:
      1. More than 81Million voters who DID NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP in the last election.
      2. Missive Republican voter suppression in red states. Making it harder to vote by Mail.
      3. Women’s reproduction rights.
      4. Putin’s war and its effect on inflation and the greed of the Oil Companies
      5. The Biden 1st year has delivered the following:
      a. $1.9 Trillion American Rescue/COVID-19 Relief
      $1,400 in stimulus checks to low/middle income earners
      More unemployment benefits
      $14B to distribute vaccines
      $49B for COVID-19 testing/tracking
      $125B for K-12
      $40B for higher education
      $39B Child Care grants
      $5B to help renters
      $30B for public transit
      b. Historic Bi-Partisan $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Act. GOP promised this for years: BIDEN DELIVERED

      So in the meanwhile, The Biden Agenda is working!
      ★ Unemployment dropped from 6.2 to 3.6 a 50-year low 3.5
      ★ 6.6 million new jobs created, biggest jump in 20 years
      ★ US Deficit DECREASED. GDP growth outpaced any year since 2000
      ★ Fighting pandemic-fueled inflation: Largest investment to ease supply chain problems
      and tapping into US oil reserves to lower prices at the pump
      ★ Extended federal moratorium on student loan payments and the Department of Education
      cancelled about $9.5 billion in student loans since early 202
      ★ Nominated and confirmed 1st black female jurist to the Supreme Court
      ★ 41 Federal judges confirmed
      ★ Executive Order to make government more accountable & accessible
      ★ 80 bi-partisan bills passed in first year
      ★ Leading coordinated international fight against Putin’s war in Ukraine and is making NATO stronger.

      In short the Democrats have an approved written platform and agenda. Something the Republicans do NOT have. RNC will now require GOP candidates to abstain from official Presidential Debates why because we know Democrats would make them (Trump) look bad. Any debates among Republicans running for president have just as big a problem.

      PS: I also live in Palm Beach County – just a short drive to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. As for Governor DeSantis he first has to be reelected and that may NOT happen!

      • NEWS UPDATE Great news for Democrats – Florida Republican Governor DeSantis and The Republican controlled House and Senate attack on free speech and a perfect example is there attack on Walt Disney. This attack on free speech, voter suppression and gerrymandering will probably help get Democrats elected. Wow what a dumb move on there part.

      • Your mind is in same shape as Braindead’s. All that shit is still on his addenda, he hasn’t delivered jack shit to help the people or America! What he’s doing is turning it into a shithole Or maybe since he’s not in control of anything due to mental fog, it’s the people around him, Pelosi, Schumer that are shitting on everything and everyone

        • Reality check: Gov. Ron DeSantis quietly signed into law late Monday a bill that will cost Florida consumers (tax increase) about $1 billion in new taxes.

          Now that is insane, Republicans in the past never increased taxes.

          Leslie its you who are blind to documented facts and living in a fog. If you are working for Walt Disney which is one of the largest employers in the state of Florida and now your job is on the line because of NEW TAXES, how do you think they are going to vote this fall?

          Ron DeSantis and Republicans made a huge mistake and will pay for it at the ballot box this fall.

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