Spotify Drops Obama Podcasts

Spotify executives have decided against renewing multi-year contracts with Barack and Michelle Obama.

The streaming platform was home to “The Michelle Obama Podcast” and “Renegades: Born in the USA” podcast with Obama and Bruce Springsteen. However, the lack of appearances on their shows led Spotify to cut ties with the pair.

According to the Daily Mail, the Obamas have only published 18 interviews on the streaming platform over two years. The pair have also allegedly run into conflict with Spotify regarding rights to their content and limited appearances in podcast episodes.

Further adding to the Obamas’ embarrassment, Spotify reportedly initiated the decision to part ways, not the former president, Bloomberg News claims.

Nonetheless, their production company Higher Ground is already seeking a multimillion deal elsewhere. Negotiations are currently underway with Amazon’s Audible and iHeartMedia.

Many conservatives point to Americans’ increasing displeasure with the liberal agenda as the reason why left-wing media personalities and platforms are losing ratings.

On Thursday, CNN also announced the end of their unsuccessful streaming service CNN+ after failing to reach more than 10,000 daily viewers.

After investing over $100 million, executives at Warner Bros. Discovery decided to shut down the streaming platform only one month after its launch.

Netflix is similarly struggling, although the company claims “Covid” is why they are hemorrhaging subscribers.

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  1. Perhaps this is a sign that people are waking up to the reality the Left has no good will for America and their goal is to bend us to their will and servitude. It’s down to Us vs. Them and they will win no matter what the cost to Us. The only way for Us to get even is to cancel Them and beat them at their own game. And this has nothing to do with Republican vs. Democrat. There are just as many Republicans who are on their side…Liz Cheney comes to mind. RINO’s I pray their day is coming.

  2. The Obama ‘s are only interested in making Millions/Billions from their ‘adoring fans’ so this TRIBUTE to them and their Racist Agenda to Divide Americans at this time, is NOT A SURPRISE. He came on the scene to do Exactly that from Chicago when he got rid of the woman who mentored him there in Politics and SHOVED HER OFF THE BALLOT so HE would be the ONLY CHOICE ON THE BALLOT, INSURING HIS WIN!

    Many things these two ‘Grifters’ have done in their lives has been Corrupt, Racist and Greed ….Not a good combination. But imo, people ARE starting to wake up to the real Obamas with ALL they have pulled, to get where they are…Financially. Funny thing, though, HE never actually Worked for a living, had a payroll to meet or business to RUN….he is NOT Trump in that respect for Sure. Obama’s rise to fame came about by his own Fraud, Corruption along with HIS mentors…like Bill Ayres, Terrorist Member, along with his wife, Bernadette Dohrn, who was sentence to prison for HER part in ‘Setting Bombs Off against Police, where there was a death’…
    Funny isn’t it when these ‘Radicals/Terrorists/Con Artists ALL Act the same way and DO FIND EACH OTHER.’

    One day the REAL Story about Obama WILL BE WRITTEN, but for now there IS a book published recently by Daniel Alman:

    1,375 examples of Barack Obama’s lies, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc.

    Example #158: In March 2013 it was reported that the Obama Administration had purchased 2,717 MINE RESISTANT ARMOR PROTECTED VEHICLES FOR USE ON CIVILIAN STREETS IN THE U.S.

    Ironic, isn’t it, that Obama who hated American Police, ridiculing them, and making them ‘stand down during Ferguson Rioting(told Rioters: “STAY THE COURSE”)

    But Obama in 2015 Made a Speech BEFORE THE CORRUPT U.N. when he said:

    This was/IS the Agenda of Obama/Soros/Klaus Schwab/Gates, etal. and the “One World Order” =(NWO) wherein, THEY become the RULING CLASS and Americans in particular that Obama called “Arrogant” and the Obama’s see Nothing to be Proud of in our Republic, and want to see her FAIL-Just as we are seeing in the ‘Biden Adm’ that has “Obama calling the shots” as dementia addled Biden was Shoved Over the threshold as the last Dem Standing and they USED the CCP Virus to KEEP people in Lockdown/Fear to bring forth their “Mail IN Ballot Scheme for the 2020 Steal”

    Obama’s Signature Legislation when he was a Senator was:

    In order to collect the money, Marxists like Fidel Castro have long argued for a

    Written Oct 12, 2010 by Cliff Kincaid, A.I. M.(Accuracy in Media)

    Does this seem the same thing that we in 2022 are seeing/hearing about AGAIN , but this time, Obama who sees This as HIS THIRD TERM, is Once AGAIN aligned with his Globalist/Elitist’s Agenda for their ‘New World Order’-making it come to Fruition FINALLY???? You Decide, as we ALL See America in Decline with all the Corruption Coming Out IF YOU CONNECT THE DOTS!

  3. All Trump does is stand still and Biden proves he is inept and foolish ! And a traitor !
    Let’s go Brandon ! You’re the worst ever in history.
    Eliminate the Democrats permanently !
    No more Cheating Liars !
    Secure The Border !
    I guess stupid Democrats like chaos and inflation!

  4. Wait a minute. Aren’t these donkeys advocating for yet another try at getting socialism right ? Its always broken every country that has “tried” it, so why isn’t CNN “trying” their Plus debut till it breaks them ?

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