WATCH: Congressman Irate Over $40B Bill to Ukraine

“Why don’t we talk about the American people who are hurting?” This was the plea made by Texas Representative, Chip Roy. His frustration was due to receiving a bill to fund Ukraine $40 billion to aid them in their resistance to Russia’s invasion. US News cites more sophisticated weapons as a main driver for such a big figure. The House approved the $40 billion figure, which was $7 billion more than what Biden asked for. The bill passed 368-57, receiving 3 out 4 Republican support. Roy was one of the few speaking out against ramming this bill through asking “why don’t we talk about . . . the wide open borders, the inflation that’s killing people?”


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    • Why is there no talk about the bio-weapons labs and child trafficking rings the Russians have taken down in Ukraine? Yes, and I’m talking to you Congressman?

  1. I totally agree with him. I love the Ukraine people, but if we can’t fix ourselves, we are no use to anyone. What exactly is in the 40B? How much of it is being diverted to the socialist’s wish list? Our leaders we voted for are a total disappointment. We need new leadership, these people need to be fired! It’s all deliberate.

    • Why is there no talk about the bio-weapons labs and child trafficking rings the Russians have taken down in Ukraine? Yes, and I’m talking to you Congressman?

  2. Yea this is disgraceful
    What the Democrats are trying get away with
    They are going to bank rupt This country.

  3. Spoken like a true Texan. You are not in my district, but I sure would vote for you if I could. Don’t let them get you down congressman. Stick to your principles and you will be a great congressman.

  4. Why is it our obligation to be the main contributor to this proxy war with Russia? Where are all the other free world countries?

    • Why is there absolutely no talk about the CIA created bio-weapons labs and child trafficking rings the Russians have taken down in Ukraine? Hello Congressman, yes, you too?

  5. There’s only TWO reason the Democratic Socialist Party is forcing a vote to send 40-billion dollars to the very corrupt government of Ukraine: First is, a lot of the money will be used on radical leftist policies that most Americans do not want. Second is our white collar criminals in congress will receive suitcases full of money.

    Remember when Obama, Biden, Clinton sent two 747 jets filled with pallets of cash to our enemy, Iran! With today’s technology, why would we send cash?! Simple, it cannot be tracked on how it’s spent. So who’s to say that members of the Obama administrations “inner circle” didn’t each skim millions of dollars for themselves.

    What’s happening to the Ukrainian people is awful which most Americans would agree. But to print 40-billion dollars of money we don’t have is reckless, criminal, and just plain ignorant. We are spending too much money, that we don’t have, on other countries borders, when our country’s southern border is wide open.

    Novembers election needs to reflect the O’Biden administration and the radical Democratic Socialist Party’s anti-American policies. Our border was secure, we were energy independent, our economy was in very good shape, and our enemies feared us and our allies trusted us. Thanks to Joe and his radical party, crime is spiraling out of control.

    Joe Biden stated our withdrawal from Afghanistan was a complete success???? Americans and Afghan people who assisted the U.S military and most of them were left behind. O’Biden also left billions of dollars in military weapons to the terrorists, yet he wants to strip guns from law abiding American citizens! Have we seen enough!!!

  6. 43, mostly black people, out of every 100,000 US citizens living in Cleveland Ohio will have another mostly black person see to it they are not alive this coming Christmas. ,,,,

    The odds of encountering a dangerous situation this year in Cleveland is 1 in 64.

    I love the Ukrainians but let’s do something about Cleveland before we start a full bore war with the Russians. (News Flash,,,Cleveland is not the only city in the US where people are being killed.

    Charity begins at home, not in Ukraine

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