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Macron’s Surprising Win was not a Surprise

Did anyone really expect Marine Le Pen to win the French presidency?  This is yet another example of the media folks – especially on the left – to get overwrought when some right-wing character surfaces.  In fact, the hyper attention they give folks like Le Pen actually enhances their prominence.  The left first promotes and then uses the far-left personalities as strawmen (and women) to spread negative opinions across the entire political right.

I was among those who did not think Le Pen would win.  I did not even believe it would be a cliffhanger.  Humility aside, I was correct.  Emmanuel Macron won his second term by a 58 to 42 margin.  That is a landslide.  Le Pen was crushed.

Le Pen gained some political traction over the years because of the kitchen table domestic issues, but she was scary to the French people on foreign policy.  Appearing to be too palsy with Vladimir Putin and talking about getting out of NATO when the Kremlin nutcase is engaging in war crimes and genocide in Ukraine is a definite losing strategy.

While LePen got enough votes to get into the runoff, those votes were about all she would get in the general election.

After two failed attempts to win the presidency, Le Pen is – for all practical purposes – fini.  Her National Rally party still has power in the French National Assembly, but it will need to find a new leader if it hopes to succeed Macron.  

Hopefully, that new person will not represent the extremists on the right-wing, but someone to the center-right of Macron.  But keep in mind that Macron is not popular with the left.  His pro-business positions enraged the radical left from the moment he was elected.

What the French voters faced was a centrist President and a too far-right opponent.  The outcome of that should have been easily predictable – even by the leftwing media.

So, there ‘tis.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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