Kamala Forgets the Facts in Embarrassing Video on Dem Vote

On Wednesday, Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced he was holding a procedural vote on the “Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022,” a bill which he and his fellow rabidly pro-abortion Democrat colleagues have claimed will merely “codify” Roe v. Wade into law, but which in reality is much more extreme and dangerous on a number of fronts as explained here.

Considering Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) gave a very public and emphatic “no” when asked if he would support the bill, it was known in advance that the whole stunt would be an epic and embarrassing failure. Yet Schumer proceeded anyway, reportedly requesting Vice President Kamala Harris to preside over the vote, apropos in a weird way considering her growing list of failures to date on other important matters including the security of our southern border.

After Democrats failed 49-51, Harris took to the Twitter machine to post a characteristically cringe video clip showing her in her best Very Concerned pose, talking about what happened and encouraging Democrats not to give up the fight:

Though Harris urged people to “be clear here,” she wasn’t actually very clear at all. She claimed that most Americans believe in “a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body,” but the most recent polling available indicates a majority of Americans – women and men alike – believe by comfortable margins that abortions should be banned after 15 weeks:

In other words, that poll – which was done by a polling outlet that is considered Democrat-friendly – upends a helluva lot of Democrat/media narratives about where the country stands on the issue of abortion. Sorry, not sorry, Kamala.

Further, Harris wasn’t “clear” with viewers of the video that the only mention of the word “women” in the entire bill was in the name of it. Everywhere else, the word “woman” is replaced with “person”:

So in a bill that she and they proclaim is for the protection of so-called “women’s’ rights,” they couldn’t even be bothered to mention them in a single part of it, instead choosing to go the “woke” route and in the process erasing women from the public lexicon – in a bill that is supposed to be all about women.

While it’s uncertain where Democrats will go from here – will they try to impeach conservative Justices for alleged “perjury” and further encourage the type of dangerous lawlessness we’ve seen take place over the course of the last week and a half in hopes that the efforts will intimidate the Justices? – one thing is pretty clear here:

The leaking of the draft majority opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito (who has had to go into hiding due to threats) on Roe has not been the political winner Democrats have thought it would be. In fact, all signs point to this whole thing backfiring spectacularly on them with voters.

If so, it couldn’t be happening to a more deserving bunch of ghouls. Truly.

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  1. I had 4 children and breast fed all. I expressed my excess milk to mothers who had problems breastfeeding. All La Leche League members give their breast milk away for free.

    And now, unbelievably, Joe Biden’s mishandling of almost everything has resulted in a formula shortage. Is there nothing that he can do right?

    Mothers, please contact La Leche League and see what they can do to help. My group expressed milk and brought it to the hospital or someone’s home. Breast milk is the best milk!”

    May God help us all as we struggle in the total mishandling of everything in our country.

    • You will be glad to know there is plenty of formula on the Southern border for the criminal illegal aliens. Joe made sure of that before the brain dead circus monkey screwed that up too.

  2. I hope there will be enough formula to go around for the demos because they will be crying like babies after the Supreme Court reverses RvW.

  3. If abortion is OK and the fetus is not yet a human being, why is the accused killer charged with a double homicide when a pregnant woman is killed?

  4. Just another NWO Marxist (democrat) stunt that always blows up in their commie faces. I shudder to think what was in the full bill. – Likely being able to put your 6 year old to sleep like you can kill your dog. “I was a woman but now I identify as a male hangman in a nazi concentration camp so I’m making my children’s abortion retroactive” Think these perverted wokies wouldn’t go that far? Think again.

    This bit of trying to intimidate justices is bullshit too, When a crowd gathers in front of the home of any judge, go on a loud speaker and tell them they have 90 seconds to disappear and then open up on the crowd with automatic weapons. – Mini-guns sweeping at a foot off the ground until there is nothing but hamburger left would be a good choice. . We have no place in this country for a mob to try to influence ANY judge by force or threat of harm. – The mob’s rights under Art 1 end when they start trying to intimidate a judge and that goes got liberal and conservative judges too, If the commies and BLM wants mob rule then lets just get the civil war going and be done with it. …..I, for one will not put up with this crap.

  5. yeah these ignorant selfish so called women want to MURDER a innocent baby but dont have the common sense to prevent getting pregnant womens health what a joke

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