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Illegal Alien Child Sex Offender Deported 10 Times Arrested In Texas

The arrests of two illegal alien sex offenders at the U.S.-Mexico border this week once again spotlighted the brokenness of the country’s immigration enforcement system under President Joe Biden.

In a news release Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced that agents in the Del Rio Sector apprehended two Mexican nationals for illegally entering the country with past sex abuse convictions — one of whom has been deported a whopping 10 times in the last two years.

Humberto Alvarez-Peralta, 42, was reportedly picked up by agents shortly after crossing the border on April 13. A subsequent biometric background investigation revealed that he had been convicted on a second-degree felony charge of sexual assault of a child in Liberty, Texas, in 1997.

Despite being repeatedly apprehended and removed from the U.S., Alvarez-Peralta continued to re-enter the country seemingly without consequence. He was most recently deported in March 2022, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Another illegal alien sex offender — 63-year-old Hipolito Hernandez-Acosta — was reportedly apprehended on April 14 shortly after illegally entering the country. During processing, it was revealed that Hernandez-Acosta has a lengthy criminal record that includes a felony conviction for statutory rape in Georgia in 1995.

He, too, had been ordered for removal from the country on three separate occasions.

Under U.S. law, illegal alien convicted felons with prior removals can be prosecuted for re-entry after deportation, a charge that carries a possible sentence of 20 years in prison. However, it appears that federal authorities refrained from taking such an action against Alvarez-Peralta and Hernandez-Acosta until now.

TheBlaze reached out to the Department of Homeland Security seeking answers as to why. This article will be updated if a response is offered.

In its news release, CBP noted that the apprehension of sex offenders at the U.S.-Mexico border has been on the rise of late, especially in the Del Rio Sector.

Earlier in the month, agents arrested two other border-crossers with past sex offense convictions. Prior to that, between October 2021 and March 2022, agents arrested 19 sex offenders in that region alone.

During that same time period, Del Rio agents have reportedly encountered more than 660 criminal migrants in total.

Yet even as the situation on the border continues to deteriorate, the Biden administration last week moved to end Title 42 — a Trump-era rule that allows border agents to turn away illegal immigrants over COVID-19 health concerns. The policy change is expected to result in a manifold increase of illegal border crossings.

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  1. There are LOTS of abandoned military bases all over the country that coold be turned into concentration camps. …. Catch and release,,,into a camp. Can even leave families together. ,,,Up a 5am for a little light PT and then chow,,,and then off to the fields to grow the food they will eat. Lunch is form 12 to 12:30 and Quitting time is 5 and chow is at 6. Then they can go to their company area until lights out at 9. Other then tending crops and livestock It’s the way I was treated when I got drafted.

    It was good enough for Japanese, Italians, and Germans that were natural born American citizens during WWII too, so it’s good enough for these illegal invaders. ,,,, And I’m not talking about just felons. I’m talking about ALL of illegal invaders. ,,,, And I’m sure there is a nice dark dank bunker for those that refuse to work. (The cooler)

    The surplus cots and bedding are just sitting in warehouses,,,, Some concertina wire, a few guard towers and a bunch of obsolete mines will contain the criminal invaders (The very act of ANYONE crossing the border without proper documentation is a crime in itself)

    STOP CODDLING CRIMINALS AND THEY WILL STOP COMING HERE. Make their life a miserable as mine was when I went to basic training. ,,,, not just the felons,,,,ALL of them.

    • Matthew,

      I love your comments, they are spot on! Only, being a vegetarian I would not allow any meat in their diet. But, our bleeding heart liberals will continue to coddle these criminal invaders until we force our politicians to work for US citizens instead of against US citizens.

  2. Those that support open borders in the name of compassion support this by turning a blind eye to it. They also support drug trafficking (including fentanyl which has killed many of our kids), human trafficking, MS-13, terrorists, funding the cartels, importing tuberculosis (and other diseases), and endangering Americans. How many dead kids from fentanyl is too many? How many dead Americans from criminal illegal aliens is too many? Hopefully, at some point, they will reconsider their support of open borders.

  3. Due to so many Progressives and D.C. Swamp dwelling Republicans in political office, the U.S. government from Congress to the Judicial System is grossly failing the American citizens who are being forced to pay for billions of dollars of wasted tax dollars. We the People are not getting any sort of decent ROI from today’s governments in the U.S., and that has to come to a stop. We must dramatically reduce government while committing to non-government oversight on all government officials. No one refusing to uphold the U.S. Constitution should be allowed in any government position, whether elected, appointed or hired. American values made America great, Let’s get back to what worked so well.

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