Pelosi-affiliated “Dark Money” Floods Into Midterm Election Campaigns!

“Dark money” groups associated with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have injected nearly $20 million in hidden donor cash into the midterm elections, newly released federal records show.

The huge election cash dump has gone to the Senate Majority and House Majority PACs, which are tied to Schumer and Pelosi. The PACs bankroll Senate and House Democrats, many of whom hypocritically rail against dark money’s political influence.

Majority Forward, a nonprofit that does not identify its donors on tax forms, has poured nearly $15 million into the midterm elections up to the end of March, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show. 

The Senate Majority PAC took in all of Majority Forward’s cash for the midterms, making the nonprofit its largest single donor so far this cycle. J.B Poersch, a long-time Schumer ally, is president of both Majority Forward and the PAC. Both groups share office space and personnel. 

“Let’s be clear, corporate Republicans are the only ones standing in the way of increasing transparency and making progress on campaign finance reform,” a Majority Forward spokesperson told Fox News. 

“We look forward to the day when Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans stop blocking these badly needed reforms, but until then, we will continue to play by the rules of the current system and level the playing field for Democrats in the face of enormous corporate special interest spending on the other side,” the spokesperson said.

Majority Forward’s midterm funding follows the $60 million the group had injected into the 2020 elections to help Democrats regain the Senate majority. It has now pushed $75 million into elections over the two cycles – a drastic increase over the $5.5 million it had injected for the 2016 and 2018 elections combined.

The Schumer-affiliated nonprofit has funneled the anonymous cash into his PAC, all the while as he regularly criticizes “dark money,” which he says “corrupted our politics.” Schumer has also pushed conservative judicial groups to disclose their funders, as he and other Democrats have benefited from several dark money judicial groups of their own. 

Majority Forward’s skyrocketing election funding was made possible due to a banner fundraising haul from its anonymous donors. The nonprofit, which primarily works on Democratic voter engagement efforts, raked in a record $92 million in contributions in 2020.

Similar dark money fundraising is going on as the Democrats so desperately try to hold on to the House. Meanwhile, House Majority Forward, a nonprofit that also does not identify its donors, has kicked $2.5 million over to its counterpart House Majority PAC. The nonprofit has funneled $10 million into elections since its inception in 2019.

Like Schumer, Pelosi often rails against dark money but has no problem accepting it for her own political aims. 

House Majority Forward’s tax forms show that the group collected $29.7 million from undisclosed contributors in 2020, a $21.5 million increase in secret cash over its founding year. 

Majority Forward and House Majority Forward have now pushed $85 million into political committees over the past three years. 

Despite Democrats’ public opposition to dark money, they have outpaced Republicans in its usage over the past several years. 

The New York Times reported that 15 of the most active Democratic dark money nonprofits spent $1.5 billion in 2020. By comparison, 15 of the most active Republican nonprofits spent around $900 million. 

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. That Dark Money has to be coming from the Evil Darth, I mean dark POS George Soros and his evil corrupt group! He needs to be taken before a firing squad!!!

  2. This is how phony politicians get into office and NEVER represent the poeple who voted them in. Instead those pollical bags of lying manure represent California or New York, not the state they claim to represent.

  3. Duh ! We The People know that the 2022 Midterm Election will be rigged if Piglosi is receiving DARK MONEY from shady Donations from George Soros , Billy Gates , Clinton s and out of Country.

  4. Another indication that Joe Biden’s election was rigged by his puppeteers. If enough money from the Billionaires and Millionaires given showing the election was bought and paid for that same Dark Money. Eight people were arrested and found guilty of election fraud. 300,000 ballots found in March that had been opened and the signature card taken out making them unable to be counted. Democrats continue to state that the Republicans are going to be the death of our country if a republican is in the White House. Do they not see that THEY are making our country no longer following the Constitution and the Amendments which they are slowly destroying them to change our country into our citizens’ dependent on the government for their everyday survival. And we have those ultra rich people continue to flaunt their luxuries while we have starving children, hundreds of thousands of homeless families who use to look to the government for assistance, but this government would rather give assistance to continued people pouring into the country illegally, no consequences to groups of people trying to destroy our people with drugs and guns (in felons’ hands}

  5. Now contrast what is going on in this article versus the meltdown happening over a pot smoking Liberal like Elon Musk buying out and taking over far left extremist Twitter. Imagine what they would do if they actually faced off against a conservative who actual did something instead of just talk or say send me a check .

  6. And now you know why the dems are for open borders with Covid still around. They don’t want Covid gone they want another surge to happen right before the midterm elections so mail in voting will happen again and they get the results they want, just watch every news outlet will be reporting Covid numbers and hospitalizations going up, I’m sure it will start in the beginning of October. The democrats don’t even try to hide their corrupt ways anymore they do it in broad daylight and the unfortunate thing is they are right thinking the American people are too stupid to realize. Well not all of us but unfortunately too many. If anyone thinks the November midterms are going to be a bloodbath don’t be so sure with the democrats and their corrupt ways. They have been working on ways to cheat in the midterms since Biden’s poll numbers hit the shitter and the word “bloodbath” was used.

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