New Name Proposed for Mother’s Day by Conservative Superstar

Ben Shapiro has a suggestion for renaming Mother’s Day. I mean how can a society reimagine the traditional family structure and still have a holiday called Mother’s Day? We have to think of things more inclusive. Obviously, we’re joking but it’s not much of a laughing matter when people actually believe these sorts of things. It’s time to vote with your ballots, your feet, and most certainly your pocketbooks. We can’t let these soulless ideologues continue to spread their anti-individual dogma. Anyhow, Ben Shapiro’s message . . .


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  1. That’s great! He even had it trade-marked! My contribution would be “Thank God you didn’t have me aborted” Day.

  2. That is very good and true. Maybe all those protesting for abortion rights should have been aborted and the world would be a better place.

  3. It’s a dam shame, how a small group of people 🙄 in are sociate have hijack the country, never the less thank to individual like your self and other we will not give up are valeus and principles to these degenerates and crazy people. Note: for evel to prevail good should do nothing… keep up the fight.

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