Antifa Attacks Republican Volunteers, Children

Antifa militants dressed in black bloc attacked a group of Republican volunteers in Portland, Oregon on Saturday.

The attack happened around 12:00 pm on the corner of 3rd Ave and Main during a rally for Republican Mayor Stan Pulliam of Sandy, Oregon who is running for Governor.

Mayor Stan Pulliam shared a video to Twitter which showed black bloc Antifa approaching the group carrying “Antifascist” flags and various different objects.

Antifa militants proceeded to launch projectiles at the crowd consisting of children and elderly participants which included mortar type fireworks. They also used noisemakers to drown out the group, in an attempt to disrupt their freedom of speech.

“This is what happens when a Republican dares to hold an event in Portland to talk about funding our police. Antifa shows up. Well we won’t be intimidated and stop speaking the truth,” Pulliam said.

According to Portland Police Bureau, two people reported injuries from Antifa using mortar explosives. One adult male reported an injury to the hand, and an adult female complained of hearing loss. Antifa also allegedly filled balloons with paint and were thrown at people and vehicles.

On Friday, The Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo reported that Antifa attacked participants of the People’s Convoy driving on the freeway through Portland by throwing projectiles and paint on vehicles.

John Hacker, an Antifa member who was indicted for attacking Ngo in 2019, was part of Friday’s mischief.

This comes a day ahead of Sunday’s May Day protests organized by Antifa and other left-leaning groups which notoriously turn into riots throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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    • You’re 💯% correct. Since the law doesn’t apply to them, we will apply the law as we see fit. It’s called SELF DEFENSE, BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY

  1. And of course, the self-righteous democrats stand silent. After all our illustrious POTUS claims there is no such organization as ANTIFA. He and his administration and toadies are despicable.

    • There is no organization called Antifa. There are myriad groups fighting the emergence of fascism. All good Americans Are ANTIFAscist; aren’t you? That’s what my GI father was in WW2.

      • They are communist revolutionaries who label “capitalists” as “fascists”. BTW: Educated folks know that in the 30’s people fully understood that communists, fascists (Italy, Spain) and National Socialists were various forms of the far left totalitarian ideology. Mussolini was a communist (a top level leader) who wanted to be in charge – he was rebuffed. So he formed his own alt-communist party – National Fascist Party.

        There IS an emergence of fascism here – the “woke” progressive morons of the Dem Party. ANTIFA is an international group of loosely connected national organizations. They were first formed in Germany in the 30’s (by Stalin) to force a communist system there.

        BLM is also a communist revolutionary based group. The founders are openly spouting communist rhetoric and how the US needs a revolution to overthrow capitalism (the Constitution).

        We are in the early stages of a full civil was between Americans and far left Dems. Read the six novel series by Kurt Schlichter (retired Army colonel) on the breakup of the USA into Red and Blue (“Woke”) regions. In 2015 he had a very prescient understanding of where the far left (progressives, with their Satanic “woke” religion) was headed. The first book was “People’s Republic”. The 6th book (The Split) goes backwards in the timeline to the breakup.

      • Yea thats the biggest bunch of B.S. I have ever heard.
        They Are nouthing more than thugs !!!
        Attacking the innocent. They hide behind masks
        There to chicken to reveal them selves!!!!!
        Round them up throw them in jail.
        Enough is enough. Send them to bidens house.

  2. Why do the police give this group the opportunity to hurt people? They should have been there and arrested them. They are nothing but a bunch of cowards and misfits using masks to cover their faces. Recall the mayor that allows this group free reign in what are public spaces.

    • Time for the hated Oathkeepers to step forward. – If the FIB (sic) and other “Gubment” agencies that are SUPPOSED to protect EVERYBODY then it’s time for We the People to take up arms and defend ourselves against the NWO Marxist backed terrorists,,,,,and I don’t mean the Right wing people that have had enough. I’m talking about the NWO Marxist (democrat) party backed terrorists.

    • It won’t happen but Oregon needs to have a law like Alabama. There you can’t wear a mask while protesting or having a rally in the state.

      • Good luck with the no mask in Oregon with the wackos in charge. It’s become obvious the only way these geeks get elected is fake elections using mail in voting and fraudulent machines to count the ballots.

    • These types of anti-American, violent, racist, domestic terrorists, such as Antifa, BLM, DNC….etc, are organized and funded by George Soros, and company owners of like minded idiots such as Bezos and Zuckerberg.

      What Conservatives, moderates, and Independents need to do immediately, is clean house in the Republican house and Senate of ALL Rhinos.

      Here some examples of the damage they’ve done: Several Republican members jumped sides and voted in the lefts 1.5 trillion dollar green spending nonsense. The Dems would have not gotten it passed if it wasn’t for Rhinos like Mitch McConnell and Lynsey Graham! Even worse these Rhinos got nothing in return for their constituents. How about the fact that the Democratic Socialist Party is keeping hundreds of protestors jailed because they knew the election was stolen from President Trump! We conservatives need to clean house in November!!! Our country depends on it.

      • Here in the UK 🇬🇧, thankfully we don’t suffer as much as you guys with antifa scumbags , however the ones we have here are work shy , dirty , scruffy trouble makers.

  3. Well they are demoncrates backed and lauded what did you expect that antifa would respect laws and other peoples rights,like demoncrates only they demand rspect and say as they plerase and do.

  4. Do not refer to these actions as “mischief”. They are terrorist type crimes and need to be prosecuted.

  5. This will continue until Republicans take up arms and fight back as dirty or more so than the idiots . Keep this in mind when facing antifa , there are no rules of engagement , just finality and them in body bags . Then and only then will it stop . Quit bitching about it if you haven’t the balls to end it .
    Enough said .

  6. If Republicans take up arms and fight back as dirty or more so than the idiots the odds will change . Keep this in mind when facing antifa , there are no rules of engagement , just finality and them in body bags . Then and only then will it stop . Quit bitching about it if you haven’t the balls to end it .
    Enough said .

    • Though I don’t condone anything connected Antichrist , I also bet anyone within these groups has any party affililiation . These people only have detioration to American values

  7. Antifa is a proven Terrorist organization. Actions speak louder then words. Where are the Police, FBI, ATF?? Throwing explosive devices, assaulting innocent people are criminal acts. The “ Powers that be” should be protecting these innocent citizens when exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech.

  8. There need to be a federal investigation into this and Police Department needs to be held accountable. Were there any arrest?

  9. I remember when Michelle Malkin–at “black the blue” rally she organized–in Denver was attacked while cops stood by and did nothing. I’ve lost count of the times over the years I’ve seen reports of cops refusing or failing to protect patriots when attacked by leftist neo-marxists (they are not “progressives”, no more than the establishment media is “mainstream”, so stop using their terms). Remember during the lock downs, when cops did take action and attack patriot protesters, and even those in a church parking in their cars for church services? Or recent video of a dc cop- kicking a female pro-Trump protester? I can go on. Point is, cops have shown by their actions whose side they are really on, and it isn’t ours. The only “law” they enforce is the law according to whatever Demorat signs their paychecks.

  10. Niggers & White niggers BLM funded by domestic terrorists on our soil. I’ve always said; if every person just started playing them at their own game; if every person stopped paying income tax what are they going to do, arrest millions & millions of people?!?! NO, it will cripple them, they think we will obey like sheep and “WE THE PEOPLE “ will have our country back and these POS will go back to being the people we voted them in to be, our civil servants!!!
    Come on America, fight the good fight and end this insanity, enough is enough.
    Get your guns, golf clubs, sticks, baseball bats, anything you can get your hands on and when these scumbags bags show up to disrupt a peaceful protest and they start attacking these people, go in swinging and don’t stop until every pussy assed masked wearing dirt bag runs for the hills.
    There never going to stop until we fight back, why should they, they know we won’t do anything about it.
    Let’s turn the tide!!

    • Not interested in getting them running. Drop the pukes where they stand like a bad habit. – Brandon and hos NWO Marxists must not be allowed to end the American way of life. ,,,, If you see this at a simple rally, what do yuou think they are going to do at the poles when Americans tru to legally vote the commies and RINOs out of office? … They will be blocking the poles and the police will do nothing to stop them.

      The half honky was only the front man for the NWO Marxists elites, but he succeeded in fundamentally chafing our country. Could you see these snotballs trying their “woke” bullshit in 1966? Here is the facts. It may be too late already but if we do not do something about them they will do something about us.

      Never had much use for people like the Proud Boys, or Hells Angles, but my enemies enemy is my friend. We must exterminate this fungus while we still have the strength to get it done.

      I never has any use at all for them but I’d rather see the the Aryan Brotherhood and KKK win the upcoming war the to see Antifa, BLM and LBQRST Alphabet prevail.

  11. Just let ANTIFA take over Oregon. The politicians who are elected by the people WANT ANTIFA. So just let them do whatever they wish. When all that is left of Oregon is a smoking black charcoal they will have achieved what they always wanted.

  12. ANTIFA is an arm of the DNC. They are protected from arrest and prosecution by the liberal law enforcement, and courts. Remember folks, laws are for conservatives, not liberals.

  13. These are just skinny master baiting teens hiding behind all black clothes and mask to look extra tuff.

  14. George Soros funds these people. Our government recently gave him 358 million dollars to help immigrants get their citizenship, supposedly. Socialism is all about the struggle right? Well if they continue to feed the energy of division from within we’ll have a civil war on our hands. Not a government of and for the people. It’s being run by elites who’s only aim is self aggrandizement Just like fish, our country now rots from the head down. We’re circling the drain and neither Harris nor Biden are in charge. I think Mr. O is enjoying his 3rd term and the $77M he’s amassed.

  15. Here in the UK 🇬🇧, thank god we don’t suffer as much with the antifascist scum .
    The ones we have are work shy , dirty , obnoxious people , I’m using the word people with out offending the animal world.

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