US Diplomats Return to Ukraine!

As valiant Ukrainians have managed to secure the capital of Kyiv and continue to stave off mounting Russian attacks, the US State Department has announced that our diplomats will be returning to Ukraine!

Personnel at the embassy were moved out of the city and into Poland two weeks before Russia invaded the country – now, they may soon return.

While speaking at a press conference in the city of Lviv, acting Ambassador Kristina Kvien said she hoped to soon reopen the US Embassy in Kyiv.

“Today is my first day back in Ukraine, and it is a day trip. We expect to continue to do day trips for the next week or two, and then we very much hope that the conditions will permit us to go back into Kyiv by the end of the month.”

Additionally, the State Department will monitor the current situation in Kyiv to determine when it is safe for the diplomats to reopen the embassy. State Department spokesman Ned Price stated that they are currently still monitoring the security situation in the city of Kyiv.

“Of course, we want to ladder up to having a regular presence in Kyiv,” he explained. “Every single day, we’re monitoring the security situation on the ground to determine when we’ll be able to do that. The only answer I can give you right now to the question of when is as soon as possible. I think it is fair to say, as you heard from our chargé today, that it will be within the coming weeks, but it will depend on a regular assessment of the security situation and our ability to operate safely and responsibly from Kyiv.”

In returning on a day-to-day basis, US Diplomats sent a stark message to Russia about how they failed to conquer Ukraine. They are expected to continue their diplomatic duties through these kinds of daily visits until they get cleared to move their operations to Kyiv.

“I would say the message to Russia is — you failed,” Price continued. “Ukraine is still standing, the government is still functioning, and we’re going back to Lviv first and then Kyiv to help the government.”

Other Western nations like Denmark have followed suit and have already reopened their embassies in the country.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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