BLM Leader Aims Racial Slur At Adams In Rant

Activist Hawk Newsome aimed a racial slur at New York City Mayor Eric Adams during a Thursday morning appearance on “America’s Newsroom.”

Newsome heads Black Lives Matter of Greater New York — which has no connection to the Black Lives Matter Global Network, according to managing director Kailee Scales — and he joined co-anchors Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino to discuss Adams’ comments about the crime that continues to plague his city.

Adams, during a recent speech, asked where all the people were who claimed that “black lives matter” when the black lives in question were the victims of crime rather than police.

“Where are all those who stated black lives matter? If black lives matter, then the thousands of people I saw on the street when Floyd was murdered should be on the street right now stating that the lives of these black children that are dying every night matter,” Adams said.

“The subject is African-Americans. I would also argue white lives matter, too. Everybody’s life matters here,” Hemmer said after playing a clip of Adams. “What the mayor contends, though, is that the same reaction is not given. What would you say to him?”

“It was smooth the way you threw ‘white lives matter’ in there,” Newsome shot back. “Our problem is when black lives are oppressed and don’t receive justice nobody cares, nothing happens. Something happens to a white person the world moves, right?”

Newsome then pivoted to address Adams directly, saying, “So, let’s get back to Eric Adams. This mayor who’s a Democrat but he spews conservative and Republican talking points. At the end of the day, we have a name for someone like this. And this is someone we’d call a coon, right?”

“Whoa!” Hemmer responded with surprise, but Newsome kept going.

“He is a black man – he’s a white man in blackface, and a very conservative-minded white man, at that,” Newsome charged.

Newsome went on to argue that Adams was only lashing out at groups like Black Lives Matter to divert attention from his own failures at using the resources he already had to curtail crime in New York City.

“So what we have is a man with hundreds of people on the city’s payroll, billions of dollars in budget, and 40,000 police officers. He has 10 victims in one night. The night before he had 16 shooting victims on the train and they say what are you going to do about policing and he says what about BLM? Is America not smart enough to see him deflecting?” he asked.

Newsome has clashed with Adams before, threatening bloodshed and riots if the new mayor followed through on promises to increase policing.

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  1. Mayor Adams, even though he is a Democrat, speaks the truth regarding BLM’s disregard for Black Lives and Hawk Newsome is an idiot. BLM does not care about the African American people. Their only goal is to intimidate and manipulate black folks and corporate America in donating to their personal cause of “Let’s buy big houses in white neighborhoods where crime is low”. Plus, let’s look for reasons to riot, loot and burn in some poor kid’s name that happened to get shot during a crime they committed. Not shot by another black person, but by a white cop. Disgusting.

  2. Newsome is nothing but a deplorable racist stupid communist black bastard and needs to be deported to the African jungle

  3. BLM – black lives matter …
    … unless you’re black.

    BLM does care about black people.

    LGBTQIA2+ (did I get that right?) doesn’t care about your sexuality.

    the women’s rights movement doesn’t care about women.

    They are all different items on the menu at the Communist Cafe. They are about power. Not yours. Not mine. Their power. They want to tell you what to do, what you can think. They just don’t understand that when it all hits the fan, we’re coming after them. Don’t be fooled.

  4. Just give a gun or missile to EVERY resident (including children) of NY City, shut down all transportation of any type to get in or out of the city, end all radio or TV then open everything one week later. Then the city will go back to normal as it was 23 years ago.

  5. What happened 17 years ago? Obama was elected and he and the media spent 8 years telling everyone that with a 24/7 deamonizing of the white racists in the US. Kids that are now 17 years old and under have spent experience hearing from teachers that they dont have to obey the law and they are allowed to break the law if they feel disrespected in any way. They are not expected to obey the laws because it’s the white mans law. From the teachers unions, the media, BLM have done their best to poison the mind of children in this country and now you have minority crime wave from teems that has taken over the country. This is not surprising at all

  6. blm doesnt have any programs to help the blacks.their only program is to help themselves to the money.when does the investigation start

  7. Im not an adams fan but he spoke the truth for once about blm. No one can state the obvious in this country that black on black crime and crimes committed by blacks is out of control without being called a racist. We see it everyday on the news. If newsom gave a sh*t about the black communities he would be going after the Biden administration over the open boarders and all the illegals being bus all over the country. These children are all being placed in schools in the suburbs that are better then the city school systems the black kids are stuck in. So illegals are getting a better education then the blacks that are in the cities. The illegals kids get free education, free lunch, free medical, free housing and money but you hear nothing from newsom on that. This is the obvious stuff that this idiot doesn’t even talk about. New York City has turned into a sh*t hole and adams better be prepared to take all the racist criticism like white man with black face, Uncle Tom I can go on and on, it happens all the time to black men and women when they truly want to help the black communities. Newsom you are the racist and YES WHITE LIVES DO MATTER. Stop already with the “whoas me” mentality it’s getting so played.

  8. What we have here is another invasion by one race to another. You would think we would have gotten pass this before but here it is. England invaded America and fought the American Indian and they fought back the way BLM is fighting so the only way in US history that we Americans deal with this type of resistance is take them out. The Indians at least some had some violent extremists but America treat them the same which was wrong and there is a lot of evidence to prove it. Let’s get back to BLM. What to do with a race that does not conform to American way of life? Deport? What China does is to put them though extreme training to get it out which in turn creates more extremist? Maybe give them money so they go away but this way we will always be giving money out? Segregation but that does not work does it? There are many countries that has done this but one part always wants more which creates war? In this country we eliminated segregation but we still have black colleges, black group in Congress, black TV channels, black comedy shows, black words that only blacks can say by law because you as any other color would be called a racist which in my opinion should not be allowed by even blacks because by allowing it still puts in the mind of the young and I’m sure it not the last one but black way of life- violent, unruly, drugs, always remembering what a color of a person did to another black person not thinking about all the black on black crime that has destroyed more families. Does this sound like a group of people that is ready for good to come out of anything? I’m not saying that all black people are this way just like all other colors are not all the same but after a black criminal died right in front of you and the group that surrounds the police creates a problem taking police away from retaining the criminal and that criminal dies. The group of people should have been charged with trying to help a criminal escape. What is the solution? I think there is not one because we as a country been throwing money on programs and it only as gotten worse. Give black people there own state but that would overflow in other states and not everyone will stay in the state on both sides. If we can not trust someone we should not give them more. So what do we do with all the criminals in the country? White, black, Asian, Hispanics? Because even though BLM is a black group there are whites and other races in this group. What did England do? But that did not work either. If a group of people does not conform to laws than what is to be done with them?

  9. I am an industrial electrical/millwright contractor and we have quite a few clients that are in the heart of the ghetto in Cleveland. We have actually had a black person shot at the doorway of a commercial laundry we were working on E55th St and having shots fired in broad daylight in the vicinity of our jobsites is not at all uncommon. Nobody seems to care and I have never seen any BLM activity in the area.- I think they are scared to come into these neighborhoods.

    At any rate if we were scared we would not work in these areas (We all come to work armed and are equally adept at going for our pistol as we are going for our pliers.) We walk right into the convenience stores and gas stations kike we own the place too,,,,,my point being you should hear the way thees cooties talk to each other. Just for kicks the other day I counted the number of times I heard the word “nigger” while I was standing in line waiting for the lottery people to get out of the way so I could pay for my cold cut sandwich. ,,,, 27 times in less then 5 minutes. ….So don’t give me this bullshit about racial slurs. If these hard working welfare recipients can say nigger then it, or anything else cannot be a racial slur.

    Enough is enough. A nigger is a nigger,,,,,and BTW, We have highly skilled men that work with us that bust their asses right along with the honkys that happen to be Negros. As good or better men that I have ever known,,,,. They are NOT niggers, They are good men and I am proud to know them and it make me sick when niggers make ignorant people think that my guys are the same as these worthless parasites.

    Be advised, None of us have any use for the “WOKIES” and want you to leave us alone to work and live together the way we want. We settle our problems between ourselves and don’t need any wokies sticking their noses in the way we live ……and remember this, We are ALL armed and a lot of us are veterans that have been in combat. (And overall, Black, White, or purple, the guys in the trades pretty much stick together. Stay out of our lives)

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