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Biden Illegally Tapping Into Strategic Oil Reserves

Since Joe Biden stepped into the White House last year, prices for both food and oil started rising along with inflation. Before Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine in the final week of February, record-high gas prices in America had already resulted in “I Did That” tag for mocking Biden’s failure in running the country.

With the start of Russo-Ukraine war, however, the Biden administration quickly came up with the excuse to blame the ever-rising gas prices on Russia. Thus the American people said Biden Did It, the White House started screaming Putin Did It. And in a desperate attempt to show some action for the country and improve his disastrous ratings, Biden at the beginning of April ordered the release of a million barrels of oil a day from the nation’s strategic petroleum reserve over the next six months.

The purpose of Biden’s move was to check the skyrocketing gas prices so he could brag about helping with high fuel costs that his spokesperson was blamed on Putin. The measure didn’t work. After a small drop in prices for a hardly few weeks, gas started going up again as Biden’s ratings continued to slide. Now some critics have called Biden’s orders of tapping into the strategic oil reserve illegal.

Mark R. Robeck, the Energy Department’s former deputy general counsel for energy policy, wrote an article in the Washington Examiner (APRIL 21, 2022) that points at the legality issue with Biden’s orders regarding the use of America’s strategic oil reserve. Robeck explained that according to the 1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPA), the strategic reserve can only be accessed in specific oil shortage situations. These include “a severe interruption of imported or domestic supply, an act of sabotage or terrorism, or an act of God such as a hurricane.”

He added that the current rise in oil prices is not due to severe supply interruption of oil; in fact, despite sanctions on Russian exports, Russian oil has been exempt from the sanctions. And given the fact that Russian oil amounted to roughly 5 percent of America’s oil consumption, the Biden administration solely bears the responsibility for rising gas prices that started soon after Biden took office. Hence, the orders to get to America’s emergency fuel reserve are unlawful, and pose a national security risk.

The unlawful release of oil from the SPR threatens national security by depleting the SPR absent a true supply disruption.

In self-defense, Biden has blamed the oil and gas companies for not drilling oil despite having thousands of unused oil permits. Leftist fact-checkers, loyal to Democrats, have tried to defend Biden against criticism by stating that oil drilling is a complicated process and takes time to provide results.

Written by Ernest Dempsey


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  1. Always a dam excuse with this fake,phony, president. He won’t take responsibility for anything, he has screwed up, or destroyed. He is a laughing stock of the world, and we need to 25th amendment this incompetent,pathetic,pretending failure, he is the enemy of the people.

  2. The Biden presidency is nothing but a series of bad choices and mistakes…..I cannot think of anything he has done that gives an upvote to his term in office. He is a disaster…..the democrat party is getting their just reward for their constant bad attitude to everything Trump did or thought of doing. I do not understand how Biden’s party lets him get away with avoiding a mental acuity test… is obvious even to the disinterested how he is struggling to do the simplest tasks. He cannot make a short speech without losing his train of thought. This is serious for the whole country….not just the democrat party. The world is spinning out of control thanks to greed and power hungry leaders and we have a “leader” than can’t make a complete sentence left on his own.

  3. Holey cow heaven helps us that Biddett thinks everything he says or had done is legal he only wants the laws he approves of all the rest dump in the garbage,his entire life is a lie and all he has done is illegal but as long the the demoncraps are in power nothing will be done.

  4. Warrenn Buffett owns the rail systems. He was losing $$$ when Keystone XL was running. No doubt Biden is getting kickbacks to keep it closed.

  5. Why has it taken so long to finally realize this administration’s Use of our reserves sources is not the answer to gas prices? It started with the backlash of “fracking,’, closed off of producing wells, loss of leases . And worse stopping Keystone . AND BY Executive order this administration has used that power. Plus Pandemic(s) too the advantage to gain control And blame Or place responsibility elsewhere..

  6. As Russia strangles Europe by cutting off natural gas, and oil, America was made powerless to help them, after the illegal government seized power and shut off our fossil fuel dominance leaving the evil holding power no choice, but to suck dry the strategic national oil supply to off set the suffering they caused our people, by risking our nation so security to lower oil prices to hold them over till after midterms. Even the open borders invasion, an absolute act of deadly treason, causing deaths to countless thousands of our people through drugs carried in by the democrats undocumented invaders for their future total political absolute power. This government of evil, might lead us into a global war after the leaving us powerless in fuel, and demoralize by a government so evil, they daily mock our history and our country daily. We are in deep, deep poop, pray God almighty might save us, This party of evil, wants to led us in a possible global war, that they are indirectly responsible for due to their incompetence and their lying one party propaganda media. Peacefully we must pray, the American people must not accept this slow planned plot of self destruction by a political party of Globalist Marxist..

  7. You Republicans are a bunch of dumb asses. Biden tapping into the strategic oil reserves is not illegal. Your boy Donald Trump tapped into the reserve after Hurricane Harvey. But I guess that was legal because Trump did it.

    • Some Republicans aren’t too smart but even a liberal Democrat can see this administration is pushing as hard a possible to make this country a second rate republic. Biden, more likely his handlers, have done absolutely nothing that benefits this country and if you disagree you are either uninformed or more likely just a liberal moron. Just continue blaming Trump for 2 more years. The only thing the current administration can do is accuse their enemies for exactly what they’re doing. Such pathetic criminals that are dead set to bring down everyone but themselves. Wait till 2024 when they will be crapping in their pants and crying to the sky for what they’ve done to the voters.

    • Todd Trump did it legal if you read the law one reason for legal use of the reserves is a Act of God such as a hurricane. There is no legal reason for Biden to do it according to the law.

    • Hey stupid that was an emergency and Biden is doing it because he doesn’t want us to keep drilling So it looks to me is that you have your head up your ass Well that is where demwits keep their lying heads So how is it in is it dark for you Maybe you can fart and light a match You fucking morons never stop lying


  8. It’s apparent that the Dems in DC are nothing but thugs, criminals and crooks that don’t give a tinkers damn about the Citizens they’re supposed to support and listen to. Hopefully, the Durham investigations will VERY soon produce results in the form of indictments and Televised Military Tribunals in GITMO resulting in the Execution of those found Guilty….

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