Biden Cancels Major Oil and Gas Lease Amid Soaring Gas Prices

CBS News revealed the Biden administration canceled more oil and gas leases across the country this week as soaring gas prices reached new heights Wednesday.

The Department of Interior canceled plans to drill in more than 1 million acres in Alaska’s Cook Inlet, arguing “lack of industry interest,” on top of canceling a pair of leases in the Gulf of Mexico over “conflicting court rulings.”

“Until now, the White House had remained silent about the massive Alaska lease,” CBS reported Wednesday night, citing political headwinds against the president responsible for record-setting pain at the pump. According to AAA travel agency’s tracker, gas prices reached new milestone Wednesday, at a nationwide average of $4.40 a gallon of regular unleaded and $5.55 for diesel. The prior record for unleaded was set in March, at an average $4.33 per gallon regular, and diesel at $5.54. The latest inflation numbers also out Wednesday revealed all prices still rising at a rapid pace of 8.3 percent annually, exceeding expectations.

“They don’t want to get hit by Republicans in light of high gas prices,” explained an “environmental advocate” to CBS granted anonymity to discuss the sensitive topic related to White House discretion on the leases. “They’re getting killed on attacks based on inflation. The most visible sign of inflation is high gas prices.”

While Biden has blamed Russia’s war in Ukraine for the continued price hikes, the trends began long before President Vladimir Putin launched his February invasion, and analysts say it’s clear that Biden is making things worse by banning companies from exploring sources of U.S. energy independence.

Biden’s administration only resumed oil and gas leases on federal lands last month after a federal court ordered the government to do so following a 15-month suspension. The Department of Interior, however, offered only 20 percent of the lands initially nominated for oil and gas leases, complemented by a 50 percent spike in royalties from what’s extracted.

“President Biden remains absolutely committed to not moving forward with additional drilling on public lands,” White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy pledged on MSNBC.

The administration’s relentless animosity towards fossil fuels, showcased in its repeated cancelation of oil and gas projects, has chilled investment in the capital- and labor-intensive industry. This keeps production down despite rising demand at home and turmoil in markets abroad.

In Alaska, upon inauguration Biden canceled leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which is forecast to hold between 4 to 12 billion barrels of recoverable oil. He closed another 7 million acres from the state’s National Petroleum Reserve off from development last month.

The president has turned to the nation’s emergency petroleum reserves for desperate political capital ahead of the November midterms. Voters antagonized by high gas prices, which also increase the cost of just about everything, will head to the polls in an already historically hostile election cycle to the president’s party in power. With no plans announced to restock the emergency supplies, Biden ordered the self-proclaimed “unprecedented” release of 1 million barrels of oil a day onto the market for the next six months beginning Sunday.

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  1. This all started with Carter. Was made worse by Clinton. Even more worse by Obama. Now we have Biden, who’s too stupid to understand the implications. Democrate Presidents have been harmful to America. Why ??

    • I think he needs to be locked up he is a frickin puppet and he is insane after all these years in Gov. this useless POS has Never done a lick of work just suckin on the tit

  2. Administration after administration for the past 49 years have been scaring Americans with the dire consequences of fossil fuels. Chicken Little screamed from the White House in 1973 that we will run out of fossil fuels “doomsday scenarios predicted ever-increasing shortages of fossil fuels and $100-a-barrel oil prices by the year 2000.”

    In 1999 oil was $10-15 a barrel.

    On April 20, 2020, West Texas Intermediate crude, the U.S. benchmark, dropped to minus $40 a barrel.

    In other words, In 2020 the oil companies couldn’t give oil away.

    Today the “shortage” of gasoline is now prompting $5/gal gasoline prices. A 60 cent gallon of potable water in Walmart last year now costs $1.08 gallon at my local Wal-mart – “transportation cost increases”

    So when the real eco-terrorists in the goverment administrations couldn’t make the oil disappear, they made it toxic. Not happy with just stopping at oil, they have destroyed our 400 YEAR SUPPLY of fossil fuel, the coal mining industry.

    According to the real Eco-Terrorists: we will all go green with electric cars. Electric cars using lithium batteries. Lithium a mineral, mined like coal. Hail to the next Lithium shortage and eco-terrorism lithium mining of our lands!

    Feb 7, 2022 — Less than 1% of the 250 million cars, SUVs and light-duty trucks on the road in the United States are electric.

    And where will the electricity come from to power the OTHER 248 MILLION ELECTRIC cars to replace the current gasoline-powered cars?

    Local power companies cannot supply all the demand from home and industry consumers of electricity today.

    After 3 Mile Island, and the re-attack on Chernobyl recently, new nuclear plants are off the table.
    Coal and gas-fired electrical generation plants are taboo.

    And it will get just as cold and hot this year and in the out years for our continued energy consumption AS-IS.

    Our current internal human strife so decimating our ability to form a “coalition of the willing” American citizens to stand and fight an external invasion of our country; and our internal eco-terrorists having sucessfully shut down our fuel and electrical generation infrastruture from all sources, thereby taking years to restart IF we re-started today. Taken the two above together, foreign troops invading the US could run through the USA like grain through a goose.

    Our tanks would be the ones laughed at on world news in lines running out of gas, our ships drydocked for fear of covid outbreaks.

    And now this news above that more of our Fedreral Lands have been taken off the table for domestic oil and gas production.

    Well, at least the next conquerer of the (former) USA will win a pristine land and blue skies, full of abundant natural resources from which to fuel their machinery to keep their iron boot on (former) American’s necks.

    As Sheriff J.W. Pepper might have remarked when learning Joe Biden is President: “PRESIDENT? ON WHOSE SIDE?!”

    • Starvation has always been a strong instigator of Civil Wars.

      The half honky said he wanted to “Fundamentally Change:” this country….Just there were not enough of us that knew it was going to be into a 3d world country. Even the Wokies are now seeing what the NWO Marxist Elites have in store for ALL of us. I’d say right on about half of them are ready to throw in the towel.

      If I was to conn the commies into doing things that would make it impossible to win an election for then next 50 years I would be getting them to do exactly what they are doing. Pushing the country into poverty is not enough. They not only now have a Ministry of Truth, They have a total devout leftest propagandist as the press secretary.

      If we can make it until January when the new congress is put in place.we have a chance to slow down or stop the commies from going any further. Then it will be an ongoing battle for the next 2 years until we can vote PRESIDENT Trump back into office. ,,,,, But even he will not be able to do much more then to start the country back in the right direction. It will take over 20 years to undo the damage the commies have in 2.

      My God help us and keep us safe from a civil war because nobody else will be able to do it.

  3. Biden is a pawn. He is so compromised and cognitively daft he isn’t worth the paper to write his name on. He wasn’t worth a damn in the Senate, much less as vice-president-now look at him. Finally made the “big time” and doesn’t have a clue who he is or what his job should be. What an obscene joke on the people of this country !!! There should be term limits on all Washington office holders and an IQ test before anyone is sworn into office.

    Omar and friends are busily hating America and somehow are holding everyone hostage against keeping this country a free democratic society. Why do they hate America so? Where would they be if still ensconced in the country of their birth? I just don’t get it!

    As an octogenarian I have lived long and worked hard starting from nothing. This administration is determined to make the country into a third world place to live. What they are doing is totally corrupt and unconscionable. We are being fed spoonfuls of lies every day and our enemies are just laughing in their resolve to bury us in socialist/communism. November cannot come soon enough.

  4. When will the criminal enterprise be stopped? We can’t suffer much more if this before we reach the point of no return.

  5. This all really began a generation or so ago when kids. were no longer taught simple economics; then we failed them by dumbing down history; next came the beginning of CRT – on and on. We’ve spoon fed them entitlements and that there are no consequences for bad behaviors or lack of performance We’ve forbid ANY form of religion or religious training – up to and including following the “Golden Rule.” Now we allow liberals to burn our public buildings, to confront anyone who doesn’t agree with their liberal mindset with bats, guns or other means of harm with no consequences and finally these uneducated criminals have Biden in one hand and Soros operatives in the other telling them what good boys and girls they are and how to confront our Supreme Court Justices when they disagree with a proposed decision. All of the above is proven by the fact that the Biden/Harris ticket got even one single vote (or did it?). I for one cringed when Donald Trump tweeted some crusty message, when he was loud or when he made a senseless remark – but NEVER did I doubt that he loves the USA and was wiling to be unfairly critized and unjustly accused of crimes in order to Make America Great Again.

  6. It’s just amazing what they are letting this Satanist get away with. I mean, anyone with any brain can see he is purposely causing your destruction. Can anything be more plain?? Everything he is doing does not SUGGEST it, no, he is TELLING you you’re going to be UCKFED.

    I hold those responsible for removing him to blame and they will be HANGED alongside him if they read the LAW.

  7. Marxists (democrats) are conducting a focused effort to destroy every aspect of American life. democrats are the most dangerous enemy America has faced in my 69 years. How long will we allow these maggots to continue their onslaught on real Americans.

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