WATCH: Kamala Harris Addresses Space Force

Rita Panahi – Sky News

Vice President Kamala Harris delivered a “patronising” and “cringeworthy” speech at the Vandenberg Space Force Base, Sky News host Rita Panahi says.

“Space is exciting. It spurs our imaginations, and it forces us to ask big questions. Space – it affects us all, and it connects us all,” Ms Harris said.

Ms Panahi compared Ms Harris’ remarks to former president Donald Trump’s address to the US Space Force.

“Space is the world’s newest warfighting domain,” he said.

“Amid grave threats to our national security, American superiority in space is absolutely vital.”

Ms Panahi said the sitting vice president has a track record of speaking about the “wonders of space”, pointing to a “totally authentic Kamala” and a “bunch of bewildered child actors late last year”.

“And gosh weren’t those kids in for a treat when Kamala started talking about her love of craters – no, really,” Ms Panahi said.

“Those craters get us all going.”

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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